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Welcome to the May 2013 DDC!

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Welcome to the May 2013 DDC!!

Please post an introduction about yourself, you may want to include...

  • EDD (feel free to use beginning/middle/end of month, if you prefer)
  • Your Name: (if you would like to share)
  • Age:
  • State or Country:
  • How long it took to you to get your BFP:
  • What number child is this for you:
  • Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies):
  • Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses):
  • Birth Plans/Preferences:
  • Blog, website or the like:
  • Anything else you'd like to share:


I will compile the info here so we can keep up with each other over the 9 months!


Please feel free to post updates and changes as well, just call my attention to it with something bold like "Add Me" or "Update".

If you would like anything to quietly change, please feel free to PM me with that request.


Feel free to maintain your anonymity if you prefer. All are welcome!





Beginning of May

Aunaturalmama ~baby#2

DrMommaLaelle ~ Laelle ~ baby#2

kimble ~ baby#1

lovelunarlight ~ baby#1

Paceman ~ baby#2

sweetlowmom ~ baby#2

RosieSays ~ Rosie ~ baby#2

Alaskanmomma ~ Megan ~ baby#3

aHikaru ~ Audrey ~ baby #2 (it's a boy!)

Jessicka ~ Jessicka ~ baby#2 (it's a boy!)


May 1st

Alyssmjo ~baby #1

Mamma Mia ~ baby#2

Megmoira ~ MegMoira ~ baby#1

Kate&Joey - baby #2

Virginia884 ~ baby#2



May 2nd

nstewart ~ Nikki ~ baby#2



May 3rd

Sohum mama ~ baby #3

alysee ~ alysee ~ baby#1 (its a girl!)

Susan Fitz ~ Susan ~  baby #1


May 4th

gloomcookie ~ baby#2

SuperMujer0923 ~ baby#2

BaileyB ~ baby#3

thecristina ~ cristina ~ baby #1

coome ~ baby #2 & baby #3 (twins!)


May 5th

jldumm ~ Jessica ~ baby#4

Kelsbot ~ Kelsey~ baby#2

eepeepee ~ Emily ~ baby #1

Gooseberry ~ baby #3

Jessmn ~ Jessica ~ baby # 1&2 (twins!)



May 6th


May 7th

dandilion44 ~ baby#3

jeanblu ~ baby#3

KnittingTigers ~ Angela ~ TWINS! babies#2 & #3!

Merialiss ~ Mary Alice ~ baby #3



May 8th

tbarnett ~ baby#2

snozzberry ~ Kelly ~ baby#2



May 9th

BeagleMommy ~ baby#3

veryhappydog ~Jen ~ baby#1

timeway ~ baby#1 (it's a boy!)

TwilightJoy ~ TJ ~ baby#1



May 10th


May 11th

fullofhope08 ~ Renee ~ baby#2

philsbabymama ~ kara ~ baby #2


May 12th

crunchyruchie ~ Rachel ~ baby#1

Janadoe810 ~ Jana ~ baby#2

Lynann ~ Lyn ~ baby#3


May 13th


May 14th

joy2grow ~ Heather ~ baby#2

Renae08 ~ Renae ~ baby #2


May 15th

kikaaso ~ Kimbery ~ baby#7

jillbriana~ baby#1

OtherMother ~ Jessica ~baby#2

wishin'&hopin' & Grobaby ~ baby#2

momme2b ~ baby#4

5ummer ~ Summer ~ baby#2

Moriahmoonstar ~ Moriah ~ baby#1

msherman ~ Miranda ~ baby#1



Middle of May

amyknits1076 ~ baby#2

AmandaLynnH ~ Amanda ~ baby#1

berrymama ~Jen ~ #3

bubbagirl ~ baby#3

crunchybroccoli ~ #2

hannybanany ~ baby#4

jillbriana ~ baby#1

lovemyryguy ~ baby#3

bmcneal ~ baby #3

Hallielynnol ~ Hallie ~ baby #3

lisamomyRN ~ baby #3

PGNPORTLAND ~ Pauline ~ baby#2

mngreyday ~ Raeanne ~ baby#2


May 16th

TrishaKalous ~ Trisha ~ baby #2 

jacquelinej ~ baby #3


May 17th

lisedea ~ Miranda ~baby#1 , #2, & #3 (Triplets!!!)


May 18th


May 19th

EnchantedMama ~ baby#5

AriesGirl ~ Jasmine ~ baby #2

Pinky Boicourt ~ Pinky ~ baby #2 (it's a girl!)

naturelle  baby#1 (it's a boy!)

SweetPeal7 ~ baby#6


May 20th

2babies2kidsmom ~ baby#3&4 (boy/girl twins!)



May 21st

adventuregirl ~ Sheryl ~ baby #2



May 22nd

CoBabyMaker ~ Becky~ baby #3

emerald22 ~ Katrina ~ baby #5



May 23rd

grazy101 ~ Grace ~ baby#2

let it grow ~ Anna ~baby  #2

Lisathena ~ Melissa ~ baby #5 (maybe 6?)


May 24th

reikimama ~ Lisa ~ baby #4

Quinalla ~ Katie ~ baby #2&3 Twins (it's a boy & a girl!)!!

yourmom415 ~ Erica ~ baby#2&3 Twins!!


May 25th

scary biscuits ~baby#2

sezhowell ~ Sarah ~ baby #1


May 26th

heatheresc ~ Heather ~ baby#2


May 27th


May 28th

Kristin Dianne ~ Kristin ~ baby #1


May 29th

mama4life14 ~ Stacey ~ baby #2

dawnberries ~ Dawn ~ baby#3


May 30th

Ghislaine ~ Ghislaine ~ baby #2

Babysmurf ~ Angelina ~ baby #2

Yukonfrankie ~ baby #1 (it's a girl!)


May 31st

SpicyTunaRoll ~ Lindsay ~ baby#2

cadybn ~ Cady ~ baby#2

kwmomof4 ~ Karen ~ baby #5


End of May

lenny1027 ~ Heather ~ baby#2

LisamommyRN ~ baby#3

MarieWalter ~ baby#1

MaraM ~ baby#1

Spitbath ~ Stephanie ~ baby #2

GabiCristian ~ baby #1

amlikam ~ baby #1

zjande ~ Aubrey ~ baby #7

OtherMother ~ Jesica~ baby#2

lisafalknerlmt ~ Lisa ~ baby #2

FarmerMomma ~ baby #2

jr'smom ~ baby #5


Remembering Our Angels
















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Hi everyone,


Big thanks to Porcelina for contacting the mod to set up the group.


My name is Nikki, I live in Calgary, Canada and I am a mom to 1 DS who turned 2 at the end of July.  My EDD is May 2.  So far I just have the usual symptoms, and nothing very severe.  Mostly I am really tired and thirsty and I have to pee all the time. I am hoping for a homebirth this time around (I had a great hospital experience last time, but mostly by luck of having a room with a tub and a great nurse, etc. etc.) and have my first midwife appointment Sept. 12.


Can't wait to get to know you all and share this wonderful journey with you!

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Sorry, nstewart, we cross-posted!


I am a mom of two, DS1 (4.5) and  DS2 (23 months). I think my EDD is May 9th, if I go by the babycenter calculator! We're following the pregnancy closely to make sure all is well, as I have had an ectopic in the past. We're probably going to do another birth center birth this time round-- I started there but ended up in the hospital for my first birth, and then had a quick 3 hr 15 min labor with the second. Not sure what this one will bring.


Anyway, love sharing info with all of you guys!

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Thanks for setting us up!


My name is Kathy - I'm expecting my third baby (EDD sometime in the first week of May)! It's been almost 7 years since I had my last child, though - so I need all the support I can get! I am clueless on what gear we need, what diapers are great these days and what maternity clothes are supposed to look like. :)


I've had two wonderful hospital births, but the last one was a whopping 45 minutes from start to finish - so I'm aiming for a home birth this time around.


I'm super, super tired - which is somewhat depressing to me, as I'm very active and a busy person normally. This super slow pace is a little bit of a bummer right now, but working on perspective there. My morning sickness is totally and completely managable, especially compared to what I've experienced before. My boobs are huge and sore, but it's all good - just a reminder that my hormones are hard at work!


Looking forward to getting to know you all better. smile.gif

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Hi everyone!  My name is Laelle and I'm a 36 year old Momma to one wonderful little boy who will be turning 3 in less than a week.  So excited for the BFP (thanks to whoever gave me the translation on the last thread winky.gif) I got on Sunday!  From an online calculator, my EDD is May 3rd.  But I'm all about thinking of it as an EDM (Estimated Delivery Month) as you never know when those babes are going to be ready!  


Besides being a Momma, I am also a family wellness chiropractor, but have taken a very extended maternity leave from the business I share with my husband to stay at home full time for the past 3 years.  Just starting to get back into seeing a few people from a home office, so will be interesting to see how that all goes with my own pregnancy as well!  Our first birth was a 28 hour home birth with a wonderful, supportive and knowledgeable midwife.  Hoping to hear back from her soon with confirmation that she will be able to work with us through this second pregnancy.    


I have a blog at http://drmommalaelle.blogspot.com/ that has not been very active.  Mostly has posts with paleo/primal recipes that I wanted to share.  But have a feeling I will be inspired to post quite a bit more during this pregnancy, so feel free to check it out if you would like. 

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Hi ladies! I'm TJ and I'm so excited to be here with you! I've been a lurker and a poster on MDC for 5 years, mostly on the NMY (Not Mamas Yet) tribe. DH and I started TTC this month and made a baby first try! I've been on different birth controls (pill, IUD, condoms, pull and pray) since I was 19 (I'm 26 now) so I was terrified that I would have fertility issues, but I guess not. Yay! I'm due in Early May. Check out my signature, so happy to have the ticker there after seeing them on other Mama's sigs for years.

We have 2 cats, both female. I would be fine with either a boy or a girl, but I'm hoping for a girl. Birth plan is definitely a hospital birth, but DH and I are on the same page with attachment parenting, baby wearing, extended breastfeeding, etc.

I'll be sending sticky baby vibes/prayers for all of you! Please send them back this way!
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Hello everyone that is here already and new moms yet to join!  We are expecting in early May. This will be our second child (our first being already 5 1/2. We had been trying for about a year and had a miscarriage this past June.  I am super nervous and am really hoping things go well this time around.  I was just saying to my husband it is like if you are a child and someone gives you a great new toy then takes it away from you and kicks you in the teeth.  You would be excited if someone then gave you the toy back but would be waiting for that kick in the teeth again.  Such mixed emotions but I guess it is better to recognize them and be able to work through them.  We had a midwife with the last pregnancy that was absolutely great helping us through the loss and so am excited to see her again.  We are booked in to see her later this week as I would like to do some blood work so it feels more real.  Although I have peed on a stick three days in a row now for all positives! We live in Canada (Saskatchewan) and plan on a vbac (fingers crossed) midwife assisted hospital birth. 

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  • EDD: If I go by my LMP then it would be April 29th? ( with both of my pregnancies I have carried out to 41 weeks to the tee!) 
  • Your Name: Zenia
  • Age:28
  • State or Country:Montana
  • How long it took to you to get your BFP: I kind of knew all week after AF didn't show up on Monday but did not test for 5 days. 
  • What number child is this for you:3
  • Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I kind of feel it's going to be a boy 
  • Birth Plans/Preferences:home birth 

I am so excited to be part of a mothering forums DDC again!! it's been 5 years! =D

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I'm 32 and, God willing, expecting my first in early May ~ very excited! I've been involved in the birthing/childcare world for about 9 years as a doula, I'm an acupuncturist who specializes in support for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care, and spent most of my grad school years doing childcare part time.  To say I've been fantasizing about this time in my life for a long time would be a major understatement!  Now that it's here I'm torn between the part of me that truly trusts my body and the part that has seen way to much to not have some concerns.  I'm definitely hoping for a home birth.  The climate in my state around home birth right now is extremely hostile, driving most of our CPMs and CNMs underground or out of practice, which is really tough.  So right now I'm putting my feelers out for who is willing to take me on with the most certainty she will still be in practice in May, and will probably have a backup plan to use a birth center. As far as early symptoms, I'm just amazed by the sense of a presence in my uterus ~ it's a fullness, sometimes crampy, but an almost continuous reminder that something is going on in there.  Which is reassuring :) Some breast tenderness, increased urination, some mild food aversions and just low appetite in general, but not really nausea.  I've had waves of tiredness, but that's not unusual for me anyway.  This is my first time posting on an online forum (other than FB), but I'm grateful to be able to put this out there on this group as we've told only a few very close friends (who knew we were trying) and otherwise want to wait a while and make sure things are all good before we let the news out.  Meanwhile it's all I can think of!

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Welcome again to all who have posted so far! It is so nice to have a community here with whom to share the same stages of pregnancy! And, a special welcome to all who are relatively new members of MDC (mothering.com)! I have gained so much wonderful advice and helpful insights from the women on these fora. I'm sure they will be a great resource to you too!

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Hey ladies! I am supposedly due May 4th so things are really early on, but I guess that is the same for everyone here! This is my second, though the first was almost 6 years ago so I am hoping my body remembers come labor/pushing time! I had my first child without any pain relief drugs so I am hoping to do the same for this one. Though my first was a homebirth with midwives it looks like I am going to have to settle for a hospital birth with midwives because of ambiguous state laws in the south where I live. I am not really up on the blogging/posting acronyms but I will do my best to follow the convo! I am a L&D nurse so I see both the happy and not so happy sides of pregnancy and deliveries everyday. Its kinda of weird now being pregnant and being in my department now. We haven't shared the news with many people yet. My spouse is kinda gun shy since we had a close friend who miscarried after 6 weeks. I am not having many symptoms yet besides being a little more tired and a lot more hungry. When I am eating I am thinking about the next thing I want to eat!


Good luck to all of you! dust.gif

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Welcome ladies! Sticky baby vibes to all of you!!! sticky.gif

- looks like you and I (so far) are the only ones having #1! Welcome to Mothering!
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Hey all!  My name is Jana, I'm 31 years old and I got my BFP this morning at 11 DPO.  It is still super early, but I should be due on May 12.  We were very lucky to get pregnant on our 2nd month of trying.  I am a teacher, so the timing is perfect for us.  I can go on maternity leave a few weeks before school ends and will have the whole summer off before returning to work.  I already have the most amazing 21 month old daughter.  The whole time I was pregnant with her, I just knew it was a girl.  I have a feeling this one is a boy!  =)

I was excited to see this group already started, and can't wait to go through this journey together!


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Hi all of you mama's due in May! I got my BFP a week ago (8/23, 8/25, and 8/27). Here's my intro please ADD ME
EDD: April 30, 2013... but according to my ovulation day and that I carry overdue, I'm guessing a due date of May 5, 2013.
My name is Robyn, I am 35 years old, live in Ann Arbor, MI USA.
We have been trying since Feb, 2012 when I miscarried our 2nd baby. Had been trying for 10 months prior to getting our 2nd BFP 12/2011.
DS is 2, born 7/2010 (17 days overdue!). Have been married to DH since 9/2009.
My hopes are for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, boy or girl doesn't matter since we want 3-4 kids if possible smile.gif).
I had a long induction labor with DS1 with lots of medical interventions that i had not wanted. I ended up with a vaginal delivery somehow by the grace of God, and DS was perfect, but overall I do not have any desire to deliver at a hospital ever again. For this one we are planning a homebirth in the water if I like the water as much as I did with DS1!
Overall I am just so thrilled to be pregnant again and I am so excited to see my little bubs as a big brother!! Congrats ladies joy.gif
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My name is Mary Alice and I think I have everyone beat here: it's been 12.5 years since my last baby and I'll be 41 in November! This is baby #3 for us, due May 7th. We have two boys who are 12 and 17. A couple years ago I got my copper-t IUD out hoping maybe something would happen. We realized a bit late that we make awesome kids and need to inject more of our awesomeness into the gene pool winky.gif  In 11 of 2010 I conceieved but it was ectopic and instead of going on our epic Orlando vacation, I had 2 trips to the hospital and lost a tube. It tore me up emotionally.


So...we had a lot of unprotected sex between Feb of 2011 and now and didn't really try try try, but then last month, dh & I were watching "Cheaper by the Dozen" and remembering it was Ds #1's favorite movie when he was like 7 or so, and he wanted us to have such a huge fam. Dh says, "This month: let's do it. Really try. And if nothing, then no sweat, we're done, I'll get snipped" and I said, "I want to get a hsg to see if my only tube is open, but then you're on" and it worked. Like a charm.


I'm just outside Atlanta. I work at night as a Mother-Baby nurse and have for more than 10 years. My hospital is working towards Baby Friendly Status by 2014 and I am the Big Breastfeeding Nerd at my workplace. I just pray I get to show off my mad skillz!! Everyone jokes with me about how long I nursed my kids and I'm glad to just be that one person who joyfully and proudly takes that ribbing and nursed both boys for 3.5years each. 


If I weren't so darn old, I'd have a home birth this time, since I hardly needed any help last time. I've had a very natural and joyful hospital birth and a very medical and confusing one. I just want this baby this time. I am a big fan of Birthing from Within and had a Doula last time, but she said she felt like a 3rd wheel then, so I doubt I'll hire her again. Besides, I plan on really running this show since I'm an old nurse now...will have been at this hospital in OB for 10 years by the time this baby is born. I know all the nurses and Doctors in house! I'm pretty thrilled with that.


Anyway, we are really  hoping for a girl this time. Everyone is. But we'd all be thrilled with anything! 


 I can't wait for time to pass. First appt is 9/11. I feel quite pregnant, but different from every other time! Don't want candy or ice cream, want protein! Not tired at ALL (how weird is that?) and my boobs are always sore all the time and I spend about half the day slightly nauseous. Got my BFP on Saturday. It is so surreal to be in this crowd again! (also, please don't ever make me go back to babycenter....their May 2013 board is full of people posting about *hopefully* being due then...have we no shame?!)


Lastly, being pg with teens? AWESOME. I will not have to every do anything I don't wanna do :D (lolsjk, we're a consensual, radical unschooling type home, but still). And after the baby comes?? Having 4 other people in the house who are all OLD ENOUGH to perform baby care and household chores unattended?? (my mom lives with us too) Rocks hard!



jumpers.gifAnyway, Congratulations everyone!jumpers.gif

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Hello Mamas! I'd love to join  you all!  My EDD is May 7th (although if history repeats itself, it will likely be closer to the end of May). This is #3 for us and I'm super excited and trying to enjoy every minute as this is likely our last. Planning our 3rd homebirth if all goes well this pregnancy smile.gif Look forward to sharing this fun time with you all!

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Hi ladies! I am probably totally jumping the gun here because I just got my BFP today, but I'm so excited and I can't go blabbing to everyone IRL yet, haha!


My name is Heather. My EDD is May 14th, but if history is anything it will be late May, so please list me there (DD was 41w6d). I'm 29. This was try number three this time...third time's the charm! We have one DD already, age 2.5. Would love to have another girl, mostly so our DD has a sister, but my intuition tells me it's a boy. I guess I have a 50% chance of being right! Planning a first-time hospital birth, with a doula. Last time was in a free standing birth center, but I had a very negative post-partum experience there so I'm not going back, and I'm too much of a "omg what if..." person to have a homebirth, even though I wish I wasn't like that.


Happy to be here and share this time with all of you!

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Hi, Mamas! My EDD is May 4 (and my birthday is May 7 smile.gif). I'm an older Mama (42) and I live in Southern California. It took me 2 FETs (frozen embryo transfers) to get my BFP this time around. I have a son who will be 3 on Dec. 21 - it took close to a year to get PG with him. I have no preference on gender - little brothers would be very sweet, and it would also be cool to have one of each. I had really hoped to try for a natural water birth with my son, but I had to have a myomectomy (fibroid removal) in Dec. of 08 and my doctors didn't want me to have a vaginal birth greensad.gif So I imagine this time around will be another C-section since I've now had 2 abdominal surgeries.


I co-sleep with my son and am wondering how that's going to work with an infant. I also nursed my son until he was 2 years, 3 months old and I can't wait to have that bfing relationship again if I'm lucky enough to see this pregnancy to term. It's so early, I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself. Anyway, great to see you all! 

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My name is Lyn, and I'm so excited to join you ladies here.


I got a squinty line yesterday so tested again this morning and got a real line, still faint, but it really is there.


EDD would be May 11 by LMP or May 12 by O, but I have gone to 41 weeks both previous times so I'm not expecting this one to show before May 20.


I just turned 40 a few weeks ago. This will be my 4th pregnancy & 3rd child. We have DS1 who is 2 and DS2 who will be 1 on Friday.


We will be planning another HBAC this time.

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Hello all! Thanks for starting up this DDC. I got my BFP a week ago tomorrow and still can't quite believe it. We have 1 3.5 year old son and had two miscarriages this past year (one in June 2011, one in Dec 2011) so I am just taking it day by day. I have Type 1 diabetes which makes things a hell of a lot more complicated, but I do my best! I eat a very low carbohydrate diet due to the diabetes and am trying to follow many of the WAPF guidelines this time around, though modified to help with the diabetes control. Also, DS is still nursing at night and in the early morning so it should be an interesting ride. I'm trusting in the universe and know that whatever is supposed to happen will happen! I look forward to getting to know you all.

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