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what to eat

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My almost 1 yr old will not eat baby food anymore she want to feed herself...I just dont know what is safe to feed her, like i give her pieces of fruit, rice, beans but what can i give her to feed herself?

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She can feed herself most things.  Just give her what you are eating or modify it so that she can eat it.  Give her a spoon to use as well.  At first she might mostly use her fingers but she'll start trying to use the spoon.


Good options:


Toast with spread - nut butter (if you aren't worried about allergies), hummus, avocado and fruit spread are good options.  Cut the toast into "fingers" and cut the crust off to make it easier to handle and eat.


Fruit or veggie wedges - bell peppers, apple slices, avocado slices, bananna, ripe mango, berries such as blueberries are all good options.  Yogurt is a good "dip" with the fruit


dry cereal - cheerios, chex, etc. are good for snacks on the go


noodles with tomato or homemade cheese sauce - messy but ever popular.  I buy noodles that are easy for DS to handle like cavatappi or macaronii


Home made chicken fingers are a good protien


Just some options, but we've always just fed DS what we are eating.  There are likely good books at the library with more ideas for you too.

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I'm with the previous poster--we just gave ds whatever we were eating, but chopped it up so it wasn't a choking hazard.


At that age he loved refried beans, french toast (bread dipped in egg batter and pan-fried in butter--cut into strips to make it easier to eat), noodles with red sauce, grilled cheese (with the crust cut off), most fruit (cut into small pieces with the peel removed, except for bananas which he preferred to have whole), avocado cubes, eggs (with or without cheese).

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