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haha Guess what? Went to be at midnight. (levi was already sleeping for a few hours) He wakes up at midnight. Take him to the couch with me so hubby can sleep... Goes back down at 1AM. 2:30- wake up to whining that the boob won't cure. 3AM- back to sleep 4:30-more whining that the boob can't cure. Back to sleep at 5. 6- up and at 'em cuz Casey's awake too! yaaayy...... not sleepytime.gif

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Lol, I don't think Shay has actually been wake in the night since he was a few weeks old. Last night I started some laundry around midnight when I got home from work and he woke up, mad as anything that there was laundry being done without his supervision. Today he is a snotty, drooly mess.
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Well, Dylan has been testing out this walking thing this week and is officially taking a couple of steps before he topples over.  Toddling is interesting... My older son walked perfectly straight out the gate at 14 months old (he's a perfectionist, so I think he waited until he knew he could do it).  Dylan is just determined to keep moving, so he's having a lot of fun trying out walking!

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That's awesome! I'm so jealous!!!


HAPPY BIRTH MONTH, Conner. =) Wow.

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Yes, happy birth month, Conner! 


The October Chit Chat thread is open!

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