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Tandy - awesome!! ROTFLMAO.gif


Jenny / Fmorris - thanks, my wife enjoyed the acupuncture session yesterday.... I wonder how often it's recommended to get acupuncture while TTC. Does anyone know?


We went back today for a u/s (cd17...pretty late), after 3 additional days of Clomid, no growth in the follies. The DR suggests we trying home ovulation testing for the next day/two to see if we surge, but it's likely this month is shot...and next month we move onto injectables (which makes me nervous, I've never administered a shot!)  What a strange cycle.

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easttowest: that cold bodes well, at least in my extremely humble opinion. in the meantime, tea with honey and the humidifier seem smart. the 17th is test day, right?

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Tandy, I hope you are right about the cold. Everyone I know has had this cold, so it's hard to see it as related to pregnancy. Her temp spiked a few days ago and has been elevated for three days straight, which normally I would interpret as a triphasic cycle and take as a good sign, but the illness is probably causing the rise, so it's really hard to get excited. Yep, test day is Monday, which seems exponentially further away as we approach it. This point might be the hardest part of the wait because we conceivably could test, and knowing you got your BFP at 11 days makes me want to test. But we continue the wait...
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easttowest.. .OMG your self control is amazing. . I would so test right now.  Good luck and hope DW feels better either way. . add a lot of ginger and honey to tea!  Also she can take a really steamy shower with a little eucalyptas oil if you have it! 

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Drive-by posting -- 12 DPO. After three extra-high temps, I think I am officially triphasic, and I don't think that's ever happened to me before. It's a hopefull sign but very far from anything certain. Test date: Monday, 14 DPO.

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easttowest: I second cordelia!  I'd have those pee sticks lined up already!


Hope everyone is doing okay!


AFM: I'm much less insane this time.  I only POAS today to see if the trigger was gone yet, but it's still there.  I'm 5dpo, so I know there's no way I'm pregnant yet.  :-)  I still have frequent urination this time around, but the uterine pressure and cramping is not present. So, hopefully this means that I don't have any cysts this time!  Boobs are also not sore -- last time I was miserable.  So, that's good!

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outdoorsy:  gasp!!!  And you're refraining from POAS?  You ladies are made of much stronger stuff than I am!

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Originally Posted by JustAnotherJenny View Post

outdoorsy:  gasp!!!  And you're refraining from POAS?  You ladies are made of much stronger stuff than I am!

for real. . . SOOOOOOOO hopeful for you.   I would have them lined up too though I DO respect the waiting but AAHAHAHAHAH

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outdoorsy - you have nerves of steel. you deserve a ribbon for waiting ! 


easttowest - not to be all symptom-spotting-y, but the cold symptoms are SO promising! 


SanDiego - I'm sorry this cycle isn't going as planned. Some people just do not respond to clomid at all. My acupuncturist does a lot of fertility-related acupuncture, and she says I should go as often as I can while waiting to O, and as close to the IUI/ovulation as I can schedule it, and then take the TWW off so the magic can happen without getting disrupted. Good luck with the injectables! 


AFM - still taking birth control to shrink the cyst..... another week, and i suppose we can check on it. longest 21 days of my LIFE. 

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Outdoorsy, we're cycle twins!  Well, you and my wife, that is.  12 dpo, and this is is the third day she's been at 98.6, when she's usually around 98.1.


Good things for us both on Monday!

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y'all are killing me...  LOL!


Fingers crossed and looking forward to Monday!

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Of course, people said not to look at temps when you've used a trigger, which I have....


Good luck, easttowest!

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Can I be moved to waiting to O?  AF arrived yesterday.  We met with the RE Wednesday to chat.  She can be rather scattered at times, but that day she was calm and clear.  Sometimes we feel more confused after we talk to her than before, but this day we felt like we had gotten some good information and had a good plan in place.  She suggested we do a hysteroscopy to look inside the uterus with a camera to see if anything is going on we couldn't see elsewhere.  I couldn't get it scheduled for this month so we can do it next month if we don't have success this month.  She also suggested metformin even though I don't have PCOS or blood sugar issues.  She said it has higher success rates than Clomid, and that everyone prescribes it because good research came out about it so everyone tries it.  She basically confirmed that fertility treatments are more of an art than a science.  If a study comes out that says something works, everyone tries it until a new study comes out with some other news.  Oh well!  I might try it.  What the heck!  I'll try just about anything.  I do bloodwork today and pick up my Femara to start tomorrow.  I have an ultrasound on Monday to see what's happening and then I can start the shots.  We still need to decide on a donor.  DW is not conviced that we should switch since we don't know that the swimmers are the problem.  That's a talk for this weekend.


Fingers crossed so tightly for you Outdoorsy and easttowest!   Everything sounds good so far.  Waiting is good, but I like testing on a weekday so I don't have to go to work afterwards.  Cycle does not always permit that though.

Jenny - Fingers crossed tightly for you too!  I'm glad you're refraining from POAS for the most part.  Take it easy for the next week.


SanDiego -- I'm so sorry this cycle is not working out.  That's frustrating and confounding.  At least you know  what's going on so you don't waste any expensive sperm.  The shots are not bad at all.  The needles are tiny.  I do it myself.  The first time my DW tried, she put the needle in and pulled it right back out because she was so nervous.  I'm more calm so it's better if I do it.  There seem to be a lot of ideas on when to do the acupuncture.  I was told once a week.  My acupuncturist said I could go on cycle day 10 and about 10 days after O when I needed to cut back due to the cost.  This month I thought I would go less than 10 days after O to encourage implantation earlier.  We'll see how it works.

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pokeyAC & mrsandmrs - thanks!....& the odd cycle continues.. my wife did surge today (cd18) and called the dr... although she did surge, he feels we're better off to wait until next month as this cycle is not looking like he'd hope.. we're moving to a low dose of injectables next month and i'm sure more acupuncture.


so...on another note - my wife is not a member of this group...so i can say this -  i would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions this group has on trying to help her keep her stress/frustration/sadness levels down throughout this process.

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I have heard (this is anecdote not science) that eggs released during late surges like that tend to be lower-quality, so it's probably best that you're going to wait and try with fresher follicles next month. There are benefits to waiting ! (this is my mantra lately). As far as your wife's stress - I think it's helpful for her to have an outlet/support system that is not only you. as a couple going through it together, it's hard to reach out but it's harder to have your own feelings and be supportive enough at the same time. And whatever works to relax her and help her cope - acupuncture, massage, pedicures, exercise, time with BFF's or close family, etc. I do a lot of yoga and take long walks.

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Outdorsey and east to west yall are killing me I've got my everything crossed for you I'd love to see some more good news this month

Pokey treehugger.gif af sucks greensad.gif

AFM. I am 14 dpo today and poas with only one line but it's weird because af is nowhere in sight fertility friend has basicly told me that this is an anovulatory cycle even tho I got what I thought was a positive opk. I've never had an anovulatory cycle even at the RE and monitored cycles always produced beautiful follicles and great hormone levels. Anyway as soon as af shows up wee will start trying to time next cycle
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sandiego, you're welcome! I bet that was very relaxing for your wife! Not sure how many times you should go while TTC though!


easttowest, i agree with everyone else! you're will power is something else...i know our last cycle I was 2 tests in to a 3 test box! lol More power to ya!

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hoping2bmoms - Thanks!  But we took last month off so AF is actually a good thing because it means we are ready to try again this month.  We are back on the crazy train!  I hope you didn't really have an anovulatory cycle.  That would be annoying.  Are you gonna POAS again?  I would.   Good luck!

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Pokey if I don't start in a few days I will poas again but feeling really bummed right now.... I always feel ovulation pain on the right side and last cycle was right so maybe this month will be a better month... Only good thing is I have never had a cycle longer than 28-29 days so if I'm not preggers this cycle the next one should be right around the corner
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Waiting to O.
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