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Crossfit/Primal Home Gym

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I thought this was an appropriate place to ask about where to start. I want to start assembling items so I can work out better at home. Currently, I have a resistance cord ( well, had! it shredded today and is unfixable) and two small 3# dumbbells. A jump rope, yoga mat. 


I'm just starting out here. My husband doesn't think it's a good idea to buy really heavy equipment which I could injury myself doing and the toddler could as well. I don't see the issue there, because I would never push it too hard but I understand regardless.


Can anyone suggest a good starting off point? I'd love a kettle ball but, am I too novice for it? And what about a pull up bar? I mean, I can't do one... but will be able to one day!

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Hi there! I have been building my home gym since last Fall and have quite a nice setup. I train two friends in the am three days a week and I have enough equipment that we can all do workouts together for the most part.


I have 3 speed ropes, 3 plyo boxes, 4 kettlebells (2-25#, 2-15#), 3 ab mats, 1 set of rings hung from the ceiling, 1 treadmill, 1 barbell, 200+lbs of rubber/metal weights for barbell, a power cage and bench, a conditioning rope and resistance bands for pull-ups on the cage. It's definitely good enough for my needs. I might be forgetting something but that's the jist of it.


I say get a kettlebell! Just start with like a 15 or 20# one and do the basic swings. You can find all sorts of great instructions for different moves and I don't believe anyone is too novice for it. Just listen to your body and don't over do anything. 


Good luck!

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Awesome Tiff4ny! Can you recommend some work out routines?


I now have a light 10# kettlebell, adjustable barbells and some stretch cables. I'm doing YouTube as of now and while they are ok, I have to be inside to do them now the weather is getting cooler, I want to be outside! ;)

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You might start with sites such as Crossfitmom. They do regular workout posts and though they are geared towards pregnant woman, they do have three different levels so you could do any of them. From there there are a huge number of sites that post daily workouts. I tend to just come up with mine while I'm laying in bed to go to the sleep the night before. Or I'll go back and redo some of the ones from previous months (I have the girls log the workouts and times).

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