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need baby out rant

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Oh Mamas!! I need my baby OUT!! I am dying in this weak, pain ridden body and i can tell my DD is getting really irritated by it, too! I almost passed out yesterday. I got suddenly extremely hot and felt really weak and out of it, basically had to find somewhere to sit pronto or that was going to be it. Probably a combination of anemia, low blood pressure, and i probably needed to eat which i did, so maybe a little low blood sugar as well. And he's just killing my pelvic area. I mean, this guy is doing all the work NOW i think so that when labour starts he'll just fly right out. Which i guess would be nice for the labour so maybe i should be thanking him. I just feel awful, all of the time and i'm really tired of it. I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday, so i may still have 3 weeks to go! Or more! And there is no more space in me for anymore baby, i am quite sure of it!! And i have Fred Flintstone feet.


rant over. If you got this far, thanks for reading!! I'm going bonkers.

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hug2.gif I'm so sorry... That's just gotta suck... Thankfully you are soooo close. Hang in there, mama!

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Mittens, I am sorry! That sounds awful! I hope you are already feeling better. I really dislike when i keep thinking about wanting baby out but I can't help but think that too as I feel so much discomfort. It gets so hard when you don't feel good!! Think of it in days not weeks...once you are in the teens (say,19 days...) doesn't that seem better?! And I will hope this does mean super fast labor for you!
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I'm there with you. I am walking with a cane due to pelvic girdle pain and am very very ready. 39 weeks today and I've been hoping for an early babe since 37. But I'm not going to force her out so I remain grouchy and hopeful all at once.
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Thanks for commiserating, ladies!! Definitely trying to hang in there, Princessjules! Like nukuspot, i remain grouchy yet hopeful!! Jend i know, it is sad to say we want baby out, but at the same time, i really feel like i've been robbed of a lovely pregnancy because it's been really hard throughout. My first pregnancy was hard only in the beginning because i had terrible insomnia/restless legs syndrome in the first tri. But it was super easy after that and it's so much easier to bond with baby when the pregnancy is easy. So yeah, it's sad, but it's not our fault right. It's just really hard to be in constant pain. I was actually wondering last night if i was in labour and just didn't know it, because i didn't have typical labour the first time around. It was crazy back labour that felt like one long contraction, so I wondered last night, maybe this is what "normal" labour feels like..... But no, i don't think so. I do hope he stays tucked in all safe and sound at least until 38 weeks. My midwife says they suck better by then, and they are ready.


Walked around the corner to the cafe and grocery store with DD this morning and it was very, very hard. I think i have to spend the next few weeks with my feet up. Not so possible with a toddler!


Hope you all get many moments pain free the next few weeks. I live for those moments!! Pretty soon this board is going to be full of birth stories and pictures of beautiful babies that make all of this so completely worth it!!

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I hear ya. I have been struggling hte last few weeks, but mostly just mentally done. I have been pregnant for 2 years now, since I have a 1 year old (3 month break in between where I was recovering from the c-section, only to accidentally get pregnant again). When I was pregnant with my son I had severe polyhydramnios, which caused EXTREME hip and pubic bone pain. From 4 months onward I could barely walk, sleep, or eat. Whenever I tried to walk I felt like my thighs and hamstrings were made of lead, as if I had just run a marathon. As a VERY active person, this was hard for me not to be able to power through anything and still be active. This time around is much easier. I had less "all day sickness" the first trimester (I was pretty severe with my son and felt like I had a bad flu with aches and pains for hte first 4 months), and have been able to be fairly active right up to now (with a short bout of severe tailbone pain that dissappeared with some rest) . I am ready to be done. Husband still needs to get the vascetomy, but he is aweful about making and keeping dr appts.


Both husband and I work from home and we are going stir crazy! I think we are going to take a trip 30 minutes away to Solvang (yes, like in Sideways the movie) for the day tomorrow while we have a nanny to watch our son. Its not much of a "babymoon" but we arent getting any work done. Its been crazy stressful the last few months, and now we cant focus feeling like the baby could be coming at any time.  I think it will be nice to get away for a day and walk around, get some food at one of our favorite restaurants up there... Ill be really sad to miss out on the awesome wine tasting though! Luckily husband doesnt drink, so I wont be forced to watch him partake in the wine.

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