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Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

baby aspirin

Why the baby asprin?

Originally Posted by BeagleMommy View Post

I used to take large doses of vitamin C everyday until I got pregnant with baby #1. My midwife said that early in pregnancy very high doses of C could CAUSE a miscarriage because it boosts the immune system enough that it thinks the baby is an infection.

I've heard that's a problem with Ascorbic Acid, but not Sodium Ascorbate.
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Baby aspirin can prevent some m/c and stillbirths. My first was a stillborn. They don't think it was any sort of blood clotting problem but I still take it anyway. They tested me for blood clotting issues recently and it came back negative but the blood that they collected happened to have a clot in it, which is kind of a mixed result to me. The doctor said it could have been a clot from a bruise that was trying to heal.

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

EPO - 1000mg orallin in the AM and PM, starting at 36 weeks.  After 38 weeks, 2 addiitional capsules may be used as vagial suppositiories.


What is EPO? 

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Originally Posted by joy2grow View Post

What is EPO? 

Evening Primrose Oil.

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post


Yellow Dock - 25-40 drops daily or as directed by MW.  Concentrates iron from the earth and contains other vitamins and minerals needed for best iron absorption but is not constipating.

Thanks for that list nstewart because it gives me a semi-guide to what I should consider taking.


About yellow dock - if you have any sort of auto-immune disorder it is advised to stay away from it.  Yellow dock amplifies the immune system for a person with auto-immune diseases such as those with Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Because my immune system is over-active, I don't take any Vit C once I know I am pregnant because the pregnancy actually occupies my immune system for the duration of the pregnancy (well in 60% of patients, I am hoping I am 1 too!).  Which is really good because then I don't have to take all the injections and pain meds while pregnant.  In fact, because I have 2 unexplained losses, I don't take any herbal supplements until after the 1st tri.  I only take my prenatal with folic.  There is still a risk with supplements and herbs if you are not careful and read about what you are taking.


BaileyB I know that you mentioned in another post you were possibly rheumatoid arthritis positive.  You can have markers for RA long before you develop the full blown symptoms.  It means you may develop RA at some future point by a "trigger" or you may not ever get RA (I sure hope you don't).  Most likely my trigger was a huge amount of stress with the stillbirth and then DD's pregnancy followed quickly after the stillbirth and then Katrina hit while I was 6 months pregnant with DD (I was living in NOLA).   That was what happened to me.  I had markers for RA, but other then joint pain flare which was not diagnosed as RA, I had nothing else indicating RA until about 2 years ago other then supposedly unconnected symptoms.  Just something to be aware of.  I too had markers for RA at 23.  I wish I had taken them more seriously.



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Rainbow Light Prenatal that I had leftover from breastfeeding. May try something different once it runs out.

Fish oil - 1200 mg I think

milk thistle - 2 capsules (read it can help make morning sickness easier. Was taking only 1 a day before.)

Vitamin b6 - on it's way. It's 25 mg a pill/capsule and I will take one 2-3 times a day since it is known to help with morning sickness too. (Last baby I had really awful nausea and some vomiting. I'm hoping to not feel as bad this time since I'm trying to homeschool my kiddies and maintain my home.)

Cal-mag-citrate D3(400IU) - I'm going to try to take this twice a day, I've been managing once a day because I forget and don't want to take it with my prenatal which has iron.

Iron complex - might take this when I figure out my iron levels. I typically have low - low normal iron levels and would like to know how much I should supplement. 

Vitamin E 400 mg I think - one gel cap a day

probiotics - sometimes I have kefir and I also take a 100 billion capsule every night before bed

Quercetin and bromelain for my allergies

Magnesium - 1-2 capsules before bed to keep regular and because it has other health benefits

Vitamin D3 -  5000 IU gel cap - I have difficulty keeping my D levels up and look forward to testing them soon to see where I'm at.

Vitamin C - 1000 mg time released pill

Sometimes I take an emergen-C because it has 1000 mg of vitamin C and a bit of B vitamins and makes me feel someone energized after.

I read that vitamin C above 4000 mg a day will potentially cause miscarriage - just to put my 2 cents in.

Think I'll start drinking 1 cup of red raspberry leaf tea a day again. I was doing that before I suspected I was pregnant then, I wasn't sure and I was kind of lazy about making another batch. I usually make a gallon of iced tea.


I have a vitamix that I make a healthful smoothie in for my family every day. Sometimes twice a day. Bought it in June. Started with blendtec, but it didn't blend up stuff as well, so we returned it. I love costco! :)


I think that's all. LOL

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Right now I'm just taking Rainbow Light once a day prenatal and Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA (fish oil).  I also occasionally drink a Mother's tea, which has red raspberry leaf, nettle,speariment and a few other things in it.  Last time I was pregnant I was taking a TON of supplements by the end of my pregnancy. I may have gone a little overboard! Haha!  I was taking prenatal vitamins, DHA, chlorophyll, red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, and evening primrose oil pills along with drinking a red raspberry leaf tea. Oh, and I was also taking Mama Calm, a magnesium supplement you mix in to water.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get enough protein daily?  While I was pregnant with my son I'd wake up super hungry at around 4 in the morning, walk to the fridge and slam a Boost protein drink, then go back to sleep. lol  I've gotten a lot pickier about artificial ingredients since then though, and would love a healthier option.

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How has anyone supplements changed now that we're in our second trimester?

Personally I've been taking my prenatal more regularly now that the nausea has died down, and I'm starting to drink RRL again.
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Yeah - I'm about to quit my Target brand prenatal.  Making me too constipated and my diet has improved enough that I feel good about not taking it.  I do drink Natural Calm every day (magnesium), take a B-50 complex to help with blood pressure and stress, Floradix depending on bloodwork results, and alfalfa to support breastfeeding because I had low supply with the last.  Also going to add nettles soon.  And RRL tea.  

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I changed somewhat after reading Dr. Barbara Luke's multiples books to add a few things, but overall pretty close to what I was doing before. Here for anyone who is interested: http://www.drbarbaraluke.com/vitamin.aspx
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Here is my list:

Rainbow Light Prenatal

Floragen (a probiotic) - my midwife really encourages a probiotic and/or cultured foods to balance natural flora and crowd out GBS. It worked for me last time, so I am doing it again.

Calcium with D - 600 mg

D3 4000 iu - my serum vit D was on the low side of normal, would like to boost it to 60 ish

Fish Oil - 2000 mg 


I don't know if this counts as a supplement, but I also got some high quality (non-gmo, organic) protein powder called The Organic Whey that I add to smoothies on days I feel I need a protein boost (17 grams per 1/4 cup). (I am slurping my berry, banana, spinach, coconut milk smoothie breakfast as I type this).

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I'm still taking my Rainbow Light Prenatal and Nordic Naturals Fish Oil. I'm drinking two large mugs of Mother To Be Tea daily now. My iron was a little low, so I'm now taking Floradix daily. I may add alfalfa in to the mix here, soon. I'm taking vitamin D drops (4000
IU) every day and either need to start eating more yogurt/kefir or taking probiotics. My 4 year old keeps bringing home various bugs from preschool and I'm so tired of being sick! Seems like I get over one cold, just to get another!
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I take the Rainbow Light One prenatals and a vegetarian DHA supplement. I took B6 while I was having all day long sickness but that has mostly eased up. I drink 1-2 cups of red raspberry leaf tea a day most days, I love the taste. 

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I am in a state of turmoil about supplements. I used to take a lot (pregnant or not), but I have not taken any during this pregnancy.  I have even been lax about prenatal vitamins.  Part of the challenge is that I spent a lot of money on supplements. This was money that we could afford, but I questioned if I was really benefitting from them beyond a placebo effect. Have others experimenting with removing supplements and then reintroducing them? What inspires you to take supplements? 

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 What inspires you to take supplements? 


I noticed a GIGANTIC difference in my mood when I added a B-50 complex.  But then I became concerned about megadosing on folate when I took it in addition to my Target brand prenatal, so I cut out the prenatal.  I have the other vitamins covered in what I take normally - cod liver oil for A and D (plus lots of pastured eggs and raw milk), Floradix for iron, Natural Calm for magnesium.  I can also really notice a difference when I take Natural Calm.  It eases my digestion a lot, and just like it says - it makes me instantaneously calmer!

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For me, I do notice a difference in my health/mood/etc. with certain supplements (Bs, C & D3 most notably). I take the rest based on mix of research and faith and a Well-it-can't-hurt attitude. Also, my diet isn't the worst, but it isn't the best either and I hope with a multivitamin/prenatal to cover the gaps.
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Thought I would bump this up now that we're starting our 3rd trimester! 3rdtri.gif

I went back and looked at what you ladies are doing differently in the 3rd tri- looks like I need to go buy some EPO!
Originally Posted by Lynann View Post

At 32 weeks add: EPO, start at 1 per day and work up to 3 per day at 36 weeks

Originally Posted by Mamma Mia View Post

I will probably take evening primrose oil in late pregnancy.

Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

EPO - 1000mg orallin in the AM and PM, starting at 36 weeks.  After 38 weeks, 2 addiitional capsules may be used as vagial suppositiories.

Actaea Racem Compositum - EZ Birth - place 3-5 pellets under your tongue and let disolve, daily from 37 weeks.  A UK controlled study indicated that the remedy resulted in an average of shorter labour and substantially lower rate of difficult births (11% vs 40%)

I just bought some 3rd Trimester Tea: www.amazon.com/Earth-Mama-Angel-Baby-Trimester/dp/B0032AM8IM/
I really like it- tastes more minty than the Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea I have been drinking.

What else are you doing supplement-wise to prep for labor?
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N- can you please ask your midwife where we could buy Actaea Racem Compositum (EZ Birth) ?

I googled it, and it brought me to another MDC thread mentioning it! But from 6 years ago.
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Prenatal from my local natural food store- will switch to Rainbow Light from the midwife once it runs out. Was using another food-based vitamin before.


Plus Rainbow Light Iron supp, since I was somewhat anemic at 10wks.


Also daily Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and/or Nettle Tea.


And a ton of food-based superfoodies.

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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

N- can you please ask your midwife where we could buy Actaea Racem Compositum (EZ Birth) ?

I googled it, and it brought me to another MDC thread mentioning it! But from 6 years ago.

I have an appointment on Weds and I will try to remember to ask!


I am currently taking probiotic, vit D (2000iu plus what is in my multi), 3x daily multi-vit (New Chapter), and Udo's omegas (30ml/day).


I really should add RRLT at this point (add to "to do" list), and will see if my MW recommends adding anything else at my apt on Weds based on being in the third tri and based on blood work taken 2 weeks ago.

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