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stationary bike

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I am thinking of purchasing a stationary bike and am looking for advice on types and advantages of different ones. I looked on amazon and didn't even know where to begin with trying to figure out a good one for me. tips, recommendations please?

For example, should I look for an upright or recumbent bike?

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Bumping for input. Anyone have a recommendation?

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A stationary bike is an excellent way to get long intense sessions of cardio in, especially since running is so hard on the knees and joints. In fact, its the most fat-burning cardio you can do besides running or jumping rope.

If you are in decent shape, dont have a bad back or knees - get a stationary bike. Its a better, more strenous workout than a recumbent bike. Those are better suited towards older people, those with back problems and the obese.

I can tell you combined with a healthy diet (no carbs or white sugar) it works like nothing else. I have been riding an upright stationary 3-5 times a week - 20 miles a session and have lost 18 pounds since school let out for the summer.

If you are going to purchase one, make sure and ride the EXACT model you decide to buy - different models have different bells and whiatles, but the most important is the tensin settings. Some of the bikes "easiest setting" is like a 3 or a 4 on others. So, try before you buy.

Good luck!
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thanks for the encouragement! I already ordered one and am waiting for it to arrive. It is an upright- it was one of the cheaper ones on amazon because I did not want to make a huge investment but it got good reviews--- it should arrive in a day or two(in parts that my dh will have to put together for me!).  I think I can easily fit in at least 1/2 hour a few times a week to start- much more if I like it!! I am so ready to get fit again!

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