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Originally Posted by dayiscoming2006 View Post

Maybe this will help...http://fertilityplus.org/faq/hpt.html If this is right, there are some brands that do 40-50.


I'm a fan of peeonastick.com!  :)  Similar charts.  Plus antecdotes about sensitivity.  Not sure I got to 40-50.  My last beta was only 28.


Oh well...I'll get a couple of FRERs and keep an eye on the lines.  It's more obvious if they're fading or darkening on those.  And they're consistent. 


It's only two more days.  Then we'll have the next piece of info that should give us a better idea of where things are heading.

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Per my last two cycles today is the day AF should have showed up but no signs yet. Could be tomorrow i guess, but if not who knows and i'm not feeling my usual day before crampiness. Haven't tested since way early bfn and I am out of tests. The commissary has been out of dollar tests and I didn't feel like driving across town to dollar tree or paying big bucks just to test frequently for pretty much no reason so I have been trying to be patient. Gonna go to the store and see if they have restocked and go from there. I just know as soon as I buy an expensive test AF will show up immediately after so I am going to try to resist the urge if they are still out of the cheapies. Haha. So silly. Really really desperate for this cycle to be the one since DH wont be here for the next opportunity and I know I would take that really really hard. Waiting with bated breath.
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dayiscoming2006 - Congratulations!  You seem to be very aware of your body in a wonderful way.

joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  Happy and healthy 9 months!


Renaissance - fingersx.gif  Sounds promising!  Hang in there. You will know soon enough.


RCM - I'm sorry you are in limbo.  That is a very difficult place to be.  I really hope the news is good.

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Originally Posted by pokeyAC View Post

dayiscoming2006 - Congratulations!  You seem to be very aware of your body in a wonderful way.

joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  Happy and healthy 9 months!

Thanks! :)

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Can I join in?  I'm 7dpo today.  I've been TTC #5 for 6 months.  I'm nursing my 16 month old, but I'm having regular cycles.  I'm going on a "girl's weekend" this weekend, which will be a nice distraction and keep me from testing until at least Monday.  I'm an early tester...usually get BFPs at 9dpo but last time it took longer.  Good luck everyone!

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Welcome jr'smom and Good luck!


Here's some baby dust for everyone.  I think we could use a sprinkling.


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Thanks pokeyAC!

I got home from my trip this afternoon and even though I know it was stupid, I had to test right away (at 9dpo in the middle of the afternoon.)  Of course I got a negative.  I'm sure I'll test again tomorrow with FMU and every day until AF shows up.  I had nipple pain last night and was hoping that it was a sign, but we'll see. eyesroll.gif

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Sorry...forgot to update here.  I got the results back from beta #4.  It's going down.  The doctor said it was to do with egg quality, but it was great that we got pregnant...my body was doing what it was supposed. to.  It was very disappointing, but we're planning the next try.  I know we'll get there.  Thanks for letting me obsess!  Good luck to all the rest of the TWW-ers!

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I'm so sorry RCM.  It is good to get pregnant, but not being pregnant anymore is sad and disappointing.  I hope you are dong ok and that your body gets back on track soon.  hug2.gif

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Hi Ladies,   I was out a while ago because AF came (and the BFN's).  I'm just popping back in because it seems that my temps never went down when my period started. I took a break from temping while on my period because I temp vaginally, but today at CD9 my temp is still up and I'm also having what I would normally think are sharp O-pains, but it's no where near the normal time for them. I'm also very bloated today.  It's just all very weird and atypical.  Has anything like this happened to any of you?  I REALLY don't think I'm pregnant, but I suppose I'll get a dollar tree one to rule it out.


Chart:  http://www.tcoyf.com/members/GuavaGirl/charts/3.aspx   click on cyle 2 and then 3

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Originally Posted by pokeyAC View Post

I'm so sorry RCM.  It is good to get pregnant, but not being pregnant anymore is sad and disappointing.  I hope you are dong ok and that your body gets back on track soon.  hug2.gif


It is sad, but it helps to be moving forward right away.  The friends I'm carrying for are ready to try again right away.  (The egg retrieval is so hard on the body, but she'll have some time to recover and doesn't mind that she'll be at the worst of it over Thanksgiving.)  We've already got our schedule rebooted and are scheduled to transfer again at the end of November.  (Takes an extra month to get us synched up again.) 


I think in a strange way, having it turn out this way instead of being negative right away is easier (on me at least).  We know it tried to stick and just wasn't strong enough to grow properly.  That knowledge is easier to process than just having no results on this cycle. 


We'll get there next time.  Now I'm just waiting for AF to realize that it's not growing and I stopped taking my meds.  Then we are working towards the goal again. 

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Sorry for you loss, RollerCoasterMama.



I got good news tonight...a BFP after 6 months TTC.  It's very faint at 10dpo, but it is there and even in the evening. I've been feeling pregnant for a couple of days.  Our bodies sure are amazing!

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TWW is over for us....AF showed up on schedule today, at Disney World greensad.gif was really hoping some of that Disney magic would result in a BFP....oh well, only our second cycle trying...and I guess now I can enjoy some drinks at Epcot tomorrow....greensad.gif
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Sorry mirpmama, but I like your idea of enjoying drinks at Epcot. Look on the bright side, eh?


I'm trying to do the same. October is a busy month for me. I have three races (a 5k this weekend, a 10k next weekend which is a goal race of mine, and the SanFrancisco Nike Women's Half Marathon the following weekend, which I won an entry into. So we'll be road-tripping it up there before the race, probably in a rented RV) Also my birthday is Oct 27th, so I'm trying to console myself with the fact that I'll be able to celebrate with libations.


But, uh... I guess I'm still on the TWW because AF still isn't here. My longest cycle was 36 days long, which is tomorrow. So I'm going to give it a few more days and then I'm going to call my GYN to make an appointment. I only have one ovary, my right one was removed in HS, so I want to make sure that nothing is amiss. I've been having lots of dull cramping and lower backaches along with bloating with pressure in my pelvic area. I'm really hoping that I don't have any issues going on with the remaining ovary, I kinda need it!

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Congratulations jr'smom!  Happy and healthy 9 months to you.  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


mirpmama- I'm sorry to hear AF arrived.  It's early in the process for you.  Hang in there.  grouphug.gif


kitteh - I hope you know what's going on soon.  And good luck on your races!  I live in the Bay Area, and the Nike Women's Marathon is a great event.


AFM- I have just entered the TWW myself as of yesterday.  I feel like the timing was very good, and I was very fertile so only time will tell.

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Baby dust to you pokeyac!!! I am trying to be positive - only 2 cycles in....I swear there must've been a pregnant lady convention at Epcot today though...greensad.gif everywhere I looked were beautiful pregnant bellies....
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Hi ladies!

May I join you? I am day 3 past O this cycle, and am going to do my damndest to keep myself form early testing this cycle.  ;) 


Been TTC #2 for 13 cycles now, and have scheduled IF testing stuff in the upcoming weeks. I hope I'm one of those people with an appointment to cancel because she gets a BFP! 


Congrats to all those with new BFPs and babydust to those trying!

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wow! this thread has been so active! congrats to the bfp's and RCM I just read along. sorry....


afm 4 dpo and going extra crazy this cycle...ugh trying to hold on to the 1 or 2 of October---9-10 dpo!


longest week!


hi haurelia

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Last two cycles have been 42 days. Currently CD 48. No BFP. No AF. No spotting. No for sure symptoms. Temp is still up. confused.gif

Pretty much ready to scream.... Pull my hair out.... Something.

And DH leaves tomorrow for a month. bawling.gif
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Well, I think I'll jump in over here - it looks like a pretty fertile thread to hang out in. :)


I'm still feeling in limbo. I have yet to have a full cycle after a m/c, but I did ovulate and our timing was good this month. According to my midwife, I should be just as likely to conceive with this ovulation than any other time (if not more fertile! Although I'm wondering if that's just a myth that women are more fertile after a m/c?)


I want to be excited and in a normal 2ww - but I'm just nervous that my body will fail me. And, when I say good timing - I actually would have liked if we'd dtd one extra time before. We have about 36-48 hours between our last time and my ovulation. I know that's still okay, but I like to think we caught the egg the minute it was ready...silly, I know.


So - I'm only a few dpo right now. I'll probably test a week from today, because my last BFP was at 8dpo (without any squinting or pic tweaking at all!) and I have about 40 tests waiting. :)

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