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Mind if I intrude?

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/I'm in the November DDC, but my date got pushed back awhile ago and my official due date is now November 30th. Everyone in my DDC is way ahead of me it seems and I was wondering if it's ok if I join you guys? For my last pregnancy, I was in the Sept 2010 DDC with a due date of 9/12/10 and didn't have my daughter until OCTOBER 2! I was the last one in the DDC and it was so depressing LOL. Being 3 weeks past your due date, anything is depressing eyesroll.gif


Anyway, I expect another epic pregnancy length and so I figured I'd be having my baby closer to y'all anyway :)

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Welcome! Pull up a chair! Or better yet, pull up a birth ball to encourage better fetal positioning ;)

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Welcome! I'm in a similar situation as you! I'm due November 28/December 1 depending on how you calculate. I also started in the November DDC and moved over here (a long time ago). It's my first baby so I expect to have it sometime in the beginning of December. 


I love this group of mamas!

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More the merrier!  My EDD is 12/19 but I fully expect to have baby a long while before that, never having made it to my due date yet in 3 previous pregnancies.  In fact, I'm rooting for the week after Thanksgiving, in November, since then I'd have had a 36 week, a 37 week, a 38 week, and a 39 week baby!  It's a range.  It's okay.  That's normal!

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Welcome!! joy.gif So glad to have another mama in our DDC!

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I've been a lurker here for a long while, so this seems like a good thread to properly introduce myself.  I'm in the January group but due close to the beginning of the year.  I'm really feeling like it might be late December, so I've been hovering between the two.  I'm Amanda, mother to one sweet five year old boy, finding out who this one is next Tuesday!  

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys luxlove.gif ! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all :D


I guess I might as well put my lil intro here since I'm sure you have all done intros already...I'm preggo with my third and trying for an HBA2C. My first son is 9 and was born via c/s for stupidity as far as I'm concerned lol. I never even went into labor with him! My daughter will be two in Oct. and was born via c/s at 43 weeks (omg I so never thought I was going to go into labor! Thought I was broken lol) after an unsuccessful home vbac attempt (labored for 33 hrs and asked to be transported for pain relief....a long and sordid story follows but ultimately ended with RCS). Decided maybe the third time is a charm and am gonna go it again this time. This baby was VERY unexpected, we thought we were done...I have always had a really hard time getting pg, in fact it took two years of very active ttc to get pg with my dd. This baby was conceived on my very first PP cycle after having only ONE little "oopsie". So yeah, shocking :D 


Other than that, I'm pretty middle of the road as far as mama-hood goes lol. Tried CD and liked it but failed at it (I work full time and hate laundry so my laundry piles are outta control. Had to give it up for sanity). We do co-sleep, or at least we did with DD but our bed is kinda cramped now so we will probably do a co-sleeper or something for the new baby. I'm not particularly (ok, at all) crafty. I don't vax and eat healthy like 75% of the time. I live in the Pacific NW but am originally from San Diego. Thats about it, I'm not all that interesting redface.gif


Oh! Almost forgot, this baby is a boy that we are planning to name Jude Wesson.

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Welcome Marilyn82 & hotsauce! I'm in a similar situation, but on the opposite end of December - due at the end of the month, guessing I'll have an early January baby :) Everyone here is great!

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Welcome!  Glad to have you!!  The more mamas the merrier :)

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I'm in the same boat. EDD is 11/29, so I figured I'd hang out in both groups. These mamas are great! 

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