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Clothes while pregnant

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Just like with DD1 I absolutely cannot have anything touching my neck or else I feel gaggy. This poses a problem as we approach the cooler weather and when I have to do anything that involves other people. I hardly have anything with big scooping or v-necks. Since I am a SAHM I can get away with wearing some ridiculous tank tops but would never be caught dead in public with them. So occasionally I have to throw on these shirts (like now when I'm expecting a delivery) and I'm walking around holding the collar away from my neck or hooking it over my chin. I don't know why this happens but it's such a pain. I am going to have to go shopping soon and get creative during the cooler weather. Even at night if the blankets are up to high and touch my neck I instantly wake up and have to flick them away.


Does anyone else experience this or something similar? Am I just weird? I hate the idea of having to buy a bunch of new clothes but man.. I cannot stand things on my neck.

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absolutety nothing, ever, pregnant or not, can touch my neck.

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Wear the comfy tanks and get a couple of nice hoodies that you can zip down from your neck.   ;)

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Good idea! That's well within my comfort zone of an outfit too so I'll probably live in stuff like that.

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no worries..that's my plan too!  I hate stuff on my neck lol!

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Cold weather is here! I have a couple of zip up hoodies I've been wearing but they are all getting a bit too tight. Going to have to get another I suppose. I have also been wearing the little cardigans over tanks and other scoop neck shirts. And I'm loving some long sleeve sweaters I found in the maternity section at kohls. I'll probably wear them out this Winter. 

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I normally love sweaters...etc. but yeah don't prefer anything neck hugging! I have a lot of v-neck sweater, altho the bigger I get I don't want to wear them and stretch them out. I went to an awesome local consignment shop 2 weeks ago tho and scored two awesome v-neck maternity sweaters for only 10$! Total! And they were motherhood!!!and in great condition practically new orngbiggrin.gif I was very pleased with myself lol I won't need much by way of clothes as I'm on strict bed rest and prob will be for the duràtion so I just need a few things and if I'm allowed to attend our families Christmas ill need something nice for that.
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Same here... I used to wear t-shirts to bed but I can't anymore because even the neckline of t-shirts bother me. I feel suffocated or gaggy. I like polo type shirts that button up at the neck so I wear those to work.

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I can't have my tummy covered while I sleep.. DH makes fun of me because I normally wear tank tops to bed, and the last few weeks he catches me sleeping with my shirt up under my boobs with one blanket on my legs and one blanket on my arms. I have no idea why I can't sleep with my tummy covered, I don't even realize I do it! 

I think sweaters and looser clothes will be my friend this pregnancy.. I have very wide hips, and just feel self-concious with anything too tight.. maybe when my bump is more bump-ish lol

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my best friend has been the size XL and 1XL clothes, the 1XLs are super huge BUT lots of room to grow out and be comfy in them. 


as far as pants, i was way ahead of the game, i only wear yoga pants unless im horseback riding (then i wear jeans and chaps since its through thick brush) so the jeans got hung up for a while and the yoga pants multiplied. 


also check out local thrift shops (i avoid the salvation army since they give money supposed to go to helping people to anti-gay rights groups) they normally have some decent things in there. 

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