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What is the #1 thing you hear as a natural mama and wish you didn't? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by artekah View Post

Probably the thing that bothers me the most is people advocating cry-it-out.
Just my experience, if it brings you hope for the future: When the baby gets older it lessens and by the time they're 2-3 it's just a trickle. By the time you have a second child (if you're planning a second) stupid comments from people is a non-issue--whether they assume you know what you're doing because you have 2, or you just don't care so you're immune, it's hard to say--probably both. orngbiggrin.gif But my second is almost 13 months old now and I can't remember the last time I heard a stupid comment from a stranger. Now I just get the "oh my, you've got your hands full!" comment every time I leave the house.


Yeah, I almost NEVER get comments anymore, which I am SO glad about, these comments used to infuriate me. Especially because I read and researched so much about my parenting decisions, and these people were just spewing stuff they had heard before. ARGH. Now all I really hear is "Wow you homeschool? That is so much work" which doesn't make me mad as much as baffle me. Really, we spend two hour (at the most) doing formal homeschool-y type stuff, the rest of the day my 8 yo is just a part of our normal every day life. I suppose those people think I am doing the conventional school at home thing. Oh yeah, I get the hands full thing too, but that I like because it makes me feel like maybe someone understands.
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CIO is a huge one and gets on my nerves to no end.  

Also the don't hold your own baby.  

Here is one that sticks out in my mind: sometimes babies just need some alone time.  Said to new parents when baby was just a few weeks old.  

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"She's too attached".


This is bonkers to me!  How can a baby be too attached to her mama??


Or that she has to learn she can't always get want she wants, that holding her when she wants will turn her into a spoiled brat.  As if you can spoil a child with love.  Silly.  Things, yes; love, no.

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"they shouldn't use you as a soother" and "Don't let them run the show" are probably the worst for babyhood, and later on it's

"they need to spend time with other kids to be socialized"

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"You're crazy"; "that's crazy"; "no one in real life does that". Those are a few phrases I wish I never heard. (Fill in the subject : breastfeeding, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, and gentle discipline)
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I get the judgemental "Oh" from my mom. Which could mean a whole host of unsaid things. Almost like saying "you're too stubborn for me to tell you how I feel about that". 

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Formula will help him sleep through the night


"Are you ever going to give him a bottle?" or "Has he started a bottle yet hes already ___ months old"


Thats from my partners family constantly. Don't even get me started on him...

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I'm so lucky my family is totally cool with AP, and DHs too for the most part.
The one that drives me nuts is one I hear from coworkers sometimes: "If they can tell you they want to nurse, theyre too old." What?!? Says who? Honestly the dumbest thing I've ever heard, and especially considering my DD started signing for milk very early. She's 2 now and can ask in a sentence... Why exactly does that make her too old to nurse?
Ok rant over smile.gif
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