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Business Name?

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Curious on how you came up with your business name?


I'm currently working on doula training, but also going to school to eventually be a nurse-midwife, which will take a long time.  But I'd like to come up with a name that I can use now and going forward.  I was thinking Phoenix Rising Birth Services.  But I'm not sure.  The phoenix is a strong symbol for me and I like the re-birth aspect for a mother being born as well and the spiritual journey a woman goes through while birthing. 


Thoughts and feedback?

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Hey there, I am also struggling with the aspect of "branding" myself as a doula, because my network in the city where I live is small, as I am new here, and new to being a doula as well! I think you have to look at a few things:


What does your name tell people about you and your services?


What associations might people make with your name? (For instance, I am a former drug and alcohol rehab counselor, so I associate the phoenix with several recovery centers that feature the phoenix in brochures, their names, etc. but other people who have no exposure to that might associate it with Egyptian imagery, or even the Phoenix Mars Lander now!) 


What kind of imagery can you conjure with your name, and can you parlay that into something suitable for your business?


Will your name attract that kind of client with whom you work well and can benefit best?


I hope any of this helps, I am totally in the same boat and I would love it if there were a hat to tell us our perfect name, like in Harry Potter :-) Good luck to you!

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Those are some really great questions to help the thought process!  Thank you so much!


And I agree... it would be awesome to have a sorting hat!  lol


Still pondering.

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