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What type of discharge is this?

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Ok guys. I'm 35/4 and my 36 week appt is just next week on Tuesday so I know I will find out soon enough but I am very interested to see if my strange discharge means anything. I am very sensitive downstairs and prone to infection. I don't feel any infection just yet but I have noticed an increase in discharge the past few days (white and creamy) but today I just wiped this big huge long bugery thing. It was very thick and mucus like but it was white. Is this normal, possibly mucus plug, or a sign of infection? I would think mucus plug but it wasn't a glob on my paper it was a glob that stretched end to end. Really looked like a sinus infection burger lol. I know, kinda icky. Any ideas what type of discharge this was?
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Please see my disgusting post on Mucous Plug (LOL) , I just had all that last week. It was mucous plug for sure! and I am 35 weeks today and having lots of the milky white discharge. I have had like 3 or 4 of those globs. I went to Dr. today and things are starting to progress.

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My vote is for mucous plug.

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Def the mucous plug. You might see more. Mine came out in two parts on consecutive days. Unfortunately it didn't signal the start of labor, I'm still very pregnant 5 days later.
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Mucus plug for sure. I have been having very similar discharge the last few days. I think if it was a sign of infection it would look more lumpy like cottage cheese, at least that is how my MW describes it...

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I just am having such a hard time believeing mucus plug because I don't feel like there is anything at all going on down there. Like not even a tiny little smidge. Well hopefully it was a mucus plug. I will cross my fingers doctor has something cool to say on Tuesday! innocent.gif
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I'd say the same.  I lost a huge chunk of mine 2 weeks before being induced with my first though, so it didn't mean much for me.  With my second, didn't lose it until hours before labor started.  

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