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I really want to start talking to my DD about emotions more since she seems be be feeling a whole lot of them lately and other then happy and sad seems to be kind of clueless. What are ways to talk to her about them? I'd even like to do a craft or art project or something based on emotions if anyone has ideas. The only thing i can think of is having her stuffed animals act out scenes.

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I haven't tried this out yet (DD is 17 months old) but if you would like to do a craft, try sticking eyes, mouth, etc on old fashioned paper lunch bags so the way they are folded works like a sock puppet. Then you can go through what the emotion is, how to tell on the face (angry eyebrows, pout, etc) and give an example or act out a scene. For example, this is an angry face. See the eyebrows and the pout? Can you make an angry face? When do we feel angry? I would feel angry if someone took my things without asking.
Just an idea, I'm sure there are lots of better ones out there but I think this one would be pretty easy and crafty and let your LO get creative by choosing parts or colouring, etc. good luck!
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I worked as  a Special Ed teacher and we also used emotion cards which have real photographs of kids displaying different emotions on each card.  maybe these or a book would help. We also worked with kids and used mirrors so they could see their own face displaying different emotions.

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Another thought is to read some books about feelings/emotions (if you have a kid who likes to be read to).  Most libraries have stuff like this.  One my son particularly likes is

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

where feelings/emotions are explained with a color/animal analogy.

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