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Types of homes

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We're hoping to get some land and build in the next couple of years.  I would love love LOVE  a cob home, but I think it would be too much for us now (6 kids, hoping to adopt more... we need a lot of space, and I don't think a cob would do it).  We've been looking at geodesic domes, and I have a "plan" in my mind for what we could do... but I'm starting to hear they're not very good long term homes?  Does anyone actually live in one?  Love it, hate it?  In my dream world (which hopefully will come true!), we'll have solar power and a greenhouse, possibly, but right now, our priority is just space to spread out for all of us!

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What are your goals in alternative building? Being able to build it yourself? Low cost? Environmentally friendly? Energy saving? Avoiding toxins? Obviously all of the above are nice, but what are your priorities? Also, where are you building - what climate, and how strict about permits?


I like strawbale for moderate cost, somewhat self built, moderate sized place going up in one season and getting us through cold winters. Thick walls are something I instinctually want so badly for my home. I had wanted cob but my family is growing too and we're moving north so more insulation is key and building a larger place (over 1200sqft) in months not a year. Typical stick built homes of course are simplest to do since everyone builds those, but you'll likely need to hire people and with "green" upgrades it gets pricey. I can't say I know much about geodesic domes, the look of them turn me off personally, too futuristic or something, so I didn't look into them deeply, sorry.

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I guess my priorities would be lower cost, avoiding toxins, and eco-friendly.  Space has to be a consideration, which is why we looked at domes.  They look to have the most space, with the least effort.  We would love to move eventually to the Pacific NW (maybe Oregon), so we'd need some insulation, as well.  Straw bale homes might work really well, too.  Thanks for all of the food for thought!

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I live in a geodesic dome.Love it. 40 foot concrete dome built from plans and kit by American Ingenuity.

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Thanks, I'm off to look up that company.  They're pretty energy efficient, right?  Our plan (tentative, in my dream world, and still learning, so not sure if it's feasable) would be to put solar panels all on top of the dome, and use solar and generators to be completely off the grid. 

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