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For as hostile a state wcm and I are in, I have to say everything went about as amazingly as I would want. ESP because I knew absolutely nothing about this OB or hospital before jumping on board! I trusted in the referrals provided by my MFM and MW.

I was able to labor naturally in the hosp to over 8cm, so I feel really good that I was in labor and with this breech presentation, glad I stayed here. I did feel both internally and externally the way his feet were split. He wasin a pigeon yoga pose, kind of. Baby hasn't left either of our arms for more than 5 min, and never left out sight. I did skin to skin and latch in the er, and have been cosleeping with him all night. Kept my placenta, no pressure to vac, circ, or anything.

Thanks for the good thoughts all!
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Wow wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!! That is just amazing!!!

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Congratulations Carson!

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Congratulations, Carson!! I'm so glad things went as smoothly as possible!! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Carson and family, congratulatiins. I'm glad to hear that you had a positive experience.
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Congrats! I'm glad your hospital experience was positive. smile.gif enjoy your sweet bebe.
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Congrats Carson!!  Glad your experience was positive for you both!

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Welcome to the world, little man and congrats Carson!!!


I"m so glad that you had a very positive experience and feel that the c/s was absolutely the best option. Why in the world do they get in such crazy positions???

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congrats carson!! what is his name?
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Congratulations Carson!! 

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Congrats Carson! Healing vibes to you and happy babymooning!
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Congrats, Carson! 

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congrats carson and baby!!!! wow that is so amazing you were able to labor that long...your baby got all the good stuff and got out safely. you can't ask for anything better hardly. And you got to latch in the ER! holy cow, that is awesome! If you ever are up for it, write something in the thebirthsurvey.org about your good experience!
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wonderful!! welcome to the world little guy, and congrats Carson!!

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Yay Carson!
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Congrats carson! So glad you had such a positive experience!

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Aww! It always makes me happy to hear about a positive hospital experience. I think, with this pregnancy more than the previous ones, I have come to terms with things being medically necessary and not a failure on anyone's part. So lovely to think of you cuddling your baby all day!
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So happy for you!!!

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congratulations, Carson!

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Thanks everyone.  :)  The hospital situation kind of got a little sour for us once the weekend nurses came in, so I left as soon as my 48h were up.  Amazingly now that I am at home, I *gasp* have confidence in my breastfeeding and parenting abilities.  DS is doing better WRT latching and my milk is in already. 

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