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Re head strength. I think this will vary a lot form child to child.This can be increased immensely by swimming from an early age. Just a thought. Also baby wearing/carrying, homebirths /natural births and waterbirths and letting baby root around for the breast.My daughter for example has never been in a stroller and has swam since she was  5 months old so her neck strength is way stronger than average.Not to say it is or isn't strong enough for a helmet at one (she is 2 now so it's long past) but something to consider;-)


She now has the sit on the handle bars seat and loves it. Also just started her on her own balance bike.

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This is an interesting thread. We recently moved to Portland and many people travel ONLY by bike. My son is nearly 2 now and we JUST started traveling by bike with him. We got a trailer, but this whole discussion is very interesting to me. I like the idea of a car seat on a trailer, just for the better support, those trailers are pretty flimsy. I doubt the car seat would help much in a bad crash, but would help a lot with support in general. If I had another baby I would probably switch to the bus for at least 6 month (and probably for the last few before the baby came!) and base it on my own child's neck strength. 


Also as far as a convert able for a prius I would suggest a True Fit, as the top comes off till the baby hits 22lbs so you can get the full 45 (it self tilts on the True Fit Premiere) till 22lbs the put the top on and change it to more upright. We have one, but will be getting a radian soon since it RFs 10lbs longer and my son is short so shell lenght isn't an issue (the true fit is actually longer than the radian). 

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I saw this MDC article and thought of this thread. They discuss some safety issues and recommend several blogs including Totcycle (subject of some controversy in this thread but a good blog, nonetheless). Tiny Helmets and Big Bikes talks about biking with young children.


I'll add my 2 cents on the type of child carrier -- I much preferred the type of seat that mounts to the back of the adult rider's seat. I, personally, found the trailer to be cumbersome and they always seemed like "a whole lot of bike" to keep track of, especially with the LOs in the way back. But I was a city rider when we did most of our bike riding with kids. I don't like the front mount seats because of steering and balance. But that's just me.  

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