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My daughter sees dead people...

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ok - I know most of you reading this will think : She's soooo out there...! but I know I'm not! My daughter has never understood why some kids are lying, for example she'd come home asking (age 4) "mom - why is Emma lying about her taking ballet classes when I know she is not" where to I'd response it is normal for kids to claim they are doing things or their parents have a certain career cause they feel if they say that it is kinda true and they think it'd be awesome to be true...


My daughter who is 7 and a half today has always shown a different awareness than most kids - also my friends and family have all said the same. Sure she is intuitive I realize some people are just that no matter whom their parents are, but my suspicion started when she was barely one and a half. We were living in a three bedroom appartment, every night after I'd put her to sleep and right before I'd go to sleep I used to check on her and every night all the in-build closet doors in her room would be opened by a 90 degrees angle... I closed them and went to bed - every night the same!!! One evening as I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and she was in her room right next to the kitchen I could hear her talk with someone, I went to her and asked who she was talking to whereto she replied "Thomas" I then asked her where is Thomas? She then pointed up the wall and said "There!" with a tone and facial expression as if she didn't comprehend why I even asked that question since it was soooo obvious!!! I thought to myslef " ok then I at least know the name of the annoying being that always opens the doors at night!!".


When she had just turned 3 my mom picked her up from daycare to go visit my grandmother. As they were driving to my grandmother my daughter said to my mom "You know - great-grandmother isn't home!??" my mom replied " sure she is!" My grandmother has always pulled on my mom whenever she needed to go anywhere apart from the grocery store... My daughter kept saying to my mom "she isn't home!!" my mom finally asked her while they where still on their way driving there "Where else would she be?" my daughter then replied "She is in the hospital!" very insistingly. True enough - when they arrived my grandmother wasn't there and when my mom reached her she was in the hospital... nobody knew except for my 3 year old...


Since then she has many times replied to thoughts I've had in my mind - never spoken out loud as well as friends and family around us - freaking everyone out! And now lately she has started seeing ghosts/beings that the rest of us don't see - she hears them as well, describes them and everything but isn't scared of them unless they have this unfamiliar (non-human) face.


I now seek someone who carries the same gift as my daughter cause I don't think I can be of much help for much longer since her abilities seem to grow fast and I need help to guide her through this on her path in life.

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I don't have anything to guide you, but I am glad that you are not trying to squash this out of her. People who are truly conscious of their surroundings are too rare. She may help in leading humanity sooner that we think.

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please check out a couple of these links. i grew up seeing ghosts, knowing others did not, and being unable to control it. i did not feel afraid when i was little but started to feel scared as i got older - especially seeing the non-human forms or when i was being told about impending deaths around me. she'll probably also need to learn how to shield herself from picking up everything from everyone else. this is EXTREMELY draining. i dream of the day that i can afford a teacher!




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I believe you and your daughter. I've interacted with spirits, but not nearly on the level your daughter has. I've done readings and noticing when I have "company". 


My simplest advice is to continue to believe your daughter. Teach her how to shield and set boundaries. And help her see that her being gifted like that has a purpose all it's own...with each individual person or spirit as she goes along. 


Also, she needs to know she's got protection (God, Spirit helpers, Angels...however you practice it in your household)...so that she doesn't think it's all just her and whatever spirit comes by. 


I am not sure if any of this helps...I hope it does though. :D

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Wow, very interesting!! I suspect my son has a similar gift. He always says he sees our dog who died a few months ago in the backyard and has told me that "heaven" is "right there!" And points to where he's buried in the yard, even though he wasn't even here when DH buried him and we kept it a secret because it was his birthday when he passed. I'm also glad you're accepting of her!
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My husband was the same way, to the extent of your daughter. I'll show him this thread and see if he has any advice. Very similar expereinces.

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