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Transitioning to CDs for an older baby/toddler?

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Has anyone ever moved their older baby/toddler into CDs after using 'sposies?  My 20 mo is really sensitive to his diapers.  We've been using Earth's Choice, but when we run out, rather than run clear down to where we can get them from (an hour away), we just pick him up what we can locally.   He's not been breaking out really, especially if we use good cream and cover him, but I'd rather just not take the risk.  I'm thinking about getting him some good cloth diapers until he potty trains.  From the experience with my other kids, he'll be in CD about a year to a year and a half. (None of mine have trained before 3.)  Any suggestions about what CDs to buy for a toddler?

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I switched my DD to cloth around 12 months because I wanted her to start feeling wet after peeing to help set up potty training/late EC. What kind of cloth you get depends entirely on your LO. Some important things to consider:
1: toddler cooperation: my DD has gotten away from diapers the day she started being mobile. Once she could turn over, I had to diaper her on her tummy or she would flip out. Once she started crawling, I had to be quick or she would crawl away, and now that shes running I'm chasing her bum up and down the house with a diaper lol. Because of this, I didn't go with prefolds and a cover. I went with pockets (AIOs would be good too) that go on in one step, almost like sposies. If your LO let's you diaper him like a sane person then prefolds are a good economical choice.

2: toddler's size: prefolds are sized but even one size diapers vary in fit. My 17 month old is around 26lb - not huge but definitely not tiny. I have one fuzzibunz diaper that I generally love except that it's on the largest setting and I can barely get it on her. It's supposed to go to potty training but I'll be happy to get two more weeks out of it. By contrast, my rumparooz, bum genius, and glowbugs pockets still have lots of room to grow. These are all one size pocket diapers, intended to go from early infancy to potty training.

I gotta run but thought I'd give you a couple of things to think about. Switching to cloth later is definitely doable. There is a bit of a learning curve to find out what works for your little guyand your lifestyle but it's well worth it! Good luck!
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