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Need to Borrow Hypnobabies Manual

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I was wondering if anyone who has taken Hypnobabies home study course and has a manual that I can borrow?  I have used Hypnobabies successfully with my first baby, almost 4 years back.  I am 31 weeks and have started listening to my cds but can't seem to find the manual.  From my understanding it is important and goes hand in hand with the cds, since they do list exercises to do along with the cds.  I don't want to spend a lot of money just to get something I have already purchased, so am looking to borrow it.


I live in Central Jersey, and would really appreciate if any one has that can let me borrow it for a short period of time.  I will send it back as soon, as I have my second child. 



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Here are some links that will help. The first is a run down of the course and what's included in every week. While the workbook is very helpful I believe it can be done without it. The second link is a shortened schedule but just ignore the fact it's shortened. Just keep alternating for 7 days. Listen to each of your tracks once while not in hypnosis so you are sure you understand the material. Use the practice that is listed on the second link for each week. If you listen to each of your scripts without being under hypnosis at the beginning of each week you should understand what you need to do for practice.  The only practice that wasn't explicitly discussed in the CDs was the directing anesthesia. Listen to the end of Hypnotic Childbirth 2 for some ideas on that but really it's just visualizing moving it around. I hope that helps!

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luppymonster, thanks for your helpful post, and welcome to Mothering! love.gif You had a couple of links to another website at the end of your post that our spam filter caught. I've removed those so your post can be approved. 

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Can we not post links?

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LuppyMonster, thank you so much for your response and the links.  Would you be able to message them to me, so this way I can check them out.  I don't know which ones got removed.  Once again thanks =)

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It is saying that I don't have permission to PM. But I was able to edit my post and add the links to the text. If you can see the words "The first" and the "The second link" have the hyperlinks on them.

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This is great stuff and really helpful. Since I did have the manual when I did it with my first child 3.5 years ago, I do remember some of it, and your links are great help.



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Hey mama,


I took the hypnobabies class and still have all of our materials.. books/cds.. if you want I can send them to you? No plans to have any more munchkins anytime soon and would hate to see it all go to waste eyesroll.gif

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Hi luppymonster - for whatever reason the second link isn't working for me.  Can you repost it?  I am also trying to locate a manual (live in jersey city) and i am shocked that no one has posted anything on craigslist!  Anyway, I am really trying to figure this out without having to purchase the whole home study.  The first link you posted is super helpful...just looking for the second.  Thank you!

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Since luppymonster's last post on MDC was over a year ago, she probably won't see this. Here is a link to the website that should give you the short schedule: http://web.archive.org/web/20120619085917/http://www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/short_schedule.htm
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Thank you Sihaya!

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