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turning a breech

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I have a c/s deadline next Tuesday.

Baby turned breech on Friday, and turned vertex after much coaxing. last night baby flipped breech again. I KNOW I can coax her back. I've been doing all of he exercise stuff. I can't afford a chiropractor. I was wondering if there are any unconventional methods I could try. wives tales even!

Baby is kinda oblique breech (borderline transverse) with her head in my right ribcage and her butt near my hips... Basically footing breech, if that helps.

Background... I'm a vbac. dd2 turned breech at 39 weeks and a ECV failed. c/s.

My midwives won't ECV with a vbac. they also won't induce but will strip membranes for vertex babies.
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Aww, HUGS!


First, if Tuesday is the deadline, are you comfortable just not going in?  Its not like anyone can come over and rope you to somewhere.  I would try planning other events on that day (pedicure with the girls, dinner party, something) that allow me an excuse to forget the whole CS deadline thing.  Even if I later chose to go in, I would feel more relaxed knowing I had a backup plan.


Second, spinning babies .com.  


Third, supposedly playing music near your cervix can sometimes get the baby to turn down there.  To hear the sound better, in theory.  Or sit cross legged alot.  

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have you tried homeopathic pulsatilla?  30c 3x day for 4 days is standard, but I think in your situation you should look into a single dose of 200c.  When you get babe to turn, what about wearing an ab binder to encourage babe to stay put?


also what are the ramifications of not showing up on Tues?  Or requesting that labor start spontaneously before entering the surgical suite?  (lots of research backs this up - c/s babies and moms tend to have better outcomes when labor is allowed to start naturally).



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My baby turned breech to vertex at 35 weeks. Cold veggies, chiropractor, upside down on stairs and couch from spinning babies, music, standing on head with husbands help.  light on uterus ect. I tried all of them, and something worked!

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