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"Second question: What's up with a positive OPK not followed by a spike?  She always gets a positive and then a spike 4-5 days later.  Which day is she ovulating?  We always just assume the day after the positive OPK and figure she has a delayed rise.  If we were straight, we'd just keep trying until the spike, but we don't have that luxury, and obviously we don't want to miss it.  What gives?"


EasttoWest: does her temp slowly rise up for those three to four days before she spikes? Or does it tend to go a little up and down over the next 3-4 days? It could be that her body gears up, doesn't ovulate and then her body tries once more. In this case, she could be releasing enough LH to get a positive on the OPK but it's not actually releasing until later. Do you continue the OPKs even those four days? And if so, how long does the positive OPK last? I don't know what other methods you are using to pinpoint ovulation but this is why a third and/or fourth sign monitoring is important (cervical mucous, cervical position, etc). It's when three of those signs line up that she is likely to ovulate. Is her CM more egg white two days after a positive OPK or at that fourth or fifth day after the positive OPK?


You mention the luteal phase is "between 11-13 days." Usually, ones luteal phase does not change. Maybe one day here or there, but typically it's exactly the same each month. What can change is ovulation. Things like stress can change when someone ovulates, as well as fertility drugs. So what's probably happening is you guys are having a hard time pinpointing her ovulation which is giving you only a rough estimate of the luteal phase. Once you get that more secured, you'll know her luteal phase and it may turn out to be short. 11 days is a little on the short side but it's still considered "normal." Mine is 11 days but I've taken Prometrium over the years "just because" of that shortened luteal phase. Anything less than 10 days is considered medically to be a Luteal Phase Defect.

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Her temperature does go up, just doesn't "spike" the way I've seen on others' charts.  I'm not confident until it's above 98, but it never drops after the day we assume she's ovulating.  I changed FF so that it marks O on the days we've been assuming, which then brings her luteal phase to always 12 or 13 days, so I guess that's better as far as variation.  She thinks I'm being crazy, so I'll trust her to know her body.  I just really, really wish her temperature would spike like crazy the day after we think she ovulated!


Here's her chart for reference: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3e59c0


Thanks for everyone's input.  I think we'll just try to relax!

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easttowest.  .from her charts I would say she is Oing on Day 18 I would have guessed that both months from this chart by looking at temps and  2days past pos OPK .  and thanks for your good luck wishes.  I do feel that same way about you and DW trying wherever you are trying!  Oh and my temp doesn't spike so high, I almost never get consistently above 98. . 


AFU. . after some stress we are going to do our first insem tomorrow though now of course I think it is too early. . I guess I will try OPK's again tomorrow and check CM and see if we are going to do our 2nd on friday or saturday. . I hope if this month does not work we can try to do next month in person!  This is so stressful with the shipping and communication and waiting. .I'll have to do some meditation tonight!  

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invitin, i agree completely.And a lot of the time i felt like it wasn't really genuine, just that people were curious at how 2 lesbians would make a baby. UGH, i hate that. They don't really know how you feel or how it feels to go through the trials and tribulations of TTC in a lesbian relationship. So this time its all under wraps!


cordelia, thanks! and then if you do mention it to some people they have no idea what you're talking about when you say IUI and follicles and all that. Its like having to teach a lecture class and very nerve wracking sometimes. hopefully this change it protocol will be just the trick we need!


outdoorsy, thank you thank you! The first cycle we told mye parents, and sisters, and DP's everyone lol. I think keeping it to myself this time will de-stress meeh sooo much. I felt like i had so much to live up to and prove last cycle! I'm going with mye jamaican roots and keeping it all laid back and Irie this time! And don't you worry because your time is coming and i dont think they pity you, they may just understand how bad you want this and might just want it just as bad for you. Keep your head up! hug2.gif

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Hey guys,

So we are out this month just as I suspected based on the IUI timing.
AF came a day early for DP. Very discouraging for us. She thinks
she may be done for good greensad.gif This is disheartening for me bc I
wanted to see her with a baby belly. She does want me to push
forward for sure, so we start inseminations with KD next weekend!

Easttowest: We are going to be cycle buddies this time and we are
using DP's relative so very similar.
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erin--Do you want to be moved to Waiting to O?
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Yes please lisedea.
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erintngirl. . sorry to hear that you are out but good luck with next month.  Also, as for DP being out for good, you never know, if she feels that now, obviously you just have to let her feel that but life changes so much you never know how either of you will feel down the road. .but for now hugs for the crappy cycle and baby dust for the next one! 

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Cordelia, we will be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck! Wishes for an easy two weeks.

Erin, sorry for AF, but we look forward to facing the wait with you next time.
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Erin, so sorry to hear that, but i wish the best best best of luck on the next cycle.

AFM AF is here, let the cycle commence. Starting the Femara in a day.

Lise, Could I be moved to Waiting to O, please.

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Lise: can I be moved to waiting to know? While I am still technically waiting to O since we did our first insem I feel ready to switch over!

One OPK said I had surge today but the digital said no so I will try again later and pray we are on target for timing. I wish they had more info on how long these shipped swimmers live!
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Originally Posted by cordelia15 View Post

Lise: can I be moved to waiting to know? While I am still technically waiting to O since we did our first insem I feel ready to switch over!
One OPK said I had surge today but the digital said no so I will try again later and pray we are on target for timing. I wish they had more info on how long these shipped swimmers live!


Cordelia - Tell me about it!  Good luck, and I hope the digital gives you the thumbs up (smiley face) soon!  When will you be testing?

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Originally Posted by easttowest View Post


Cordelia - Tell me about it!  Good luck, and I hope the digital gives you the thumbs up (smiley face) soon!  When will you be testing?

testing for pregnancy or for LH surge?  Probably will test again this evening for surge. . I am trying to hold out as LONG as possible for preggo tests even though I have five cheap ones sitting in my medicine cabinet.  I think it was justanother jenny who hid hers.  (jenny is this right?)  Maybe I will have DH do that though of course I will then have to look for them.   Also, I left my dang BBT at my dad's house so I have to go buy another one today!   so annoying! 

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Ha! Cordelia, yes!  I had to have them hidden.  


However, they are now back in the bathroom and I'm testing ONLY once per day FMU.  All I had were digitals, but I did buy a few last night (because I didn't have enough) of the FRER.  So far, all signs are pointing to negative.  The trigger tested out at 6dpo.  Today, I'm 11dpo and having cramps and diarrhea.  I think AF may be on her way early.  I don't have sore breasts like usual, but this weird crampy fullness stuff and the diarrhea is pretty classic for me.  I'm not giving up yet, but don't particularly feel hopeful about this cycle.  I've also been so, so, tired, like I get before AF.


Fingers cross for you!


Erin: Sorry to hear.  :(

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Jenny.  .you kill me with the only testing ONCE per day like that is backing off  :)  FX for you, all of those are also signs that could be positive so hang in there! 

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Hi guys.


Cordelia - congrats on the insem and welcome to the TWW! good luck!


Erin - Sorry about DP. I hope things go well on your end of things.


AFM - Had a baseline u/s today for this cycle. All was good. Re my insurance issue - A while ago the financial woman at my doc's office called and told me the ins co *did* indeed decide to cover me due to anovulation, in spite of her dark warnings that they wouldn't. Now she's leaving me voice mails again and NOT saying why she's calling. Not very professional. If it's a HIPAA thing (privacy), she should just ask permission to leave the info. It's my cell, after all. Whatev! I'm good to go for this cycle, follie-wise.


Good luck everybody!

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erin - I'm so sorry it was another BFN.  Try not to get discouraged.  I was told it takes an average of 4 times to get pregnant with frozen sperm.  My sperm bank says 7 times.  So you are still in a good place.  I hope working with the KD goes smoothly and is more successful!  Fresh stuff is good, easier than frozen aside from the personal negotiations and such.  hug2.gif


Good luck to everyone starting new cycles and getting ready to insem! 


AFM - Everything is going fine with the meds.  I have a bunch of follies on the right and 3 on the left.  Last time they were all on the left so I am happy we will have a chance from both sides.  Maybe that will make a difference.  I have another u/s tomorrow and we will probably decide when to trigger.  Then I pick up the swimmers.  Insems will be over the weekend and perhaps one on Monday morning.

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pokey.  that is great news about follies on both sides and good luck with your insems this weekend!  I hope this is it!  


outdoorsy. . thanks!  maybe if you just never answer the phone you won't have to deal with anything from the insurance company. . I really hope they don't try to wiggle out of it.  and glad you are gearing up for a new cycle. . if we all vote to kick you off from this board to the preggo board maybe you will have to go, well you and pokey, it's time to clear out folks who have been on this side of the boards!!  (know I mean this in a good way) 

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cordelia - Please feel free to vote us off the island!  We would be happy to go.  I was looking at the list today and we have had 7 graduates in 2 months!  It's awesome, but I'm starting to feel like a 5th year senior.  All my buddies are graduating.  I'm happy we have all these new people and that you're so active.  I am also looking forward to all the folks on a break coming back and then graduating.  wave.gif to all my cycle buddies.

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Thanks for the luck Pokey nd Outdoorsy. Right back atchu ladies!


Pokey, good luck! All those follies sound very promising! Hoping for your BFP ASAP!




AFM, so CD1, I call the RE to let her know, and she went ahead nd called in mye Femara to the pharmacy. Here's where the fun starts! When I call to see how much it is they tell meeh almost $100 for 5 tablets. EEP! I then asked if that was w/ insurance, which it wasn't. Gave the guy mye info and he couldnt find it. Asked meeh to fax it over to physically see it and he still couldnt find it. I called back a few hours later and had him call the insurance company. He then told meeh mye policy ended 12/11. Uhmmm, We did an insem in 2/12 which mye insurance covered almost all mye U/S's. WTF? 7 hours and 8 calls later, got a different girl and she asked a few questions (that the other guy didnt), found the correct numbers, and BAM....$10 for my Femara. What a pain! Crazy that it's cheaper than mye Clomid was. I had heard A LOT of people complain about the cost, but looks like BCBS came and saved the day for meeh! PHEW!!!

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