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CLEP exams

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I know there a few treads if you search them, but they are from a while ago. I was wondering if anyone has taken the CLEP test and what did you think of it? I am thinking about going this route for some of my classes, but to be honest, I'm kind of nervous!


So, if you took them, what did you do to prepare for them? Did you find the tests easy or hard? Any tips, tricks or secrets I should know about??


Thanks mamas!!

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It CLEP is different, but I CLEP'd out of English & Chemistry 101 without much difficulty... at least to me.

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I did CLEP for Soci 101, Psych 101, and Biol 101. I only had to get a 50% to pass - each school is different. I highly encourage my advisees at school to take CLEP but make sure your school accepts it.

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I am starting a business to help people CLEP and other wise test out of their entire degree.

I did my bachelors in 12 months with no debit and it's 100% regionally accredited. Please feel free to PM me if you would like more info. I did 12 CLEPs and loved everyone of them :)

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I was in the military and used CLEPs to get most of my associate's degree. Sadly, the university I attend now does not accept them so I had to retake some classes. As for level of difficulty, I found them pretty easy. I love multiple choice questions, and the prep books you can buy are pretty good (and not too expensive I don't think).

Make sure your school accepts them before you take any. Otherwise, I recommend that route especially for busy people who have enough self-discipline to do the studying but who don't have time for regularly scheduled classes or schoolwork. I very much wish my school would accept them...

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