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desperate to get rid of fleas on cats

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I am having so much trouble right now with my two cats, Daisy and Angie.  Ever since it started to get hotted in WA state and we have had no measurable rainfall, they have got fleas badly. 

I have tried herbal flea drops, giving them each a bath, flea combing them, and using dietamecous earth powder, but they still have fleas.  I have even vacuumed everyday and sprinkled down flea pwoder on the carpet and let it sit for 2-3 hours, but they apparently are still getting on my cats.


The manager of the apartment village I live at said that because I am walking on the grass, I am carrying the fleas inside, but I have to walk on the grass to get to my garden to water and tend to it.  I use forearm crutches to move about when I am not in my manual wheelchair, but apparently they are getting on my crutches as well as my shoes and clothing outside.


Does anyone else have any ideas?  I can't use OTC flea drops/sprays, Advantage, and Frontline on Daisy because she is allergic to them.  They don't bother Angie, but i'd rather not use them on her, since she grooms herself so often.  Angie has been scratching and chewing at her fur so much that she is getting bald spots on her back and tail. 

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You could try Capstar (a pill that makes all the fleas on the cat die) -- just order it on Amazon. It only lasts 24 hours, but maybe administering it periodically combined with the things you're already doing (plus perhaps Program (a liquid given orally) to keep the fleas from reproducing) will help. And of course keep up the vacuuming and stick all of their beds and blankets in the washing machine to get rid of any eggs. 


Mine aren't allergic to Advantage or Frontline, but it's not always 100% effective, either.  


Hope this helps!

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You could look into diatomaceaous earth( DE)- this can be put on the carpets and on the cats themselves and the yard- it is also relatively non toxic and does a good job and is inexpensive- I buy mine at a plant nursery- it is a product by St. Gabriels organics... I also use borax- but it is a little more toxic.

Just make sure you get the food grade and don't buy it at a pool store more then likely it is food grade- I know for sure it is from St. Gabriels cause I have called.




This is an awesome resource

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