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Queer Conceptions--September 2012

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Welcome to September! dust.gifHere we go!!!!


Waiting to O whistling.gif








Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW fingersx.gif





Working on IVF makebabe.gif


Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready wool.gif







*Photo Girl



*justrose13 & JenMostOften










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I couldn't get the charts to roll over--if you would like yours back on, please send me your specific link. Sorry about that!
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lurk.gif Thanks for the shiny new board Lisedea!  Hopefully this will be for the month for EVERYONE...how's that for crossing our fingers!


Soto--all of that sounds VERY promising :)  


AFM--nothing to report really, we test on Tuesday...which is our 8 year wedding anniversary (we've been together 10!).  

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Indeed Lisedea, TY for the new thread!! Hoping for BFP's for all this month. Seems like the days are actually moving along :)

Wishin, Congrats on the Anniversary! We've got a couple of months until our 4th! Best of luck to you two! Babydust your way!

AFM~ AF...Show yourself! shine.gif

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Smiley face on the OPK. Sperm arriving by noon. Let's do this thing.
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Yeah September!  Thanks for the new thread.  I O'd the other day so my break is half over.  I hope our luck continues this month.  Last month was pretty amazing.


Cordelia - I am a big stalker/lurker on most of the TTC forums on here.  Where it is appropriate to jump in, I do refer people to join other threads.  I have also directed people towards the hetero threads.  It's kind of like being a cruise director.  orngbiggrin.gif  Just spreading the love.


sotohana - Sounds good to me!


mrs - Welcome back on the TTC crazy train!  Good luck!

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 GOOD LUCK! dust.gif

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Lise--Thanks for the new thread. I hope it's lucky! smile.gif


Easttowest-- GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Wishin-- Happy anniversary!


AFM-- the 2 week wait begins tomorrow....

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Hello - this is my first time posting here. Does anyone have any research or personal experience with doing 1 IUI versus 2 per cycle with frozen sperm?  My RE doesn't recommend 2 per cycle, but some midwives and sperm banks do.  I'm 42 and we're considering doing 2/cycle to maximize our chances with whatever eggs I have left. But given how much each vial costs, we don't want to do 2 if it doesn't really make a difference. 

Also, my partner and I are trying to decide between a few midwives in the SF Bay Area to do IUI's for us. Does anyone have experience working with Sara Flores (who would do it at her office at Sacred Birth Place in Oakland because we live too far for her to travel), Michelle Edgar/At Home Fertility or Michelle Borok/Take Root (both of whom would come to our home for an extra fee).  Sara Flores charges about a third of the price of the other two, even after you subtract the others' travel fee. I haven't been able to find many reviews of their services online.  Thanks for your help!
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Hey, all. Can I join on this month's thread? I wasn't planning to start insperminating until early next year, but I might be traveling to Chicago (KD's hometown) for work in November around O-time, and since we're doing this long-distance, it makes sense to take advantage of a free trip to get the proverbial party started. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to be able to keep things DIY and out of the doctor's office, though "god laughs at those who make plans" and all that.

I had a two hour talk with KD over Skype this week, talking about potential issues and concerns, and we're definitely on the same page, which is good. Even though we've discussed this seriously for the last year or so, I was nervous that he'd decide he wasn't so ready, or that it was going to be too much of a hassle on his end (he'll be doing most of the traveling, since he's ABD and can write his dissertation here), or that he actually thought I would be a terrible mother and didn't want me raising his kid.

So, yeah, he's in. We're not going to be co-parenting, but we're close friends, so he'll have a relationship with the kid, as will his family, and he'll probably be "Dad." I know it can be tricky, but I've always been a fan of the concept of queer chosen families. J is already part of mine, and we both want to make that family bigger.

I also have a preconception appointment on Tuesday with a midwife from the birthing center 30 mins away from me that has a good reputation for low-intervention natural childbirth. (I'm considered high-risk and can't do a homebirth here in VT, sadly.) It seems premature to be thinking about birthing before I even start TTC, but I need to change some medications that I'm on and get some testing done, so I figure it's a good chance to vet them and get that stuff done at the same time.

So, I may still be waiting 3+ months, but we're pretty full speed ahead starting now.

I actually have a couple of questions for all you more experienced queer TTC-ers:

Medical stuff: I want KD to get a full semen analysis and some of the other non-STD tests that are recommended preconception. (He has STD testing regularly, as he's in an open relationship, but I've read that CMV and a couple other things are good to test for.) Has anyone with a KD done this? Where would he actually go to get it done? (I called Planned Parenthood and they said they didn't do it.) Does he need to go to a fertility clinic? Any idea how much a semen analysis is, or if his insurance is likely to cover it? (I'm sure he doesn't have fertility coverage, but would this be considered diagnostic?)

Legal stuff: We know it wouldn't be legally binding pretty much anywhere, but we would like to talk with someone with experience in queer family law, rather than just doing an ad hoc agreement/KD contract on our own. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find such a person/organization? (I'll be raising any kid here in VT, so it makes sense that we would work with someone local, but someone in Chicago would be okay as well.) Or any other thoughts about KD agreements based on your experiences?
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lise thanks for starting the new thread...can you please move me to the tww

Morris what state are you in??

Fillie welcome sounds like everyone's on the same page here's to hoping that you can have an early insem and a bfp not far behind may your stay be short and sweet

Ib my RE told me there was minimal difference between one insem or two but hey I say 2 well timed insems are always better than 1 ;-)

Pokey when will you be joining us again after ad shows up??

East to west looks like we are cycle buddies

Wishin sending positive happy anniversary vibes your way

Afm. Well after a bunch of confusion I did insems on Thursday which was probably a little early and Friday which was still a little early but it was later in the afternoon and this morning I did see a spike in my temps but no crosshairs(?) yet. I think I have everything crossed
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fille - i think a SA runs about $150-$250 and usually it's out of pocket. i think a fertility clinic or urologist could probably help, but sometimes you have to call around. it's really a test worth doing, before you sink too much time and money into something that's not going to work out. have you read the stephanie brill book about lesbian conception? she talks about preconception testing and KD stuff and might answer a lot of your questions. 


it sounds like we have a lot of people in the tww ! fingers crossed for all of you. 


pokey, i'm glad you're halfway thru your break! 


AFM can i be moved to taking a break please? egads, this morning i went in to get my CD 3 ultrasound and bloodwork, but they found a 35 mm cyst on my left ovary. my left ovary has been such a pain - in every cycle i have ovulated on the right side while the left just sat, twiddling its thumbs. now it's got this cyst that's so big I have to go on birth control to see if it will resolve itself. we can't stim if it's over 30 so... i'm benched again. i can only hope that it's somehow a good sign - like the 3 months of metformin work up the ovary and now at least it's trying to do something, even if it's doing it wrong. anyway, i am terribly disappointed to be starting birth control today instead of follistim. it's a good thing our kid spent the day with his other parent so we could sit around and process feelings all day. argh. just another reminder of how much we can't control. 

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hoping2b, I'm in Arkansas smile.gif
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Mr and mrs I'm so sory to hear your having to take time off. Maybe tho it's a good thing to know at least that that left overy is doing something albeit frustrating. Hope your brake is a short one
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Could we be moved to waiting to know, please?

She is not going to pee on anything until September 17. And since you all are the only people in the world I talk to about ttc, you have to hold us to that. You have my permission to yell at me if I come back with any reports of test results!
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Eastowestt, best of luck to you two!! Fingers crossed! And keep those sticks dry until the 17th!! smile.gif
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mrsandmrs: so sorry to hear about your cyst-- i hope it resolves speedily. 


hoping and easttowest: we are cycle buddies and will be braving the tww together. I, too, will try to refrain from POAS until mid-month... 


(can I be moved to waiting to know as well?) 


hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing labor day. 

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So, two nights ago DW informed me that she didn't think she was pregnant...oh well, guess that's it then...especially since she has had fewer symptoms then some of our tries.


Then, today, 13 dpo, we decided to go ahead and have her take a pregnancy test.  Figured we'd prefer to get a negative tonight so that we wouldn't wake up incredibly early to test tomorrow.  So, at 5:30p she took a pregnancy test.  


Once again...we assumed it would be negative.  


Then, within 15 seconds, a second line showed up.  


A dark one...didn't even have to squint.


Yup BFP.


The first beta hcg will be tomorrow...and we have everything crossed (we've both had early miscarriages).  


Wow.  Just, WOW.  


So, this cycle we ONLY did one IUI (we'd done two every other cycle) and it was at 39 hours post trigger.



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Wishin: WOW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! SO EXCITING AND INSPIRING. joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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Congrats wishin'! joy.gif Let me know when you would like me to move you to graduates!
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