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Refusing pumped milk!

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So my little guy, who will be 14 months next week, has extensive food allergies, which are listed in my other thread about vitamins.  He has grown slowly since the beginning (we are not small people, so this has been surprising and concerning) so I worry about him getting enough good nutrition with his very restricted diet.  I was always planning to let him self-wean, and I have continued pumping at work the 2-3 days a week I am away from him so that he can have milk while I'm gone.  He used to take 15 ounces a day and decreased to 10-ish around a year when he started eating more food.  I've kept it in a bottle because 1. I didn't want to rock the boat and 2. He has always refused to take it from a cup.  


However, this week he has refused to drink any milk while I'm at work.  Both his dad and our baby-sitter report that he asks for "mimi" (his word for nursing) frequently throughout the day, but when they present a bottle he shoves it away :( They have tried putting it in a cup, and he takes one sip and then pushes it away and continues to ask for mimi.  


I think that part of the problem is that my milk has changed and is going bad more quickly and he might have had a bad taste at some point recently (I happen to hate milk, and find breastmilk especially disgusting, so unless it smells bad it's hard for me to tell if it's good--I've never had a problem with it going bad after a few days in the fridge until now).  I just don't know why he's refusing.  


I'm planning to continue pumping because I want to keep up my supply for the days that I'm home.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get him back to drinking milk? I spent about half an hour tonight transferring fresh milk that I brought home from work (so I knew it was good) into every bottle and cup that we have, and he refused them all.  He has so few good sources of fat and protein, and so many of his foods are low calorie, I really want to make sure he drinks something other than tons of water while I'm gone. 


Thanks in advance for your help! 

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You can keep offering and really try not to beg and get into a power struggle about it.  Just offer and then let it go.  He is probably more likely to take it from someone else while you're away than from you if he's still nursing.  They can just keep trying.


In the mean time, maybe you can give it to him another way, like make a smoothie with it, pudding, ice cream, popsicles, scrambled eggs (if he's not allergic), baked into pancakes?


Also, working to find good sources of the nutrients you're concerned about in his diet -- maybe post here or in the allergy forum to get some ideas if you're feeling stuck.

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honestly i stopped pumping at 15 months, it's not necessary for them to have pumped BM, i just nursed when i was home and she drank other things while i was at work.

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Originally Posted by Sharlla View Post

honestly i stopped pumping at 15 months, it's not necessary for them to have pumped BM, i just nursed when i was home and she drank other things while i was at work.

I actually stopped pumping around that age as well.  They can get lots of milk when you're home (provided you're home at regular times).  But, PP, if you are concerned about nutrition and weight gain due to allergies and want to keep offering breast milk when you're at work, I think that's fine too.

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Keep offering. Sometimes the novelty of a new type of cup will make a big difference. One of the kids preferred a regular cup at that age and one liked a sippy. And then went back to a bottle. It could be as simple as your period making minor changes for the week.


And yes, if you can, keep pumping. I pumped for a long time (18m and 2) and my milk supply took a huge, huge drop after I stopped.

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No luck with new cups on multiple attempts, but he will drink a smoothie made with frozen fruit, so that's what our baby-sitter does on the days I'm gone.  I'm planning to continue pumping as long as I can, and will donate whatever he doesn't end up taking. Thanks for the advice!  It helped me stop panicking to have some outside input.  

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