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Jenny - thanks, my wife is headed to her first acupuncture appt tonight, with the fertility specialist.... I actually have always wanted to get acupuncture too! (more so for digestive issues) maybe I'll go as well one day.


good luck to everyone!

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Cordelia, mye goodness you are so right!!! i'm trying not to think to much about it all but i'm just so anxious and excited!! Glad you and DH got to have some "US" time and enjoyed it!!! i love getting the chance to do that too!

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Sandiego, that sounds pretty relaxing. Enjoy your session!!


So just got off with the RE's nurse a bit ago. Well we've confirmed this upcoming cycle. AF should be here next week!! I'll start Femara for the first time (switching from the clomid, thanx for the tip knitting joy.gif) on CD 3-7, which is a little different. I was taking the clomid on CD 5-9. Then in for the u/s to check on mye follies!! It seems I've just been waiting and waiting, but when Rhonda (RE's nurse) said, "well your cycle should be here soon, actually next week", it almost suprised meeh! I had to look at mye calendar and verify...nd sure enough she was right..guess all mye wanting the time to pass quicker made it breeze by bc AF's touching down next week for sure!


LUCK TO ALL! especially those braving the TWW!

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So I just couldn't wait until tomorrow morning, and I just POAS. I am in extreme shock, but there was an indisputable second line (ie. a BFP). I am going to wait until this weekend, when AF is expected, to fully freak out. Needless to say, DP and I are thrilled and kind of awestruck. I *really* did not think this would work at home with washed samples. Anyway, you all have made this isolating process so much more bearable. I will wait to "graduate" until at least Sunday. In the meantime, baby dust to everyone else and thank you all again for your support. 

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tandy--I wondered if this was it with your lack of symptoms and optimistic feelings. Congrats! joy.gif
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Tandy!! smile.gif. Sad to lose our cycle buddy, but sooo happy for you!

I might make my wife go pee on a stick...
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Tandy, Thats great news!!!! That undisputable second line is wonderful! Congrats!!!!

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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Tandy congratulations stick little one stick joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Kinda makes me more optimistic about my lack of symptoms but otherwise zen feelings. I'm waiting until Friday to poas since that's officially 14 days from when I think I od
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TANDY!!!  congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sticky dusty sticky dust!  So wonderfuljoy.gifjoy.gif


easttowest.. you won't lose tandy if you go join her on the pregnancy board. . .wink1.gif

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Tandy!!  broc1.gifcarrot.gif  Rock on with your pregnant self!  It's amazing how BFPs seem to come in waves--I hope this wave picks everyone up soon!

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HOORAY, Tandy! Way to go! That's awesome!





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jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif                                                                                                                                            jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif         YAY! TANDY!!! CONGRATS!      jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif                                                                                                                                            jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif

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Woohoo Tandy!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so happy for you, my friend! jumpers.gif

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Congratulations Tandy!  What a wonderful surprise!  I'm impressed by the fabulous displays above also!  Stick, little bean, stick.






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Tandy, congrats! I'm so happy for you! Stick, little bean!joy.gif

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Thanks everyone-- you guys are awesome. So so hope it sticks!

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tandy !!!!! yay! 

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tandy- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sticky McStickerton Bean!!!

I hope you rub off on all of us!

No news here. 7 DPO and DP says no symptoms yet. I'm hoping for an
implantation dip!!
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Does anyone have any pregnancy safe treatments for a sore throat and runny nose? My wife has a terrible cold, but until we know she's not pregnant, she doesn't want to take NyQuil or the like. Well, she really wants to, but she's not going to. Salt water seems to help temporarily, but not enough to help her sleep.
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easttowest, whenever DP has a sore throat I have her take a tbsp. of honey. it soothes the scratchiness and helps with the soreness. As far as the runny nose, i'd try and keep the air moist and if you have a humidifier that should help too. Also, to help with the sleep they have ZZquil by nyquil that isnt like the medicated nyquil..or dream water. Oh and I found this too:

You can also treat runny nose naturally using garlic. Garlic has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are very effective against such condition. You can chew on a small garlic clove upon waking up in the morning or you may drink garlic soup until your runny nose condition is relieved. Simply boil a few cloves of garlic in water and add onion juice into it for more benefits. Make sure to drink the soup while it is still warm.

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