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Single digit weeks!

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I forgot to post earlier this week when I hit single digits!!  Woo hoo!  9 weeks to go-ish!


...and now that I'm in single digits, I find myself sneaking onto the august and september birth boards to read about their birth stories.  :)  


We're almost there, mommas!!!

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biggrinbounce.gif I keep telling myself that it's 12 weeks or less!  Seems so close, yet so far.  I'm still holding myself back from putting the crib up.  We side-car it, so if it's up too early, it will just become bed for the dog or cats, or a trampoline for my dd.  Luckily, we have lots coming up, so I hope to distract myself.

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I have 9 weeks too!  Although if this pregnancy follows the last, only 6 weeks left!  I'm kinda freaking out.... do we have everything ready??  Our July/August and now September are packed with 'happenings' and I'm just hoping October will be peaceful.  I think I at least need to write a packing list for the hospital.... luckily I had that done last time and just had to throw stuff in a bag when my water broke in the middle of the night....


keep on mamas!!!

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I know!  My excitement grows each day.  September is crazy hectic for us - I'm in transition of switching over people to see my husband at the office (even though I plan on working through until at least 3rd week of October, maybe more), C goes to school next Tuesday (grade one, all day, every day!), fall activities start in 3 weeks (swimming, gymnastics, Sparks, and soccer), C's birthday party is September 30, we're finishing up the exterior of our cottage by end of September....the list goes on.


Then October, which will (fingers crossed) hopefully be chill.  Whether this baby comes early, on time, or late, I really REALLY want to just enjoy October with my two kids pre-baby and enjoy the relative calm of 2 before the storm of 3 arrives.  :)  Stocking a freezer, last minute touches on baby's room, picking a name, reading, chilling out, ahhhhh, I love fall.  


But hard to believe that most likely in less than 10 weeks, I'll have a little one in my arms.  Unbelievable.  


Reading the birth stories, btw, brings tears to my eyes.  :)

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I'll be at 10 weeks out this weekend but baby is consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead. Maybe he'll come a tad early? orngbiggrin.gif Hard to believe babies will be arriving for our DDC in 1.5-2 months!!

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I'll be in the single digits Wednesday! This has gone so fast! Can't wait to see if I have a son or a daughter and have my birth story! :)

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I am still ten weeks and 4 days out from due date.  It's getting so so close!

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It seems so close and yet still so far too.  

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31 weeks tomorrow.... I don't think I'll have half of what I want done by then, but oh well. Do what I can. :)

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Tomorrow I hit 31 weeks so technically 9 weeks left but in actuality only 5 weeks until full term for twins.... yeah I am freaking out a little bit!

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I'm 31 weeks today so 9 weeks til my EDC but I'm telling myself 11 weeks because J was born at 41+6 and I don't want to get my hopes up :LOL
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31 today! :) But I was 9 days early as my Mom's first.... The average first timer is 10 days late. I just tell myself any time from Mid October to First part of December. :)

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I can't believe you ladies are at 31 weeks! I feel like I will. Ever get there!
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How far are you faithsstuff? It has gone SO FAST for me the whole time thus far.

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According to my midwife visit yesterday, I should be 29 weeks 5 days today.  30 is within reach, but 31 seems so far!  My days are very long at this point :)

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Next week I'll only have 7 weeks to go!  It's unbelievable.  But I remember thinking that with 13-10 weeks to go, it felt like it was taking forever.  No worries, Faithstuff!

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I'm 30 weeks tomorrow, what! I feel like it's taken forever, and yet, so suddenly here we are.

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Kparker- Do we have the same due date?  I'm due Nov 18th.  So I hit 30 weeks tomorrow.

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8 1/2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!! Due November 7th. My babies make their emergence 1-3 days from their due date. I am hoping for a Friday morning, the 9th, labor and birth.

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had to look it up, totally lost track of my weeks. apparently I am 31 weeks. due nov. 6

I tend to rather go by: I'm due sometime early november and it is early september now and so I have two more months. about...ish. Ha. I ALWAYS knew exactly which week I was with my first.

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