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I found her http://www.keepitmovingfitness.com/ but I tried a few exercises and she kicked my butttt!!! It's really hard! Maybe I'd need a mattress because only 5 mins I had carpet burns real bad!

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I'm not impressed with that video. That "30 min complete workout" was a bit of overkill given that you are supposed to do it 4 more times and she seemed to be barely getting thru the 1st round. Also her form is terrible, especially given that she tries to verbally give the right advice but then shows it wrong. I'm not sure she knows what a plank should really look like but her bum is way to high in the air.


If you want a "plan" I recommend the Fit Yummy Mummy program. It's a cheesy title but Holly Rigsby is serious about clean eating, healthy lifestyle, and strength and fitness. She has great info and excellent form in all her videos. You can see she really does practice what she preaches and the women she works with are very encouraging. She also is very supportive of where ever your fitness/shape is right now with just the intention to get stronger and healthier. She is all about not relying on the number on the scale. A pretty cool lady!


good luck!

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Thx for the tip! :) I did think the other one was kind of extreme. And honestly that would bore me so bad after one round... I'd like to try something like Zumba though! Always loved to dance :) Any input?

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I haven't personally done Zumba but I know it's pretty fun and I would love to try it someday. I agree with the boredom factor. That's why I like FYM because you can use anything for interval training and the strength workouts rotate and change. Have fun whatever you do!

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Have sit-ups worked for anyone? I thought I heard a pregnancy or two ago that that could help with helping me not look so second trimester pregnant after the baby's born. I've been doing at least 50 a day in the last few days and I'm wondering if they're supposed to help my muscles so I can stand and sit up straight easier - that's still a big challenge.

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