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how is sleep for you ladies lately?

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We have good nights and really bad nights.  The bad nights make me feel like a terrible mother and sink me into depression...  How are you all doing?

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Usually ds sleeps pretty good (waking up about 2x to feed). He wasn't sleeping at all during the teething and he's been more restless recently. I've talked to a lot of other moms who said their babes went through a bad sleep patch around this time. Ds has been so restless that Dh sleeps next to him (ds is in a cosleeper). I wasn't getting enough sleep when was next to him and boy were the days rough. Since we switched places I've been sleeping much better.

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Sleep has gotten much better since we don't have a clock that I can see from bed anymore ;). Its not so much that sleep has changed but I'm not able to check the clock so I don't know how early she wakes up to eat. We also don't have a problem falling back to sleep after eating. I am tired all the time though, but I think that might be related to my thyroid which I'm getting checked today. She does wake up on average 2 times, I think. She goes to bed at 8pm ish, I wake her up to eat when I go to bed, anywhere from 11pm-1am, then she wakes up again sometime early morning and comes to bed with us, and wake up for the day around 8am.  

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Oof. We were doing great from 3.5 months to about 5.5 months- he was going 8pm to 5am.  BUT!  For the last 4 weeks or so, he's getting up at 11p, and then again between 2-4, and then up for the day around 6. Last night it was 11, 12, 3, 5, 6.  And, it's gas. We know it's gas, and it corresponds with his starting solids. We're doing BLW, which he loves loves loves, and he eats whatever he wants, but the gas!


Any recommendations!  I think if his stomach wasn't a little upset, he would never wake up.  He's still nursing 7-9 times/ day, and then when he wakes up at night.  The doctor suggested more solids, and night weaning, which I am not ready for. 

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My doctor mentioned night weaning too and I'm not ready for it either! She has such a temper and isn't easily placated so I don't see how it would work. And I'm nervous my cycle will come back if I night wean. My DD also goes to bed at 8pm but is up around 11pm for an hour and is super hyper. Then nurses 1-3 times before up at around 8am.

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Rough. He goes down around 6:30-7 and is up between 1 and 2 and then again around 4-5 and cluster feeds till about 8 then naps till 11. Sadly I go to bed about 10 and my other child gets up around 8 so I'm getting like NO sleep on top of my thyroid issue. I'm miserable. My milk supply is shot already other wise I'd be all over night weaning. 

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