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TTC after chemical.

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Gotta move back to this forum after a confirmed chemical pregnancy this morning. :( Hubby and I have been activily TTC for 2 cycles, had 2 positive HPT this cycle then a chemical. Has anyone else dealt with a chemical? What exactly is it? Is it something I did? I got the positive HPT just shy of 4 weeks, should I have not waited till 5 weeks to go to the doctor? Will this happen again now that it's happened once? Does it have anything to do with my hubby's swimmies? I'm just really depressed and confused right now. And sure could use some prayers.

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hug2.gif Meggie. I just had a chemical pregnancy my July cycle. It is just another term for a very early miscarriage before 5 weeks. You have implantation but for one reason or another it doesn't stick.  It happens very frequently and there isn't anything you did that made it happen.  It is usually caused by chromosomal stuff.  There is also nothing we can do to prevent it.  Most importantly don't get to discouraged. It has no bearing on carrying future pregnancies to term.  It may take a couple of cycles to get back to normal or you may snap back immediately. I'm still waiting for AF to come this cycle so we can start again. Here's a link for you....




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Thanks for the link Jenny, explained a lot. Loved the first line "A chemical pregnancy is like a cruel joke," lord is that true!!! Just enough time for everyone to get excitied and about ready to tell people then, poof...no baby. Just scared that was our 1 shot (hubby doesn't have strong swimmies) and we won't get another for some time. I'm still waiting on my period then i'll track my new ovulation cycle from there. That's what makes this even weirder, is that I still haven't gotten my period even though the bloodtests say I'm no longer pregnant. Going to schedule a regular OBGYN appointment just to get everything checked out and maybe even a second opinion. Ok, I'm rabbling now. Lol. Don't have many peoople to talk to about this. haha! But thanks again for the link!

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Dropping in to say when we were TTC our first we got pregnant on the first try.  Unfortunately it ended in a chemical pregnancy.  Lo and behold I got pregnant the very next month and he is now a rambunctious three year old love.gif.  It is quite common.  Good luck and hope you get a sticky baby real soon.

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Thanks for the good baby vibes Simonsez2u. :) Praying that I have that kind of luck. :)

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I had a chemical in February, got a positive and then started my cycle a few days later. We were TTC for 8 months and recently decided to stop trying. It is unfortunate fact that 1/4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, but I have no doubt you'll get pregnant again. Sending positive vibes that your next baby will stick for a happy and healthy 9 months smile.gif
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Thank you for the good vibes aHikaru, and the same to you!!

Little update though. Started what I think will be my period. So as soon as it's over I'm stocking up on ovulation tests and trying again. Fingers crossed!! Thank all you ladies for your support.

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If you haven't already read it, you will find the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility to be really helpful while TTC.  It is really great.

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I haven't read it, but will for sure go out and get it. I've been stocking up on books and articles lately. Just finished a LONGGG and painful (10 day) period, so now time for a little waiting, then trying again. :) Thanks for all the support and advice ladies.

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