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I am waiting to know, braving the 2ww!!! :)

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hey there easttowest: I am a cis female 27 years old-- my partner is 29 year old ftm- we just inseminated for the first time this week :)

we should connect. 

I am still learning how to use this site and don't have permission to PM yet but wanted to say hey.


xoxo good luck!!


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Jenny - Hope you're feeling better.


Easttowest - Good luck with the insem next week!


Krista - my fingers are so crossed for you, girl! I hope *none* of us have to go through what you've already been through, and I *really* hope you get your beautiful baby this time.


AFM - Been very depressed the last three days. Part of it could be the Clomid, but I was down anyway. Some problems with work, TTC, and household relations all converged to make me feel horrible. But no condolences necessary -- I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Today is day 4 of the Clomid, and my u/s is Sat.


Good luck everyone!!!!!!

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MRS., thats how I feel. We should make love not war while we're trying to make our little love! Probably because we both want it so much we're so anxious and maybe a little on edge. And thanks, the Femara is going really well. I havent noticed any adverse affects thank goodness!


Outdoorsy, Taking the clomid mye last cycle had meeh very similiar. I'm a cancer already and extremely emotional, so it was mye regular feelings x10!! Looks like we're cycle buddies just about. Are you doing the clomid CD3-7 or 5-9? Getting back into the swing is alright, as long as you're getting back in! Hoping for your BFP this time!


AFM: Today is CD6 and Femara D4. Hoping its helping mye follies grown big and strong. Last time I had 3! If i get bitten with the triplet bug LISE is passing around I would be in shock! I only weigh 130 lol! It would be a surprise, but a blessing. I'd be done all in one lol. Off to the doc in exactly one week for the follicle scan and trigger. IUI 3rd or 4th Oct. This cycle is so much less stressful and more relaxed for meeh. Everything feels so right and on point. FX for mye 1st BFP!

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Hello no time for personals - so sorry.

As this cycle winds down for me... I'm on 12dpo and I've already had a bfn. Boo. I'm not super surprised due to my super low progesteone levels.

I would love to get folks' thoughts on the following questions:
What is the minimal level of progesterone that indicates that u ovulated? I'm seeing mixed thoughts all over the Internet .

I've never had any indication that I have had problems with ovulation. I have heard that a low prog level can indicate something is off with ovulation. I'm consider doing the trigger shot next time- what the benefit of this?

Thanks in advance for ur thoughts.
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Invitn - I don't know the answer to your question about progesterone, but the surest way to know you O'd is a combo of ultrasounds and bloodwork. You could have a cyst or high/low hormone level making your O irregular or stopping it. The main benefit of the trigger shot is to time the release of existing follicle(s) so that you know you're insemming at the right time. If you did the shot but weren't sure you had big follicles ready to go, you might be wasting it.

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Jenny - I'm so sorry about you BFN.  hug2.gif I think you are on the right track though with your timing and your body seems to be doing what it's supposed to do for the most part.  I hope the third time's a charm!


Krista - Hoping so much that that healthy embryo becomes your sticky bean and then baby.  We are all pulling for you so much.  goodvibes.gif


fmorris - I'm glad you are feeling so good about the new plan.  I preferred it to Clomid myself, and I hope it does the trick for you.


invitn - I'm so sorry about your BFN too.  hug2.gif  It is good though to know there is something you can fix.  I have used acupuncture, B6 and vitex to help with the progesterone.  I'm not taking vitex now, but I think the B6 may be helping.  I am also using fertility drugs and that makes a difference too.  The trigger does help with timing as Outdoorsy said.  I have heard it can also beef up your lining and help with progesterone, but I don't know how it helps the progesterone.  I wish I had more info for you.


outdoorsy -I'm sorry you are feeling depressed.  The Clomid certainly doesn't help but life doesn't help either.  If only you could put everything else on hold while you were TTC!  Oh well. 


AFM - I'm sorry, I know I missed a bunch of people.  Could I please be moved to waiting to know?  I did the first IUI Sunday and the second Monday and then I started feeling O pains shortly after the second, so I feel like the timing was really good.  The couple days before that were very stressful because I got a positive OPK smiley face on Friday, but I knew my follicles weren't big enough yet.  I tested again that day and it was negative.  I saw my doctor the next morning and she thought the OPK was not correct.  She wanted us to wait a little longer to give some of the follies a chance to catch up and mature, so I triggered on Sunday morning.  My cervix was nice and open and high for the IUI's.  I was freaked out that I would O early because I was getting some mixed signs, but in hindsight, they all lined up perfectly.  The interesting thing is that I had EWCM for 3 days!  I can't remember if I have ever had it for 3 days.  I took that as a good sign.  I hope everyone is doing well.  We've had a great couple months and there is more to come!

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invitn--The trigger shot will help you pinpoint ovulation. You will ovulate approximately 36 hours after the shot. In the past it has helped a few people on this board get pregnant because then they had a better idea of when to insem. I actually don't think (but could be wrong) that just because you have low progesterone, it means that you didn't ovulate. I think it just means that your hormone levels are off. Progesterone is what keeps you pregnant--so it is very, very important! If your levels are low, you should take progesterone supplements right after your insem until AF appears or somewhere near the end of the first trimester. I think some progesterone creams are OTC in case you don't have a doctor prescribing it.... Hope that helps a little bit!
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Rock on, Pokey! Great timing! I hope this is your month!

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Pokey!   Fantastic timing!  Sounds like you hit it perfectly!  I hope this is it!!  I so hope you'll only be back to this thread to visit!


Outdoorsy: I'm right there in the trenches with you.  I'm kicking you out!


AFM: Baseline this morning revealed a 46mm cyst.  In  a way, I'm kind of relieved to not have to decide whether to go this cycle or not.  I was conflicted because emotionally we both needed a break, but I didn't want to miss out on that last "extra fertile" month post hsg.  So, it's out of my hands and we're headed out to Niagara Falls and I don't have to think about meds or temping or monitoring or anything.  It also explains the horrid back/hip pain and cramps and frequent urination that hasn't let up yet.  My lining was still fairly substatial, and I've been bleeding quite a bit.  Nurse said there was quite a bit more to go.  I was at 6.3 and I'm normally around 3ish.  They ran an estradiol to confirm.  




How did you all decide on your donors?  I may have the option of a known donor, but I may still opt to go with frozen.  In a way, I half want to just tell my two bff's to pick out a donor and just go with it.  Every time I browse, I find myself getting hung up on little petty details.  Did you buy the childhood photo? Did you not want to know?  I get so hung up on this whole sperm thing.

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I don't have much to say but wanted to drop in any say congrats on the triplets to Lise, two sets of triplets, wow I wonder if that has happened around here before. 


Good luck to everyone in the TWW. 


We are moving along slowly but steadily with KD, he is trying to get in to the doc to get testing done before he heads back to the states this weekend, we are really hoping that it works and will save us a little money. 


I am having a bit of trouble with the OPK's. Right now we are using the daily strips...and they fluctuate so much throughout the day, it's kind of confusing. Have other people figured these out, or had as much trouble? Maybe it would be easier to go with the digital ones? I am starting to wonder how we will know when to have KD ship the swimmers, when I have such irregular cycles and not getting a positive OPK until right before I ovulate. UGH, we haven't even started yet and it's already so complicated. 

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2justicemamas - Are you tracking other fertility signs?  Cervical mucus and position can also be good indicators that you will ovulate soon.  I would use those in conjunction with the OPK's.  You may have other signs that you are about to ovulate also.  You may have increased libido, bloating, a headache etc.  That's why charting for a few months before you start can be so helpful.  You start to recognize patterns.  I find the digital can also be confusing.  Sometimes I use them along with the little strips. On the strips you can see the line getting darker, and the digital can confirm.  The good news is fresh sperm lasts longer so you may not need to be as precise, but you do need to know that you will ovulate which can be difficult with irregular cycles.  I hope you get some better info soon and don't feel so frustrated.


Jenny - I like the baby photos.  We looked at one donor, and I did not think he was a cute kid.  He looked like a frat boy, not that there's anything wrong with being a frat boy, but it wasn't what we were looking for.  We looked for someone who had similar interests and personality to my wife, just someone who sounded like a good guy.  The long profiles helped because it listed their drug use, and that was a deciding factor on one.  Then you can call the bank and ask for their best counts and use that as part of your decision.  I hope you get it all figured out.

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Welcome.gif scorpioma!  Good luck in the TWW!  Hey everyone, look back up towards the top of this page to see her posts.  They were hidden because she is new.  Don't want you to miss her.

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Welcome, scorpioma!


2justice - Pokey is right about checking other signs being a good idea. It takes some practice to know how to interpret them, though. With regard to opks, I used both the strips and digital. You should test at the same time every day. Many people say you get the best results around 2 p.m., because your body makes hormones in the morning. The strips can show you the line getting darker each day, so you have some warning. But they can also turn positive early, in my experience. So I used the digital to confirm, and didn't consider it positive until I got the smiley. (Now I'm not doing opks any more because I'm doing ultrasound monitoring and trigger.)


jenny -- Wifey and I created a rating system for various things on the profiles, so we could try to be objective. And (wifey is good at this) we weighted some items more heavily than others. Then, once we had them ranked by score, we looked more subjectively at the top two or three candidates before making a final decision. We did not use pictures because our bank has few or none.

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scorpioma--Would you like to be on the list? If so, I can place you at "Waiting to Know" since you already inseminated. Let me know! Welcome! This is a good group of people with a lot of helpful answers and suggestions!

ETA: I just saw your first post--almost like they are appearing later? So weird...can't believe I missed both posts. I am putting you at waiting to know! fingersx.gif
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welcome scorpiomama and good luck! 


pokey.  timing sounds great. . pack your bag and get ready to move on out! 


outdoorsy.  hope you are feeling better!  


2justicemamas, I agree with other folks to look at several signs, the digitals are hard bc they don't give you a whole lot of warning if you need to plan ahead if you are not regular. . someone gave me the clearblue easy fertility monitor and I like that bc it gives you some warning as you approach, it gives you high fertility and then two peak days so we can plan.  I think you have to use it a few months though to get a sense of how it works.  Looking at your cervix can be really helpful for some!


jenny, no advice on choosing a donor . we have KDs so a lot of the stuff we would have put on a rating system just got erased.  Maybe you could have your BFFs pick out four and you pick from those, or maybe two! 


AFM.  .,just trucking along at 5DPO though I have been sick all day, stomach and intestinal so of course that makes me illogically worried that it will mess up my chances this month, hard even though I know that is not likely. . ugh, just feel so crappy. . 

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Scorpio, Welcome.gif nd good luck with the TWW. Mye IUI should be mid next week, then i'll be in your shoes. FX!


Pokey, Today was the last day and it went very well. I was warmer than normal while in bed, but hey that's minor. Ready to go see what these follies look like nd how many I have this time. Tuesday here I come! And you sound like you hit it on the head this time! I'm crossing every crossable thing for you! Kudos to you for braving the TWW!


Cordelia, Sorry you feel crappy like that. I felt like that for almost a week earlier this month nd it felt awful. I sure hope you get to feeling better. Think positive thoughts and i definately will for you too.! hug2.gif

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Welcome.gif Welcome.gif Welcome.gif

scorpioma! may your stay be short and sweet.



pokey - everything sounds great this month. my fingers are crossed for you ! 



outdoorsy - good luck at the ultrasounds. are you feeling any better yet? 


morris - i hope the femara treats you well! 



invitin - i can't remember, do you diy or do you use a doc? just wondering what your doc/midwife says about yr prog.?



Jenny - damn those cysts! it sounds like this one came at a good time for you, though, if there is such a thing  as a good time for a giant cyst. are they putting you on birth control or letting it resolve naturally? regarding picking a donor -- my wife came up with a list of things that were important to her - i agreed with them all but didn't especially care or have my own list of criteria. avoiding the worst health issues that run in my side of the family was more important to me. when your criteria is really specific - with height and weight and hair color and health history, there may only be a small handful of donors left to choose from. then we bought long profiles and baby photos. there's not a "right answer," and that's pretty tough. 



afm --- i finished my birth control over the weekend and now i get to wait for AF !!! so i can go get an ultrasound and see what's happening with that cyst!! if i sound really excited about it, it's this is pretty much the longest week of my life. 

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Oh donor picking... We liked listening to the voice, I felt that gave us a really good idea on whether we would pick them of not. As for pictures, who knows!! We'll decide when we're at that point again, I suppose.
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Peeking out of my corner for a lil advice...


So I have decided to get some testing done and for the most part everything looks good. The RE decided to put me on meds to try to help things along since DW and I have been trying for over a yr and a half now. We will be trying at home with a our KD for about 6 more months then we will move to IUI in the REs office. Here is my problem...we have always used a KD and I know a lot can happen in the next 6ish months but I would like to get a jump start on looking into banks and possible donors so if we still haven't succeeded by the end of our time limit we will be ready to start in REs office and not have to wait however long it takes to decided and pick and get everything into place. My question to you wonderful ladies is...Is there a list somewhere that lists all the banks in the US so I can check them all out? Thoughts on which banks are better than others?


Thank you guys so much for you information! I may not post much anymore for personal reasons but I read every day and cheer all of you on from my lil corner!


dust.gifTo all!!!

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