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Workout clothes?

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Does anyone have recommendations for a good full-figure high-impact sports bra? I wear about a 42DD and the ones I have are all too small, especially while I'm breastfeeding... I wore one of them the other day and got a plugged duct. irked.gif I realize my breasts aren't THAT big in the grand scheme of things, but they have always been really "stretched" and floppy, so what seems supportive to someone with perkier boobs isn't going to be supportive enough for me. I need the bra for jogging and workout videos. Anyone have experience with the Shock Absorber? I would like to avoid the Enell due to $$$ and the fact that it's huge, but maybe that is my best bet. (If you have a source for cute, supportive, non-poky etc. regular bras, lay that on me too!)


I am also wondering if anyone has a go-to source for cute workout clothes, ideally something affordable. It's easier for me to get motivated to work out if I have something cute to wear. I have piles of workout clothes but again they're all from when I was smaller, and although some sort of fit, I don't feel very good in them. I think I have basically outgrown the Target C9, and I have a gift card so I'm going to try something in plus size from Athleta, but it's one of those things where I bet even the "2X" is going to be too small. We'll see.



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scowgirl, I have one "active" tank from Fashion Bug I think is pretty cute, I think they have some nice stuff, affordable. I also love their leggings!

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Thanks, boots! Will take another look at what the Bug has to offer. BTW I LOVE your new profile photo. Adorable.

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