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I hate my bff right now

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I'm sorry if this is long but I need to get a lot out!
I am 15w3d prego and my "bff" it's driving me crazy! We have lived together since college but now that I'm expecting, I want to have a place to myself. But on to what I want to rant about..

She drives me crazy! I haven't told a lot of people yet because me and the father are not on the best of terms right now. Whenever we are around friends and I do tell them the news, the first thing out of her mouth is "I'm going to be a daddy!" Also, a guy friend asked about the father and while I was discussing it with him, she says "UGHHH! If you don't start telling people I'm the daddy....." I know (i think) she is joking but it seriously bugs the crap out of me! Also.. when people ask what I want to have, she its the first to say she wants a girl. I have always wanted a boy but would be happy either way. When I mention that, she literally whines about it saying she wants me to have girls and her to have boys. I find that a little selfish. Another thing, she always refers to the baby as "her baby." How she is going to hold it all the time, take it everywhere, etc. I want to scream!! Last thing, I mentioned moving closer to home (about 3 hours from here) to be close to family and the father and she says she is going to follow me. That's not even half of it but I know I've went on enough. Am I being over dramatic? Help!
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She sounds a bit creepy to be honest...I'd talk to her for sure.
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That's just the thing..I'm not sure how to tell her without making her mad. She has a short temper, which I've always been used to until now. But when she gets mad, she can say some pretty harsh things...
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Your whole outlook on life changes when your child is born (in my opinion) and it sounds like this girl is someone you won't tolerate as much once your baby is born. Better maybe to just move away from her and hope she doesn't really follow you. She sounds a bit unstable to me. Do you think she would actually move 3 hours away to be near you? Perhaps writing your feelings in a letter first would be helpful to get your point across without confrontation and to give her time to absorb how you are feeling before you sit and have a real chat. 


Good luck mama:)

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I honestly don't know if a letter would help but I will try! I do think my outlook will change when the baby is here.. Also, I don't know if she would actually move. My guess is probably..Thank you for the advice though! smile.gif
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If you want to be closer to your family, then go. Pack your things and remember that someone else is now your number 1 priority- and it's not your roommate.


Sounds like she is a little overbearing and not understanding of her place. I would do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable and happy.

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