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Picture of the triplets.... I hope this works.... - Page 2

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Oh wow are they darling!  LOVE!!!

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SO cute! I hope everyone is doing well!

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Awesome! I hope you're doing great!
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They are beyond adorable!  I hope you are getting some rest and everything is going well!

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Precious, precious, precious!!  Hope you're doing well and soaking up those babies :)

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OMG HELP! i think i just Overdosed on adorable!! joy.gif sooo sweet!

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Aaawww they are so cute. Absolutely adorable.
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Awwwww... love the names!

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Thanks everyone. Things are going..... OK. We've had a bit of a rough time but its getting better (I hope). 


About 10 days PP, I unfortunately got a terrible infection/ abscess and had to be opened back up and earned myself 4 days in the hospital again. Then Clover came home at about the 2.5 week mark, then Jasper at the 3 week mark, but Ash was taking his sweet time and that was difficult. Then, the s**t hit the fan about 11 days ago (just after Jasper came home) when Clover stopped breathing. Completely. 911 was called and they managed to bring her back her in the ambulance, but of course she ended up back in the NICU (obviously). We couldnt work out what was wrong but in the end she tested positive for pertussis. *sigh* Then 4 days later (only a week ago) Jasper was readmitted because he was starting to show signs of respiratory distress as well. We all tested negative for pertussis here, so God only knows how she got it. 


So by last friday all my babies were back in the NICU and it was an extremely dark time for me. I am here every day and read every post, I hope no one things I have abandoned the group. 


Anyway, all three babies were released to go home earlier this week. Clover is still very sick and I sometimes wonder if she should be home. She still has coughing jags when she totlaly stops breathing and goes blue and limp etc. But she comes out of them. Its so, so stressful. I live in constant fear that she is going to die. Constant. But they released her and of course I am happy she is here. 


So anyway. Its been.... long. And a bit of a nightmare. I really just want to be able to enjoy them all without the fear, but I have faith it will happen soon. We knew this could happen. It will be OK. Thank you all for your sweet comments and support. :) xxxx

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Oh MAMA, I am so sorry that it has been so rough.  Hopefully things are on the upswing and everyone will get strong and healthy soon.  Thanks for taking the time to check in.  Take care of yourself, sending HUGE hugs to you and your babes!

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I just feel for you so much and please know my thoughts are with you. I pray for those babies, for you, for your family. I wish there was something I could do but I will just send good thoughts your way, I hope you continue to find strength and will get to enjoy the babies soon. Take it minute by minute if need be. Hugs and support!

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Yikes! I'm glad everyone is ok! So scary. In a month from now, this will all be a hazy memory and you'll have your 3 healthy babies at home with you. hug.gif

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*hugs* So sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time!  You are definitely in my thoughts, and I agree with the others, take it one day or one hour at a time and just have faith that things will get easier. 

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I wish there were a way we could rally around you IRL, I'm so sorry that you're going through this.  I agree completely with MamanFrancaise, you'll look back a this in a few weeks and just let out a huge sigh of relief.  Sending so so so much love and healthy vibes and support to you and your kiddos.  Feel free to vent or express your concerns or just lurk or whatever feels best for you.  We're here! xo grouphug.gif

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Oh mama! ((((Hugs)))) to you! I really wish I could take away the terror and fear... but hopefully time will help to bring you to a better place. I pray you find some peace!
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Glad to hear your update and that you are all home. I've been thinking about you.
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I'm so sorry you've had such a difficult time.  Sending much love and light to you and your beautiful babies goodvibes.gif

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I'm sorry things have been so rough. That must have been terrifying! I so hope that everything goes smoothly from now on and you can relax and enjoy your babies!

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I'm so sorry -- that sounds so very difficult. Sending hope and support via the internet.
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