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Anna Catherine has arrived!

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Anna was born on August 29th at 10:20 am.


7 lbs, 2 oz

19 inches


She is my smallest baby and looks so tiny to me. I had a really good scheduled induction hospital birth. Everything went smoothly. She has a cleft lip that we knew about via u/s during pregnancy. I'm so in love with her!!! :)


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Congratulations!! She's *beautiful* and I just want to snuggle her new babyness!! Her name is lovely as well! Enjoy your babymoon!!!
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Congratulations Lauren, she's absolutely beautiful! joy.gifI hope you are both settling in well and enjoying your babymoon!

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Oh wow lauren. Congratulations. Anna is a cutie.
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Congratulations!  She is beautiful :)

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Oh my goodness, those cheeks!!! luxlove.gif


Congratulations! LOVE the name.

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Anna was our top pick for a girl's name! Her cuteness is too much! Congrats.
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Congratulations!  She is GORGEOUS!!

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Oh, how precious! :) :) So glad to hear the birth went well.

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She's beautiful. I hope this is not offensive, but even her cleft is cute. It gives her a sweet little smile.

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Congratulations, I just want to squeeze her. So exciting and wonderful, enjoy!

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So sweet and beautiful!  I love the name Anna!!  I have an Anna too.  joy.gif

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Oh my goodness, my heart just melted a little bit!  What an adorable little lady!  She has such a peaceful, content look on her face.  Congrats Mama!

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Ooohh i want to hug her!! She is adorable!!! Congrats Mama!!! Enjoy all the love.

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Those cheeks!!!!! huge cogrants!
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so so sweet mama! enjoy her!
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Congratz to you and welcome sweet baby Anna! blowkiss.gif

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Congratulations! She looks so sweet!

Is nursing going okay?
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So adorable. I want to nom on her sweet baby cheeks!

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Welcome, Anna!!!

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