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We are talking about double strollers, but other than that we have most everything (except boy clothes... please be a girl so we can use all these clothes again!). I will be CDing and will be buying some more diapers. I want some more newborn Kissaluvs and will need to replace some of our bG4.0s. I'm hoping DD will be potty trained by then! Can't imagine two in diapers!

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If we have a boy I may spring for a few more cloth diapers. I don't care if he wears DD's old pink ones, and will use them at home. But I'll probably avoid putting a baby boy in pink when out and about because I'd rather not be bothered by close-minded strangers who notice and decide to lecture me on how I'm a bad mother. rolleyes.gif  

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IronMam: the big sister necklace sounds adorable.... and right up my DD's alley.  She loves jewelry.  The baby scrubs are also too cute.  Hope your hubby gets into med school!


I knitted my first wooly soaker today.  Still need to weave in ends and add cuffs, but the main part is done.  I love knitting baby things, because they go so quickly.  And it was the perfect activity for me to do while I was too nauseous to do anything but lay down.  We made it into the front yard today (I of course was laying down in the grass and knitting) and I was so proud of myself for getting DD outside for some sunshine


We gave away all of DDs clothes so we are kind of starting fresh with this baby.  I found a bunch of diapers on craigslist that I think I want to buy - prefolds and fitteds at a great price.

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It seems like around he people list their used dipes expecting to make as much of their money back as possible. $13 for used? Sorry. Not paying that.

I don't knit, but I'm planning to sew a bunch of stuff.
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Wow that is crazy for a used diaper! Maybe I better snap these up. It was $20 for 35 prefolds. What kind of stuff will you sew?
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Wow that is crazy for a used diaper! Maybe I better snap these up. It was $20 for 35 prefolds. What kind of stuff will you sew?

I think they were pocket diapers, or maybe all in ones, but still.

I'm hoping to modify clothes I've already got to be worn as maternity clothes. Plus I want to make some swaddlers (like the woombies), burp cloths, pacifier clip, car seat tent, toys, lots of things that are convenient to have, but overpriced to buy.

Seriously, I'm not spending ten bucks on a pacifier clip when I can make one in ten minutes frm supplies I've already got.

We will have to see what I actually get around to though. This first trimester exhaustion is killing me. I've got a whole bunch of projects bookmarked, and I know realistically I won't do them all.
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Oh yes, I have a few long tank tops I'm going to put elastic in the side of.  Other than that I haven't given a single thought to maternity clothes.  I have no idea what I will do.


I just googled the tutorials for pacifier clip and carseat tent.... so gonna make those!  I remember at one point DP said the paci clip was the most useful purchase we had made, lol.


The first tri exhaustion is wretched.  I took unisom and b6 this morning.... and totally passed out....