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Yesterday we saw a biological dentist about having my husband's amalgams removed.  DH was telling the dentist how he needed 18 injections of anethestic in less than 2 hours when he was having his wisdom teeth removed last year, and the dentist said he is too acidic, so they did a PH test and he was very acidic.


They gave us a whole list of acid vs alkaline foods.  Alkaline foods you are supposed to eat 80-100% of, veg, fruit (not great for someone with rampant tooth decay like DH!) raw goat milk, raw honey and egg yolk.  Acid is any meat, cheese, butter, grains, olive oil etc.


Does anyone know anything about this?  It sounds a bit crazy to me- he can't eat any meat, fats etc?!  Definitely not TF!

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i have heard all about this.  so imagine my surprise on my TF diet (on a road trip day that involved mostly a day of liverwurst on sourdough rice pancakes and water only for a 12 hour journey) to find that my ph was 8.  my midwife was not surprised, but very pleased.  so, it's not fats or meat!!!


bone stocks are EXTREMELY alkalizing.  i try and make sure my meats are balanced by always cooking with bones, and then making stocks with the bones and often just drinking them.


i juice greens many mornings (cucumbers/kale/celery/lettuce), eat minimal fruits, minimal sweet foods of any sort, though i do enjoy a nice homemade sorbet, or raw cream ice cream w/ maple syrup.  my whole family drinks kombucha, eats fermented veggies, fries everything in lard (from our friend's biodynamic farm), and eats dairy as well.  i was a raw foodist (not vegan, still did minimally cooked meats as well as some raw fish, and raw dairy) and actually had to add in more cooked foods after a few years, and i think it was because my body was so alkaline naturally that it needed a balance.  


doing a cleanse, with raw juices, and upping the bone broth, while easing up on unsoaked grains and anything sweet could really help swing your husband over to a more alkaline and balanced state without sacrificing what you already know to be important to his diet.  


also, fasting (intermittent fasting vs. long-term) can be very beneficial for some people.  it has the benefits of detox and long-term caloric restrictions, but is often very easy. 

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"It is my belief that much harm has been done through the misconception that acidity and alkalinity were something apart from minerals and other elements.  Many food faddists have undertaken to list foods on the basis of their acidity and alkalinity without the apparent understanding of the disturbances that are produced by , for example, condemning a food because it contains phosphoric acid, not appreciating that phosphorus can only be acid until it is neutralized by combining with a base......... If the requisite is so simple as a potential alkalinity, why has not the additional of sodium bicarbonate to a deficient diet controlled dental caries?"  Dr. Weston A. Price


so basically, he says it lack of mineral balance, not certain foods that are either 'acid' or 'alkaline' that affect your body's balance.  

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Thanks for that info, I wasn't sure about the bone broths as they weren't on The List.  I have them nearly every day, DH not so much, but I'll try and get him into them.  He eats great at home but sometimes he'll buy breakfast or lunch out and he doesn't understand whats wrong with 'regular' grains or a bit of processed food or sugar. 


Where did you get the quote from Dr. Price from?  I'd love to show it to my DH.

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it's in the acid/alkaline chapter at the end of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"  there's also some great letters at the end of the book for his family back home on what he's learning what the priorities are.


my husband is the same way, and he has to deal with bouts of candida/yeasts, achy joints, and a little extra weight.  i'm not in the business of evangelism and conversion, but it's hard when healing needs to happen and changes have to happen.  

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OK thanks, I haven't read that one yet, I've had it on hold waiting list at the library for ages... maybe I'll just buy it.  Yep my hubby is the same, he has candida/gut issues, achy joints, a little bit of excess weight (although he has lost a lot just switching to my homemade food).  He is all for grass fed meat, raw dairy, organic, less sugar, he doesn't complain about spending extra $, so I am grateful for that, but he doesn't read all the info I do so he isn't as dedicated to everything 100%.  We're getting there... (I try not to lecture or nag but just slip in some info here and there and he gets it eventually winky.gif)

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