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I sooooo hope this is early labor

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So I am currently 41+3 according to conception, 41+0 according to the date I gave the midwives.  My first was 42 weeks and I have been holding up pretty well, but it's getting more and more difficult to keep going never knowing when (and if) I am going to go into labor on my own.  I lose the Birth Center next Monday which stinks, not the end of the world, but I want to avoid an induction if possible. 


Today I had my membranes swept - which I did with my first and it did NOTHING.  In fact, I did it like 5 times with my first and it did NOTHING.  Well, ever since the membrane sweep at around 1:45 today, I've had much much more intense contractions that I actually need to concentrate through.  I don't think the contractions have come closer than 7-8 min apart though, so it's clearly not active labor.  They are also super short, like 30-40 seconds.  But I just started passing little bits of my mucous plug.  Last time, I started passing my mucous plug Friday morning and went into labor at around 2am that night.  


Soooo, I am trying not to get my hopes up because I've been having regular contractions for a week now, but this feels different.  


For those of you who had your membranes swept and you actually went into labor shortly thereafter, how long did it take for you?


And for those of you whose mucous plug started to pass before you went into labor, what was the timeframe?


I'm trying to be patient, but it's definitely getting harder every day.

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Just say this thread after I responded on the other thread . . . no experience with either of your specific questions, but just wanted to say I've got my fingers crossed that this is early labor for you and that next we hear you'll have a beautiful, healthy baby to report.  Sending lots of labor vibes!

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I started losing my mucous plug on Thursday with this one and had the baby by Saturday night.  My previous births I lost my plug and the births occurred within 24 hours. This was also the only labor I had that I never had "regular" contractions and that really kept me hung up mentally.  I realized as it went on that it was the intensity that was important.  Sounds like you may be very close to having your baby!  Birthing wishes to you.

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With this one, I was 4 days over (previous births were 3 weeks early, 1 day over, and 2 days over) and at 4cm and 50% effaced, jello soft, and my cervix had tipped forward.  She slightly swept my membranes (said it was easy and didn't really want to over do it) at 9pm and I awoke in hard core labor at 3:20am.  It was quick for me, but I had done a lot of prepping ahead with prodromal labor.  Best wishes that this is it!

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My labor with all three children started within twelve hours of having membranes swept.  This most recent labor started about four hours after membrane sweep and baby was born four hours later (phew!).  I never lost plug or had bloody show or any visible indication of labor starting with any of my children.  I hope this is it for you! 

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Was five cms and had my membranes swept at 315 pm and was in labor within an hour. Bloody show came immediately. Contractions fooled me too. My doula had to convince me I was in labor. They changed from 6-9 mins apart and mild discomfort to crazy intense in a short time. Baby came at 1042 pm. Crossing fingers for you! I delivered last Tuesday. Good luck for a peaceful birth !
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Well, it was labor all right. I woke up many times from contractions and @ 4:30 couldn't get back to sleep. From 4:30am until 6:30 or 7, contractions were 45-60 seconds long and 5 minutes apart. Then suddenly they were right on top of each other. I couldn't walk 3 steps without having a new contraction. I finally dragged myself downstairs to leave for the birth center @ 7:45am and as soon as I got downstairs I realized that I was pushing. Called midwife who heard me screaming and grunting and she told is to call 911 immediately because I was not going to make it to the birth center. Or anywhere else for that matter. She was right. Baby was born @ 8:01am on the living room floor, in the presence of 3 dumbstruck emts who didn't really assist in any way.

Went to hospital after and now DD2 (no name yet) is in NICU bc she is having breathing problems. She should be fine, but I REALLY didn't see any of this coming.
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Holy cow 1stTimeMama - that is so intense! I hope that you and your babe are alright! Congrats on not being pregnant anymore in any event! 

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Whoa!!!!  FirstTimeMama, I hope you're all doing well!  That's some crazy intense labor.  I really hope the little one recovers quickly (ours had similar issues) and that you're all back home soon.  And I hope that the living room floor recovers as well (hope it wasn't wall to wall carpeting).  *Hugs!*

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Wow! Congrats and hope she's out of the NICU very soon!
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Congratulations, 1st time mom! Wow, what an amazing whirlwind of a birth. I hope your little girl can be home with you soon so you can all take a deep breath and relax into your new family. Hugs to you!

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