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Anyone have experience with whooping cough?

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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question, so please correct me if it's not :)


Has anyone treated whooping cough at home, and what did you do, etc?


I need your support, mommas!! We are in day 3 of what seems to be a 'cold'. I have a 2 1/2 year old and 15 month old. I'm freaking out. My oldest has only had 1 round of vaxs, and reacted horribly which spurred DH and I to research and we decided, to stop and never do any more with any of our kids. That being said, our 15 month old doesn't have any. We truly believe that this is the right and the best thing for our family, and don't question our decision regarding it at all.


I am worried about dealing with the sickness if this is what they have. I have been reading a few websites, but they all have the usual garbage about getting vaxed...I just need some first hand experience and advice.... I know that if they do have it, it will be worth the natural immunity they will have. I don't know for sure that they have been in contact with anyone who has it, and I don't know of anyone who has been diagnosed. BUT there is a man at church that we recently went on a trip with (never in close contact though) who recently got the booster and came down with symptoms for a few days, and then was fine... He claimed that he wasn't contagious, etc. We politely asked him not to come on the trip, and he came on his own without telling us he was coming.


The symptoms my boys have are:

-Runny nose

-Slight coughs (ODS's sounds croupy)

-Low fever

-Bouts of tiredness, but no lethargy

-Low appetite



I have been using eucalyptus EO on chest neck and back and in diffuser, along with a little lemon EO. Hephar sulph, and Aconite seem to help for a little while. Sleeping with humidifier.


I appreciate all the input anyone wants to give :)


Thanks, mamas!

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I had a bit of a scare with it last month. They thought my nephew, who I had just been around, had WC. Turned out not to be. I called my dr, who is an MD/NFP and he said not to worry. Take a LOT of vitamin c, as much as you can handle till you get the runs, then back off a little till you've not got them. Take anything you have in the house for a cold. Echinacia, garlic, golden seal, grapeseed extract, D3, etc. Avoid sugar, including excess carbs since those break down into sugar. Hydrate to flush it out. Get some sun.

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Thank you :)

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Welcome, I hope it all goes well for you. >>Hug<<

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Hi I would love to talk to you more in person. I know a few different families in the area that have dealt with whooping cough naturally and I have other experience as well. My email is spiritandnature@hotmail.com warmwishes!

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There are lots of cold/cough type things out there that can mimic WC in early stages.  RSV is one, other respiratory viruses can too.  Can you go anywhere where they can do a nasopharyngeal swab to culture and see if it is WC you are dealing with instead of worrying?


If it is WC there are many archived threads about treating it.  Sodium Ascorbate seems to be very popular around here.

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Also homeopathically, Drosera is the recommended remedy for WC if you can't find Pertussin (which is usually only available through homeopaths or NDs.)

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I think it's prudent to start SA to bowel tolerance at the first sign of any illness, however, from what you have described, I wouldn't jump right to WC. Kids get all kinds of colds and upper respioratory illnesses all the time (hundreds and hundreds of bugs) that are not WC. Since the booster the man said he got (I assume the DTaP) is not a live virus vaccine, he would not be shedding. What is likely is that getting the shot lowered his immune system and he came down with a bug because because of this. Im sure they will be good as new soon!

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