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Tell me this is a sign it's almost over...

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I am 39+5 today. Baby has NO MORE ROOM. In fact, every time he moves, it feels like a contraction. But it's not - it's just him stretching out my poor, poor, battered uterus. But it sure mimics a contraction really well - the only difference is my belly doesn't get hard.


It's eviction time. 

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Well, you know... tomorrow is a full moon.. but even better than that -- a blue moon!  What wonderful day for him to arrive, right?  He just wants a good story!


But really, I hope he does come out soon for you!  Sounds quite miserable!  Come on, little boy!

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I feel the same way. I'm 39 + 1 and every movement feels like it's ripping my cervix. Getting strong BH all the time, lost my mucus plug last weekend, and she is so far down there I feelclike if I bend over I'll squash her head. I'm feeling nesty but tired. Washed the dog today. Cleaned out expired food from fridge and pantry. Made sure everything in babies room was washed and cleaned, even though shell be joining the party in our master for like... Forever. But soooo tired. It's really hot and I know I need to rest but I have so much to do! I want to be done and looking too hard for signs that the end is near but stressed because I feel like I'm too tired for labor and too much work/ home stuff to do first!
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So I wonder if he's getting into position because he is moving A LOT today - especially right now. And it HURTS. Why all of a sudden are his movements hurting this much? My lower back hurts now, too. UGH. What's going on. It would be nice for things to be obvious for once. LOL

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I hope it happens soon for you!  Maybe he's having a little farewell womb party in there now?  Back pain can be an early labour sign.

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Aaaand, it has stopped. irked.gif


He's never coming out. 

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Neither is mine. I told DH maybe she will share his birthday. November 20th.
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We were at a party last night with a lot of friends, and everyone we saw "Oh! You're still pregnant?!?". Yes, I'm still pregnant! 40 weeks is Monday or Wednesday (depenging on if you calculate from conception/LMP) and my sweetheart is convinced the birth will happen one of those days :). Here's hoping all of us waiting people get to birth when it's the best time for us and our fetus/fetii. We've got a LOT planned today and this weekend, and I'm hoping all the biking around will help our little one shake its way out :).

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I logged on today half expecting to see news of labor from you.. the day is young! ;)

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I'm actually quite amazed/shocked at how FEW babies we've had thus far!  TOMORROW is September and we've been quite blessed (as a DDC) with few early babies!  That's quite a feat, really!


Though... I'm sure you're not too keen on hearing that right now, MamanFrancaise ;)  I've been thinking of you a lot!  And even though *I* think this would be a fabulous day for *me*, I'll send all my good labor vibes your way!!  Come on out, baby boy!  I want to gush over sweet newborn photos!!!!

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That's very generous, judybean. luxlove.gif


No new labor news. Sigh.


All I ask from mother nature is that #1 these crazy contractions I've been having for a few days are doing something amazing to my body to ensure an easy labor and delivery. #2 that the baby is born on or before Monday because my kids are starting a brand new school next week and I want to focus on them on that day. #3 If the baby doesn't come by Monday, he comes on or after Thursday evening or next weekend.


I would be really happy with that plan. LOL Babies totally abide by their mom's schedule, no? Sheepish.gif

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post
#2 that the baby is born on or before Monday because my kids are starting a brand new school next week and I want to focus on them on that day.

I had similar time restrictions with #3...wanted to get my girls through their first day at a new preschool which happened to be 1 week after my EDD. Their first day of school was on a Monday; labor started at about 3AM Tuesday :)  I think sometimes we underestimate the signals we send our bodies.

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Im sick of people asking me what day they think Im going to have the baby, because they want to be there or plan for it. I dont know. No one does... Im started to get POed because Im tired, irritable, and sick of people telling me how huge I am, and how if I hit my due date without a baby there are going to be problems. I was reading Ina Mays Birth Matters and she said the average unmedicated, uninduced labor averages around 41weeks 1 day. Unless there is a scheduled c-section or scheduled induction, there is no way to know when the baby will come and people need to back off.... Also, because Im having a home birth, I dont want anyone in the house but my birth team. My husband installed a latch on our front door because our parents both know our front door code to unlock the door and I dont want uninvited guest. My parents came up to Oregon when they scheduled my c-section for my son and my mom did nothing but compare how much HARDER it was to have a hysterectomy than a c-section and how the day after she gave birth to me she felt fine as if nothing happened, and how she was able to deliver me breech vaginally so I should be able to also. As if I had a choice.. and we were dealing with an extremely high risk pregnancy with polyhydramnios, my son had an intestinal blockage, double footling breech, and had down syndrome.



Ok pregnant lady rant is over!

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Can you tell Im getting testy after being pregnant for 2 years straight! haha!

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My EDD (9/6) is also my 3.5 y/o daughter's first day of preschool--First day of school ever!  I really want to have the baby NOW but I also really want to be there for her first day, parents are allowed to attend...It's a really cute Waldorf preschool out of a lady's home, but it's also a 30 minute drive each way.  I couldn't handle it with a newborn, so DH will bring her if I have the baby before Thursday.  But I will be so sad to miss the milestone in her life.  However I NEED to have this baby so I can focus on trying to walk again!  I never knew it was possible to be in this much pain from sciatica or pelvic girdle pain, or whatever is wrong with my legs.

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And Alli--My mom is here staying with us because she will be childcare for my DD during the birth.  She had super easy labors, 8 hrs and 4 hrs, and my labor with DD was 50 hrs.  She keeps also saying crap to me about "why do you think you had so much trouble the first time?"  It's not good for the ol' self confidence...

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Originally Posted by activealli View Post

Can you tell Im getting testy after being pregnant for 2 years straight! haha!

Alli, your first birth just sounds so stressful.. I'm so sorry! I totally am with you on being tired of being pregnant for two years!!! I can't remember what I look like w/o a huge belly... I am so glad that it looks like you will be getting a great birth (the one you want!!) this time around.  I am sorry people can be so insensitive and down right annoying, but at least you are almost done. Then you won't have to deal with it anymore!

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