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Baby's moods while teething

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Could we share experiences? My six month old is cutting his first tooth and is pretty miserable. He won't/can't sleep and has been screeching and screaming at me all day. He's been wearing an amber necklace 24/7 for months, chewing on everything cold I give him, taking chamomile homeopathics...he is still having a hard time. I can't put him down at all, otherwise he flips.

What was teething like for your baby?
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I have a 6-month-old who is also teething right now. He's generally a very mellow baby, but the last week or so has been crazy. His bottom two teeth are just visible above the gums now. Fussiness, sometimes not interested in nursing (maybe because of the teeth being irritated?), always wants to be held, and definitely changes in his sleep pattern. I know it's all normal, but yikes, it can be exhausting.


Hang in there, mama! heartbeat.gif

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From what I hear, reactions to teething vary, but my experience was on the extreme end of sucktacular.  My son started teething at 4 months and basically teethed his way through the next several months.  He was a hot little mess the entire time, so it was NOT fun.  He never took to any of the usual sources of chewing relief, so that was a problem.  He was irritable, bite-y, and had a lot of trouble sleeping.  We went through a boatload of Tylenol and Hyland's Teething Tablets that year.  (Hylands worked great, but they had a recall right in the middle of all of this, and disappeared from the market for months.  Used Calmilla as a substitute, but Hylands seemed to work better IMO.)  All this teething made breastfeeding really uncomfortable for awhile because of the biting (but I pushed on through) and delayed his interest in solids.  Frankly I felt rather sorry for the poor babe.  

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