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Nausea, Insomnia, and Emotions- Oh MY!!!!

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Wow. I am 33.5 weeks and I just started with some yucky nausea two days ago. No vomiting, but nothing sounds good (that sensation has been going on for almost two weeks), and I am craving only carbs---which I normally only crave protein! Its like my first trimester all over again.
And insomnia too. My Natural Calm isn't working ....so I hope I can figure something else out.
And......upset much!?!? My frustration tolerance is at an all time low, which is no good when you are parenting a toddler (and working....lolol). I can also cry over pretty much anything (or nothing).
This is a bit of a bummer. I didn't have this 3rd trimester "gift" with my first. I pretty much felt great. Sigh.
I have enjoyed reading the few current threads on these topics...I just decided to start a new one since I have so many things going on at once!!! Lolol wink1.gif
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I'm sorry. I'm right there with you! Magnesium isn't helping much anymore and if i take it, my stomach is a mess. At least the end is near!!

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Aww Vegan, that stinks!
It's weird, all night I was up and nauseous. But around 10 this morning the nausea went away. No rhyme or reason for it, but I still feel good so I am not complaining.
If I could get some sleep tonight and not break down in tears before that time....I would be good to go, but I'm not holding m breath. Lolol
The weird thing with magnesium is that it has sort of helped over the years for insomnia, but never great for me. I can take huge amounts and not get loose stools, so I have tried many size doses to no avail. I keep trying though because any little help is needed! smile.gif
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I'm there with you guys too. I'm not always nauseous, but definitely having a hard time finding something to eat and not eating as much- though this is clearly not reflected in my weight gain....ugh!

The sleep is awful...I tried upping my mag too and am just getting all loose down below and it's not making that much of a difference. 

Sigh..I guess we had to give up sleep sooner or later huh...oh how I miss a good night's sleep already.

I definitely feel like I'm on the verge of tears many times too, and the lack of sleep is not helping!


Well, it seems many of us are experiencing the same things, so hugs to all and fingers crossed for at least a little sleep before our little ones come!

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Boo Springmum, sorry u are joining our group!!!
Yep- hugs and fingers crossed for sure!
(the full moon around here isnt helping much, btw!) lol
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I'm joining this club too...  :/  I just upped my Natural Calm to 1 1/2 tsp last night.  I had been having trouble actually going to sleep and one night I woke up for about 1 1/2 hours.  I think it's b/c the school year started and I am back to work (as a speech pathologist).  I only work 3/4 time at 5.5 hours per day, so it's not a long day, but the beginning of the school year can be stressful with 1000s of things to do.  We also interviewed daycares this week and that was weighing heavily on my mind.  Funny enough, I was excited b/c we found an amazing daycare center that I really like and that night I was so excited that I couldn't sleep!!  LOL  Increasing my Calm worked--- hope that continues.


I am also emotional and cranky.  Poor DH....he is being so patient. 


I also had nausea come back...it went away when I started eating something different for breakfast.  I had been eating eggs and toast every morning and I think that my body was rejecting it...  I switched to french toast and it helped.  Unfortunately that is probably way more calories...  :/


I don't have young children at home though-- I have a 6 and 10 year old....so I feel pretty great despite all of this. I'm excited and terrified for this precious little baby.  Terrfied b/c of the known sleep deprivation that I will be undergoing...  :)  Maybe the Natural Calm will help the baby sleep LOL

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Okay, I'm here, too...the sleep end is okay; well, the same, lol.  But I am a weepy mess. ACtually, it's gotten better the past week or so...I am 35+ wks, so maybe that has something to do with it?  I have a teensy bit of nausea as well.  MY nausea usually comes back a bit in the last tri, but this time not as bad.  I think it's just another hormone shift.  The crying jags got out of hand for a while, but I tried to be philosophical baout it.  I must have needed the emotional vent and I always felt better afterwards.  I'm sure we'll have a few more of those as the weeks go by...and it's not like I won't be crying a bit for a few weeks after baby's here as well, lol. 

I have decided to tell myself that I am going to go to October.  LOL  EDD the 5th.  I went 2 weeks early last time around and that has been messing with my mind.

An if one more person tells me I'm about to POP, I'll pop them!  I seriously feel like handing them a pin and telling them to give it a try an see what happens.  ARGH.

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Dannic, you give me hope. I haven't hit 35 weeks yet....so maybe this insane 33-34 week weep fest will chill. As you mentioned, I am going to be doing plenty of crying in the first few weeks after my LO is born...so I would love a respite. There have certainly been more tears this pregnancy compared to last!

And, I want to thank you all for the French toast suggestion. I don't think I have had French toast in 6 or 7 years...because usually heavy carbs make me feel awful if I eat them for breakfast.....but I had a piece on Friday morning, and that was the day I felt the BEST!!!!! Who knew that French toast is the magic elixir for this stage of the game! Sat and sun were crappy days....so I am going to try for a piece tomorrow and see what happens! smile.gif
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Lady leah-- I have been eating 2 pieces of french toast with maple syrup AND powdered sugar no less (to make it feel like I am going out for breakfast, which is my fav thing to do)...EVERY MORNING and I have had no nausea!!   yayyy for french toast!! LOL

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I still haven't had any French toast. And now we are out of bread. I told dh I wanted French toast so he made waffles on Saturday. Def not as healthy! Yummy though.

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I have a hard time eating too at this point.  NOTHING sounds good (except for caked with frosting, tee hee hee), but I usually just eat protein dense food since my blood sugar levels are so sensitive at this point.  I'm always kind of sensitive to eating too much sugar, but even eating too much pasta with a meal at this point.  Then I'm wiped out for the next couple hours.  sheesh.  Usually the nausea comes at night with the insomnia.


Through this whole pregnancy I've been waking up right around 3 am.  I was annoyed for a while, but now I've decided to embrace it.  I usually am thinking about a million things when I wake up and now I'm just recognizing it as things that I need to process or need attention in my life that aren't getting the time that they need during the day with working and taking care of DS.

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I'm joining you ladies this morning.. After yet another night of laying in bed exhausted but awake I realized this morning that this isn't just a couple bad nights.. This will be my life for the next 8 Weeks.. I'm only 32 Weeks greensad.gif and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only nauseous one.. I am barely keeping it together this morning being so nauseated and tired :/ blah

Does peppermint help anyone with their nausea?
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Violet, I hear you. Tonight I was so damn hungry but nothing sounded good at all. Finally at 830 some sushi sounded good (weird I know), but my LO was asleep and DH not home, and I wasn't about to wait another 45 minutes for delivery. So I choked down a big salad and some flatbread with cheese and grilled vegetables. Normally that would be food I quite enjoy, but not tonight. Cereal sounded better, but I KNOW that would make me feel like absolute sh*t shortly after. I don't do well with a carb heavy diet at all, but it's the only thing that sounds good now. greensad.gif Blech.

This is a big drag because I love food...I mean loveeeee food....any kind of cuisine that you. An think of I eat. I love to cook, read about food, I love to dine out, I love great take out....I love to think about the food I might eat tomorrow....Lololol. You get the picture. So it's weird to be inspired by absolutely nothing. I will be on NYC tomorrow night with a ton of my fav reastuarants available for my choosing, and I can't think of one I really want to eat at! Ugh!

But, at least I am not really nauseous today. That's a plus. Nothing sounds good, but I don't feel sick to my stomach all the time.

Foru- I am hoping it doesn't last that long. A few people said that after 35 weeks it leveled off again. Heres for hoping!!! And, unfortunately for me...peppermint makes me gag when I am not feeling nauseous, so it really don't work for me. Sometimes candied ginger does though.

I just think waking up in the middle of the night with nausea is the worst though. Insomnia + Nausea= total bummer.

Hang in there everyone!!!
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This is gross, but a normal pregnancy symptom (I just hope you pregnant momma's don't gag when I talk about it).... I have definitly found a connection between not pooping enough and nausea.  If you can increase #2s, you MIGHT feel better.  Probiotics, fiber supplements, tons of water, fruit and veggies...whatever works.  I have upped my probiotics and it is helping.


And...sweets really help with my nausea.  I buy a container of mini cookies at Trader Joe's-- they are tiny.  And when I am really nauseous I eat 1-2 which helps, but yet isn't a bad amount of sugar or calories.  @Foryoumyonly1-- I definitly think peppermint could help-- and chewing gum.


For all of you with insomnia...I can't tell you enough how effective "Natural Calm" was for me.  It's powdered magnesium and it has almost cured my sleeping problems.  The only time I have insomnia is if I have something very exciting or stressful on my mind.  That is usually no more than a couple times per month.  I had horrible insomnia every night for the month of July and it was debilitating.  I ordered Natural Calm at the rec of my doula--- I ordered it from the Natural Calm site and it was cheaper than the container DH bought at GNC.  Definitly get the flavored one though-- the unflavored is like drinking a crushed up vitamin.


Good luck-- if you can embrace it that is great, if no---don't just suffer b/c there is usually a solution!!!!  :)

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