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Bastyr University?

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I am looking into applying to Bastyr U's Midwifery program in 2 years.  I'm specifically looking at there MS Midwifery program because I already hold a BS Biological Sciences. Also it is distance ed (I live in Alaska). 

Anyone out there current students or grads? How in the world do you pay for schooling? Anything besides loans? It looks like it would cost upwards of 60K to complete. I know money shouldn't stand in the way of getting your dream job, but it would be nice to not accumulate too much debt to get there! 


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Bumping for input. Anyone with Bastyr info to share?

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anyone have anymore input? im also looking into applying.

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I have been looking at that program but I decided on a different one (Midwives College of Utah) for 2 primary of reasons.

1) It is only sort-of a distance program. You have to go to the campus for 10 days, 3 times every quarter. So that works out to be a little bit less frequently than once a month, and I wouldn't be able to afford to travel from Montana that frequently and it wouldn't work with any sort of typical work schedule. 


2) It is significantly more expensive than any other program. I also have a prior BS (Microbiology) and I think getting a Masters through the Utah program will cost me about half of what Bastyr would, and I might just go for the BS of Midwifery for about 20,000. However, Bastyr is the only program that does offer federal student aid and with scholarships, grants, etc ya might be able to knock a bit off the bill. Or at least be able to postpone paying. Midwives College of Utah does take payments while you're in school, but I'm guessing that would range anywhere from $300-500/month and I don't know how exactly I'm going to swing that. But ultimately it will be much more affordable than Bastyr. 

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Hi I Graduated from Bastyr this past year with Naturopathic Medicine and Midwifery, and I've been working as a midwife in this area.  The MS in Midwifery is a little different than the program that I did.  There is no distance learning option, the school helps you find a preceptor locally to  train with while you attend classes.  I know that there are some pre-recs, which you could get on the Bastyr Website.  It is a pretty good comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to get a liscence here in WA which has the highest requirement of any state.  So it is easy to work in other states after being trained here.  I know a MW/ND up in Alaska that I went to school with.  Not sure if she is close to you or not as AK is a big state.  The midwife that I work with has trained many many midwifes, both from Bastyr, and those that have done distance learning schools so I know that there are alot of options out there. 

Good Luck with your quest!

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