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Donna Bradshaw MD

Ashland Pediatrics

628 N Main St

Ashland  OR 




A pediatrician and fine with breastfeeding, co-sleeping, homeschooling, delayed/non-vax etc. 

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Jim Haaksma MD

Community Family Practice

260 Merrimon Ave. 

Asheville NC 28801

ph: 828-254-2444


Family practitioner. Fine with breastfeeding, co-sleeping, homeschooling, delayed/non-vax. Accepts Medicaid.


Lauren Livingston MD

Community Family Practice

260 Merrimon Ave

Asheville NC 28801

ph: 828 254 2444



Sam Kohn MD

Asheville Children's Medical

7 Vanderbilt Park Drive

Asheville NC 28803

ph: 828 258 0969


A pediatrician who is apparently fine about no vax/some vax/d delayed vax.


Meredith Polansky MD

Our Family Doctor

43 Oakland Rd 

Asheville NC 28801

ph: 828 252 2511


Family physician. Accepts Medicaid.


Jody Schwab MD


Our Family Doctor

43 Oakland Rd 

Asheville NC 28801

ph: 828 252 2511


Family physician. Accepts Medicaid.

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Dr. Karen Federici

Family First Physicians

559 Pearson Dr.

Genoa, IL  60135





She is our family physician/pediatrician.  She and her staff are very supportive of the decision you make and also offer great breastfeeding support.  Fabulous practice!

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N. Thomas LaCava, M.D., Comprehensive Environmental Medicine, Pediatric Primary Care

Francis Holistic Medical Center, P.C.

360 West Boylston Street, Suite 107

West Boylston, MA 01583

Phone: 508-854-1380  Fax: 508-854-0446


Dr LaCava is our Children's Pediatrician.

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Dr. Heather Winesett

St Luke's Pediatric Associates

1012 E 2nd St

Duluth, MN


She is our pediatrician and she is wonderful!

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Dr. James Ogan
1412 Sachem Pl Unit 203
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434) 296-8666
He is our pediatrician and has been supportive of creating our own schedule.
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Dr. Denise Punger

4640 South 25th, ST 
Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981



Dr. Punger was my daughter's family doctor back when we were living in Florida. She's very flexible with vaccinations and is ok with either non-vax or creating your own schedule. She's also an IBCLC and is very AP friendly. Also the author of the book "Permission to Mother". I can't recommend her enough!

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Dr. Jill Dickerson

PAPP Clinic
15 Cavender St
Newnan, GA 30263

(770) 253-6616 (Office)


Our current pediatrician. She's also very flexible with vaccination schedules and is breastfeeding friendly.

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Dr Huff and Marceny

Pediatric Pathways

6909 South Holly Circle
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303.694.2323



Both of my son's (2 yrs and 6 months) Pediatrician - wonderful and respect regular schedule, modified schedule, etc.

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ESD Pediatrics

4000 Smith Road  

Cincinnati, OH 45209


(513) 533-6100



They are flexible. Definitely recommend vax, but if you say you are delaying they will treat your children. We have not yet vax'ed and my oldest is five. They don't bring it up anymore. But some of them do make you feel guilty, if you present any anti-vax information.

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YAY for Dr Punger!!!!

4640 South 25th, ST
Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981


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Dr. Dana Hogan

Sunshine Pediatrics

1160 Capital Avenue, Suite 105

Market Center

Watkinsville, Ga 30677




This is my child's pediatrician. On her website she lists that she believes in vaccines, but I was not frowned upon in any way when I told the staff I wished to delay vaccines, and they told me that many of their clients do the same and there was no problem. I just had to sign a form and that was it. The doctor is such a sweet caring woman, and she focuses on keeping the baby healthy! :-)

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Ash Family Medicine PLLC

Where Healing Occurs, Naturally

Dr. Jennifer Ash ND

205 Clark Place SE

Tumwater, WA 98501





She is my doctor and my daughter's doctor. I used to also take my daughter to a pediatrician sometimes, but have taken her exclusively to Dr. Ash for the past couple of years. She is very receptive, a great listener, and wants all of her patients to be comfortable with the treatment she recommends. If you are not into traditional medicine, she will offer alternative treatments. On the other hand, if you strongly feel that an issue you are having needs traditional medicine, she is open to that too. She is very flexible with vaccines. We did a very long drawn out schedule and still at 4.5 years have not completed all the "scheduled" vaccines. I have recommended her to so many people and everyone I know who sees her, loves her.

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Is Pine Grove Pediatrics stance on no-vac/or delayed vac something new? The last time I was there I got  a 'tongue lashing' from the one of the main doctors about doing (at teh time it was a delayed) schedule.


Just a thought....in terms of a delayed schedule...should all doctors be supportive of it anyway? If you vax, and bring your child in for a shot, and your child is sick, they don't get their shots....they now have to have a totally new schdule...thus, a delayed schedule? right?


I would like to see more info about doctors...........while one doctor in a practice may be 'no vax' friendly, the others may not....maybe more clarification about this is needed.


and was anything ever answered as to why this is a contest?


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Hirsch Holistic Family Medicine
3525 Ensign Rd NE, Suite N
Olympia, WA 98506

Office Phone: (360) 464-9965
Fax: (Toll-Free) 1-888-897-8320
Email: admin@doctorevan.com




Dr. Evan is a holistic MD who is very open to alternative treatments and flexible or no vaccine schedules. He also offers an affordable alternative for folks without insurance. You can get unlimited access to appointments with him for $100 per month per child. This seems pretty reasonable especially if your child needs to see a doctor frequently.

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Dr. Badri Donthi

Maruthi Pediatrics

3528 Davis Drive

Morrisville, NC 27560

Tel: 919-462-6206




He was my son's pediatrician and he worked with us on a delayed vax schedule.

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Westshore Primary Care

only see Dr. Thomas Wagner

34960 Center Ridge Rd

North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

(440) 353-3433




He is our family physican.  He is open to cosleeping, non vaxing, homebirth and breastfeeding families.

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Deirdre Bernard-Pearl

1152-A Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94706




I visited this integrative Dr who told me she supports selective vaccine clients. http://www.eastbayintegrativepediatrics.com/about-dr-bernard-pearl/

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Dr. Rosen
The whole child center
690 kinderkamack rd. suite 102
Oradell, NJ 07649


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Eugene Lu, M.D.

AR Pediatric Clinic

500 S University Ave Ste 200
Little RockAR 72205

(501) 664-4117


He was our pediatrician, and we do a delayed vax - he was also OK with no vax.

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