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  • EDD: Early June (you can put late May if you like)

I resisted posting here earlier to keep the June DDC as my primary, but I've been participating here all along (a little) and find I just like it here more than the June group.  Please adopt me. smile.gif

  • Age: Turned 40 this week. Yikes!
  • State: IL
  • How long it took to you to get your BFP: I think it was about 6 months
  • What number child is this for you: 5
  • Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): husband and kids Jacob (8), Max (6), Ella (4), and Zoe (2)  (These are their ages at the time of the baby's birth.)
  • Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Guessing boy (today)
  • Birth Plans/Preferences: VBA4C in a hospital, but I plan to stay home as long as possible and if I feel so inclined my go unassisted at home
  • Other:  I'm still nursing my 20 month old and hope to tandem again.  I've been nursing nearly 8 years straight and counting (I did get about a 6 week break before #4 was born.)  Also my babies have been big!  9#6, 10#3, 10#6, and 10#11 and the biggest was the earliest, so I expect a big baby...my guess would be just shy of 11# this time.
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Welcome Jr'smom!  We were in the Nursing Mamas TTC thread together!  I'm still nursing DS too (almost 30 mos) and hoping to tandem but I don't know anything about it.  I figured I'd be able to figure it out as I go, but should probably at least do a bit of research in advance!

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Hello Fellow Mama's,


 I live way up North in Canada's Yukon Territory. Alaska is one of our Neighbors.

At 36, my common law husband and I are expecting our first child. The EDD is May 30th. I have been anticipating this moment my whole life. The universe has decided that now is the time and we couldn't be more excited. As soon as I missed my period I was giddy. I waited a about 5 days before testing and then got my greatest hopes confirmed.


I am roughly 21 weeks pregnant and have not had any morning sickness or uncomfortable symptoms yet. I am just anxiously waiting to feel my baby move around. I am overweight and have fibroids so I believe this is partly contributing to the fact that I can't feel the littlin' yet. At  the last ultrasound our baby girl was moving around a lot so I know she is active and developing well.


I was very anxious in my first trimester and it seems many of my fears have subsided. Normal anxieties are there but I try not to focus on them. My Birth plan is still developing but it will be in the hospital. I am quite adamant that they do not use any vacuums, forceps, early inducements or Cesarean due to "lack of progression" . My OB MD is very good and I feel comfortable that she will respect my wishes if it is possible to do so.


This is my first group that I have joined on line. A friend recommended Mothering and I have really been soaking up the great articles and personal feedback from members. I think it's great to have support through this amazing process; Looking forward to participating as much as I can.


I haven't found many sites or blogs that I follow regarding pregnancy besides Mothering.com. Spacefem.org/motherhood has some good articles and I check the weekly progression on a number of sites. I would love to know about any other great online resources out there.


Congratulations everyone!

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Welcome! Great to see another Canuck!
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greet.gif Welcome Yukon! greet.gif How awesome that you've had such a comfortable pregnancy so far (anxiety aside of course!).  I hope it continues that way for you!    

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Add Me


EDD: May 7th

Your Name: Jessicka

Age: 26

State or Country: Texas

How long it took you to get your BFP: Not trying or preventing :)

What number child is this for you: #3

Family: DH (25), DD (5), a female dog (9) and a male cat (1)

Baby's Gender: Boy!

Birth Plans/Preferences: Prenatal care has been with nurse-midwives and a perinatologist; hoping for a natural hospital birth

Blog, website or the like: N/A


Anything else you'd like to share:


MDC was a great resource to me six years ago when I was pregnant with my DD, and now I am joining the forums in hopes of gaining (and offering) support and perhaps companionship.


Brief introduction: I'm 26, celebrating a year with my DH (25), attempting to figure out school for my little girl (5), and baking a boy due in April/May (25w).  Returning to school myself may be in the cards, but I am presently enjoying being a work-at-home parent.


A few things on my mind lately:

- Surviving another hospital birth (preferably with my emotional health intact this time)

- Learning more about not circumcising as this bun has boy parts

- Nursing DS (I nursed DD until she self-weaned at 2y2m, but the beginning was a huge challenge)

- Affording cloth diapering this time

- Further researching schooling options for DD (who is due for kindergarten this autumn)


I think that's all!  Haha.  Looking forward to this journey and more.



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Welcome Jessicka!

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Hi everyone!


I'm new to Mothering...a referral came from a favorite new acquaintance in our Bradley class. My partner and I live in Silver Spring, MD and began our TTC journey in 2011. As she was the older of the two of us, we decided to give her womb a try. After three failed IUI cycles with stims, we were faced with the decision to move to IVF or give my womb a go. Financially it made the most sense to see if I could conceive...after 5 cycles, 4 with stims, we got our BFP!


I'm now 26 weeks and due on May 15th. This is my (and our) first child and I will be 36 when I deliver. We are preparing for a natural birth (in a hospital setting) with a hired Doula by our side. So far I've had an uncomplicated pregnancy, although my blood pressure has had both high spikes and low dips so I have been asked to start monitoring at home as well.


Current reading: Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth, Husband-Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (La Leche League).

Most recent purchase: Prenatal Yoga DVD (Shiva Rea)

Looking forward to: taking time off from the to-do list this weekend and spending that time nurturing the "us" that is pre-baby


Glad to be joining the group and hope y'all have a blessed week!



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Welcome Miranda!  We had a fabulous natural hospital Bradley birth with our first.  The only thing that irritated me was that it was called the "Husband-Coached" method of childbirth!  Hello - not all coaches are husbands!


You've got a great reading list!

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Welcome Miranda and welcome to mothering! Welcome.gif

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Welcome Miranda--I am a Miranda too! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

Welcome Miranda and welcome to mothering! Welcome.gif

Thank you!!

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Originally Posted by lisedea View Post

Welcome Miranda--I am a Miranda too! smile.gif

Pleased to meet you! thumbsup.gif

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Hi msherman, do you live close to P Sherman 42 wallaby way Sydney, Australia? Your screen name just made me think of the finding nemo quote so I had to look it up. Lol. Welcome welcome.
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Originally Posted by FarmerMomma View Post

Hi msherman, do you live close to P Sherman 42 wallaby way Sydney, Australia? Your screen name just made me think of the finding nemo quote so I had to look it up. Lol. Welcome welcome.

Hi FarmerMomma,


This would suddenly explain a lot about why this guy at work calls me P Sherman. And, clearly I need to watch Finding Nemo!??



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Hi mamas (and papas),


It's really nice to read your stories and plans for your births.  I am 26 and my common law husband is 28.  We are organic farmers and live in a tropical rainforest on a Caribbean island called Dominica, it's beautiful.  Our first baby is due 19th May, it's a boy.  I had terrible nausea and vomiting for the first 4 months but am now feeling great and have lots of energy, and love  joy.gif  The country we live in unfortunately does not support home births anymore so we will be having a natural birth in the hospital with no interventions (this is very common here) with a midwife.  We will also have a very close family friend (or doula you could say) accompany us as she has home-birthed 4 beautiful, healthy vegan children and has experience of delivering other babies naturally.  For our second child we will probably opt for unassisted home birth, provided all goes well the first time around!  During labour I plan to use relaxation, visualisation and herbs to aid pain relief and I am drinking raspberry leaf tea everyday to tone my uterus.  On labour day I will make an extra strong tea with raspberry leaf and will also use american scullcap, st john's wort and squaw vine in either tincture or tea form.  I am reading Susan Weed's 'Herbs for the childbearing year', Ina May's 'Spiritual Midwifery' and Rahmina Dawson's 'Special Delivery'.


On my mind at the moment is mainly... helping this baby to put his head down soon!!  Also hoping that by my next scan (which I want to be the last scan) my slightly low-lying placenta has moved up sufficiently as it was a bit low at our 18 week scan.  I will hopefully breastfeed for at least 18 months, use cloth nappies after the meconium has passed and probably not vax or selectively vax (still researching).  As my name implies, I'm planning on being a natural mama!


Best wishes to everyone!

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Welcome naturelle!


I hope baby moves head down for you.  You have lots of time yet, not to worry. thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by msherman View Post

Hi FarmerMomma,

This would suddenly explain a lot about why this guy at work calls me P Sherman. And, clearly I need to watch Finding Nemo!??


It's a cute movie. I'm sure you'll see it somewhere along the parenting road. Glad I could shed some light on the mystery.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

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Hello! I know it's only 2 months away, but decided to join the May DDC club because I've just recently gotten back on Mothering for the forums.


My name is Sarah, I am 33 years old, live in North Central Idaho, and my EDD is May 19th.


My husband and I have 5 children so far: son, 7; son, 6; daughter, 4; son, 3; son, 2. This time around we're having a girl! We are all super excited!


This birth will be my 2HBA4C. My first HBAC was 2 years ago and was a long 36 hour, intense labor. I have a feeling this birth will be different, but we'll see.


Many blessings to all the mamas!

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