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Hi ladies!  it is nice to be able to talk to someone about how excited we are about Baby #2 being on the way (i'm not allowed to tell anybody until we are a little further along).  We struggled for over 9 years to conceive our DS who will be a year old next month... so this new BFP was a fantastic surprise and we feel VERY blessed!

You can call me TB for now ;-)

We are due on May 8th.  With DS I was seeing a Wellness chiropractor and nutritionist that kept me feeling SUPER all the way until the very end when my work schedule kept me from regular visits... go figure I ended up with High blood pressure and was convinced by my OB to be induced less than a week before my due date to prevent any complications.  But, I stuck to my resolve to have a med-free delivery (with the exception of the pitocin)  we had a Doula present and while we delivered in a hospital, the environment was very supportive and I had a beautiful med free birth even with the pitocin... I would do it all the same with this baby but have spontaneous labor - no pitocin - and labor at home a bit longer.  we plan on hiring the same Doula... she was such an amazing support for DH and I.  we unfortunately do not have support in our area for a home birth, but thankfully our hospital is fairly progressive.  I am so excited to experience the magic of pregnancy again!  We have no preference on gender, of course... can't wait to find out either way! :-)


baby dust to all of us in the May 2013 DDC!

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Hi Mamas! I've been lurking on mothering.com for years, and I'm so happy to finally be able to join a ddc! This is my first pregnancy, and dh and I got lucky, as we got pregnant our second month trying. I'm 30 years old, and my edd is May 12th! It's so early, and I almost wish I was having more symptoms so that I knew this was For Real. It seems so patently unbelievable, but at the very same time I feel quite attached to this little life and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping he's here to stay.


I have no idea why I'm referring to him as a boy, only that it feels right. I desperately wanted a girl, day dreamed about a girl, but will be thrilled no matter what. At any rate, I'm so looking forward to getting to know all of you and sharing our pregnancy news with one another! What a wild, fantastic, delightful ride this will be!!!

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Hi! I'm still a bit in shock from the two home pregnancy tests I took yesterday. My EDD is May 9th. I think I'll go to Dollar Tree and pick up a few more tests to convince myself.

This will be baby number three. I have a five year old girl and a three year old boy.

The only pregnancy symptom I have had is that I have had a couple of pimples for the first time in over a year. I thought that was weird, but I never guessed. . . I'd be joining a due date club!
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Hello. I am excited to be joining this group. I am due May 15th (according to lmp), and this will be my 7th baby. I have 4 girls and 2 boys..ranging from 19 yrs to 18 months. I am 41 and will be 42 yrs old by the time this one is due. 

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Hi, Kimberly!
It's nice to know I'm not the only um, older mama. I'll 39 when the baby arrives.
On the up side, I'm in better health now than I have ever been.

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Lol..thanks, Susan. I really don't feel my age (well most of the time)...and so I hate the whole advanced maternal age stuff. This will be my 4th ama baby...thankfully, my doctor doesn't treat me as high-risk or anything, so that helps :) So far, my "older" age pregnancies have felt no different than my "younger" age ones...of course chasing after siblings does take it's effect, but it would at any age!! 

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Hi all, I'm just going to use the questions like a template for now, I'm not feeling too creative atm.



  • EDD: May 1st
  • Age: 30
  • State or Country: California
  • How long it took to you to get your BFP: 4 years since my last miscarriage, 8 years of TTC total
  • What number child is this for you: 2
  • Family: Partner, 10 year old grrrl, dog, cats, chickens, betta fish
  • Baby's Gender: I'll find out the sex of the baby at 17 weeks, but their gender will develop in their own time
  • Birth Plans/Preferences: Homebirth with a midwife


I have been TTC a long time, so I'm cery excited to be here, hoping this DDC will make it a little more real for me.  I was on MDC wayyyyyyyyy back 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and even though the vaccinations forum was what brought me in, my DDC kept me here and I'm still friends with some of the mamas from it. (IRL even!)

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Based on my LMP I'm due May 1st with baby #1! My husband and I are both very excited, but very cautious after suffering a miscarriage this past May 2012. I live in north-east Indiana and I'm starting the daunting search for a midwife with hopes of delivering at home. Indiana doesn't allow CPMs so it makes the search tricky!

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My name is Jen and I'm due May 9 by LMP, and this is my first. I've been TTC for a year and had a chemical pg at this time last year, so my lineup of 19 + EPT's and third day of missed period has me excited beyond all reason! I'm about to be 28, and plan to home birth with a midwife.
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Hello everyone! It seems early to do this since we haven't told anyone IRL yet, but I got my first BFP last week and would love to join this community!


I'm 31, and so is DH. We've been married nearly 7 years and always been planning on kids, but just started TTC at the beginning of this year. Funny thing is, we got the BFP the day after an initial visit to a reproductive specialist just to see if there was anything that would be holding us back.


Based on my LMP, I'll be having #1 in the beginning of May and am thrilled! We have 2 cats and will become aunt/uncle for the first time in October. It will be nice for our little one to have a cousin the same age less than 2 hours away.


Since we have no clue what to expect, I'm planning for a hospital birth with a midwife. I'm currently debating between two practices and will be going to an open house for one tonight. I haven't scheduled a first visit yet but will do that this week. Thinking father ahead, I'm all for AP and will definitely be babywearing, breastfeeding and making our own solid foods when that time comes. I think DH will take come convincing to go the CD route, especially since we are planning for him to be a SAHD.


Aside from being very burpy, I feel pretty good so far. I'm making a conscious effort to drink lots of water and eat a healthy breakfast (normally I have a couple pieces of toast, and then snack in the afternoon and have a nice home cooked dinner. I just don't get hungry - but I'm sure that will change!


It's great to meet all of you and share this journey!  love.gif

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Hi Ladies,

My name is Orshi (34) and I currently live in Hungary- I'm saying "currently" as my family is Hungarian-American, so we sort of have two homes. 


I am a bit nervous about joining and talking about this pregnancy as we've had a few disappointments in the past- but I guess it's better to not be so nervous all along, so here's my contribution to this introduction-


Our baby #2 (#5 considering our beautiful angels) was conceived at an unlikely hour, at the most unlikely time in August. My mother-in-law was visiting us from overseas and she was staying with us at our very small house. Naturally, I asked my husband that we, well, sort of take a break, while she was with us. No need for uncomfortable moments because of noise, etc. All I have to say is YEAH, RIGHT. Sheepish.gif


No severe symptoms, just the usual nausea and bloating.


Would love to connect with other moms who've had several miscarriages. Kind of hard to not concentrate on how little I can take for granted.

On that cheerful note-


Lovely to meet you all!

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Hi Orshi! Love your little girl's name! Let me know if you have an estimated due date, or if I should put you in for early August or something! Welcome!

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Hello, so happy to join you all.  I'm actually the non-gestational mama for this pregnancy, a different role for me as I carried our first child (we have a 2 y/o son) so I hope no one minds my being here!  I usually hang out with the GLBT families on the forum...

  • EDD (feel free to use beginning/middle/end of month, if you prefer) May 15th
  • Your Name: (if you would like to share)--sorry, I stay private on the forums
  • Age: I'm 34, my wife who is gestating is 35 (we'll be 35 and 36 if this baby makes it)
  • State or Country: USA
  • How long it took to you to get your BFP: Ummm...total tries for my wife (we used a fertility clinic) with IUI...well, this was her 8th (with a big break in the middle when we switched to my uterus...so between the two of us 14 tries and 10 iuis)
  • What number child is this for you: #2 (we hope!)
  • Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): wife (the pregnant one :), ds, dog, 2 cats
  • Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Who knows!  
  • Birth Plans/Preferences: Whatever gets us a take home baby and home to our toddler fastest while minimizing the possibility for complications for DW (as in, we'd prefer to avoid an epidural to avoid the risks associated with epidurals, at the same time, when we had DS, the epidural was what prevented a c/s for me)  (We've both had m/c and we've both worked in settings where take home babies are not a given...so we are rather wildly pragmatic)
  • Blog, website or the like:
  • Anything else you'd like to share:  Ummmm, apparently BFPs happen the week after you buy 5000 dollars worth of sperm that you can't get a refund on...I'm guessing we'll try for a third Sheepish.gif
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Hi, wishin&hopin'! We're also a "Mama and Mommy" family smile.gif Good to see you here. 

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Thanks Gloomcookie!  

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Hello all! I'm Amy (28) and I just got my BFP this morning! We are ecstatic!! This will be baby #2 for us, we have a DD, Gianna, who will be 3 next month. I was very surprised to be pregnant because we didn't try very hard this month. I decided to stop stressing about it after trying for 6 months since DH got home from a deployment, and bam! baby #2. We have not told anyone IRL yet, my husband's sister is preggo with #1, her shower is in a couple of weeks, I don't want to steal her thunder. He doesn't want to tell my family and not his, so we're waiting to tell everyone else, but I had to go SOMEWHERE to talk about this. I am so stinking excited!

Haven't decided hospital vs. home birth/center yet. We started out at a free standing birth center with 2 CNM's last time, early induction via foley catheter at 38wks1day due to pre-eclampsia. Failed to progress, BP kept rising, couldn't get up to help my cervix open, yadda yadda yadda, had to transfer to a hospital. Pitocin is the devil, I hope I never have to have it again. Got an epidural and was able to have a vaginal delivery but was *this close* to have a C/S. I am overweight, just like I was last time, but am hoping that this time around a healthier diet (doing the Brewer Pregnancy Diet) will help me to avoid that so I can "finish what I started" at the birth center nearby.


Oh, I'm from Kansas, btw. We have pretty open laws about home birth and midwives, so the choice is up to me. I just want to see how this pregnancy goes before I make a final decision. Ended up in the hospital PP for 4 more days last time with BP of 200/100 and got put on Mag Sulfate twice, so I'm really wanting to avoid that as well. I am a nurse, teach Childbrith Ed., Baby Care, Baby and Me sibling classes, currently training to teach Happiest Baby on the Block, and am a Lactation Consultant. I am super excited to be part of this DDC. Hoping this baby sticks, many of my friends have miscarried their 2nd pregnancy, so I'm a bit nervous about that, but the excitement definitely outweighs all of that. Happy to be here with you, looking forward to getting to know all of you!


Oh, one last thing, sorry I am so rambly, we'll blame it on the hormones, right? ;) By LMP my EDD is May 12th, by ovulation it's May 14th-15th, so mid-May is when we'll say I'm due. Hoping to make it to term this time! Oh and go ahead and ADD ME. Thanks!!

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Hello All,


My name is Heather and I'm 41.  I just celebrated my 13th anniversary with my husband and we have one delightful child who is turning 6 this month.  We've been TTC her sibling for years now, although for most of that time it was a very casual kind of trying without charting or testing.  I've had two losses (6/09, 2/12) so I understand all too well the cautious optimism at this stage for some of us.  I use progesterone cream to regulate and lengthen my cycle, and for the first time in pregnancy I intend to continue supplementing until the second trimester. 


My due date is May 14 based on my O date.  I was fortunate to have a home birth with my first, no ultra sound at all or medicalization of any sort.  However now we live in a remote area now with no access to home birth as a possibility.  There is a birth center in a nearby town that all the crunchy mamas here use so I will plan to deliver there.  They already have a file on me with my previous two pregnancies so I'm not in any hurry to make an appointment.  I have decided to start up with a nurse midwife at the hospital for the first part of my pregnancy so that I can more readily access technology should I want it, I'm still on the fence about early monitoring.  We will be thrilled with any sexed child!  Since our first is a girl, a boy would be fun for contrast/difference but we have no serious preference.  DD is hoping for a brother smile.gif

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Congratulations, everyone :)

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Its so nice to see all the new names being added every day. I'm too excited to keep it to myself so I love being able to come here to be excited with everyone else at the same point as me.


My last MDC DDC was awesome, and most of us still keep in contact every day through a private group on FB only we can see.


I love the diversity, yet non-judgemental tone of the ladies here on MDC.

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Originally Posted by Lynann View Post

Its so nice to see all the new names being added every day. I'm too excited to keep it to myself so I love being able to come here to be excited with everyone else at the same point as me.


My last MDC DDC was awesome, and most of us still keep in contact every day through a private group on FB only we can see.


I love the diversity, yet non-judgemental tone of the ladies here on MDC.

Yes, it's so great to be able to share all the excitment, fears, questions and the rest with other mamas (and mamas to be!).  This is my first DDC on MDC although I was part of a great DD club on another parenting forum when I was pregnant with DS.  One thing I appreciate with MDC is how well informed so many of the mamas are here.  I've found it to be such a wealth of information!


ETA: I agree Lynann, it's great to be part of such an open-minded and diverse group!

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