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Baby Atticus has arrived!

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Sunday was my due date, and I woke up to a crazy spike in blood pressure (168/100 - oops).  We went into the hospital and they told me they needed to induce in order to avoid all the awful pre-eclamptic/hypertension possibilities.  Luckily my midwife was with me and had already told me about the different drug options they would offer me, and I knew I didn't want any of them.  So I was able to advocate for and receive the foley catheter (I think that's how it's spelled?) so that my body could do the work on its own.  It came out at 3am on Monday, at which point the contractions started kicking in.  They put me on a pitocin drip, but kept it at the lowest setting - they turned it up a few times but then turned it right back down and finally off, once they realized that my body was able to do without.  8 hours of active labor including 40 minutes of pushing and we had our baby!  I was definitely zoned out near the end, just breathing through everything and focused internally.  The second he popped out it was like I woke up - I was suddenly completely alert, happy, active.  The first thing I said to my husband was "Let's do that again!" (the first thing I said after birth, looking down at this human body that had just come out of me, was "HOLY SHIT")


7lbs 15oz with enormous feet.  We named him Atticus and he is absolutely perfect.  Now I'm going to sleep!


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Penny!  He's GORGEOUS!  Congratulations!  Your induction sounds like the best situation you could've hoped for.  Happy babymoon, mama!

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congrats! that definitely sounds like an ideal induction. i hope your hospital experience was a pleasant one. he's adorable! 

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Congratulations, Penny! He is so handsome! Q has huge feet too love.gif

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Congrats, Penny!  I was just thinking about you and hoping your little man had arrived!  Like everyone else has said, that sounds like a pretty ideal induction.  I hear you on the being zoned out at the end.  Pushing really woke me up since it was the only thing I could actually DO.  So glad you have your little Atticus (LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NAME!) and hopefully we'll be hearing more updates soon!



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Congratulations and welcome to Atticus! Lovely name :)  I'm glad your induction went well and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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Congratulations, Penny! Baby Atticus is adorable, and I love his mop of dark hair!

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