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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Toddler › Life with a Toddler › 3 yr old retracted his foreskin on his own and...
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3 yr old retracted his foreskin on his own and...

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....well, I've tried to do a bunch of reading on it to see if there was any possible damage but its hard to say.  He was in a lot of pain at the time as I brought the foreskin back down, and we had a talk that he shouldn't do it again.  (we were outside in the sandbox so I was also worried he would get sand in it and it could get infected).  I should state during the summer, he just runs around naked in our back yard as he's potty training and he'll pee on the bushes which is why he was nude to begin with.  :)


Anyhow, just wondering if I should be worried or not?  He's not in pain right now and has peed successfully many times since so there isn't any challenge there (I don't think there should be anyhow).  But if he forcefully brought it back and then it hurt to bring it back down, should I be concerned?  Is there anything I should be doing?  My husband is circumcised so he's not really sure what to do (and he's only in contact by phone anyhow) or if there is anything to worry about either.



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My son's foreskin retracted spontaneously for the first time when he was 5, and it was very painful for him.  It got "stuck" and wouldn't pull back over his penis.  I called his doctor (who was male and against circumcision) and he said to give him a warm bath and let him relax to see if it would loosen on its own.  If worse came to worse, we could come in and they would put a cream on it to loosen it.  But his foreskin did come back forward again on its own.  It didn't retract again until he was around 7 or 8, yet he's never had any more issues with it.  It was just a freak occurrence.


His doctor said sometimes the first time a foreskin retracts it may still be tight.  The process of loosening doesn't always happen overnight.  It's best if you don't try to retract the foreskin, but your son is safe to handle his own penis since he knows what hurts and doesn't.  It doesn't really count as "forcible retraction" if he's just playing with himself on his own.

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thank you! That makes me feel much better. :) He isn't complaining this morning and there doesn't seem to be any redness or swelling (worried about sand getting in there since we were outside in the sandbox). Thanks for the details and your story!
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How is he doing.
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kayleesmom - thanks for asking. He seems to be OK. No pain and it doesn't look inflamed or even red. We've had two baths since and just washed the area with some light soap and warm water. So I'm hoping we're OK and out of the woods. Just a lot of conversations about it being OK to find out more about his body but when it comes to pulling up on his penis, probably not good to do. :)
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My 3 year old nephews pulled his back a while back and now he can do it all the time (and is quite proud of it). As long he's not in pain no worries. 

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